Coffee Talk 07.24.22

wearing: Soma pajamas (S) // Athleta Pranayama Wrap (S) // Lagos earrings

What a whirlwind this week was! Last Sunday morning, I wrote my Coffee Talk before heading to the airport for our trip to Maine, and I’m already back home and getting ready to face another week of work and appointments and family commitments.

It was a nice week, weather-wise, but it was very hot and humid by Maine standards. At least we got to enjoy the lake, although it was too windy most of the time to take the motorboat out for tubing, which the kids had been looking forward to.

And then Paul had a harrowing experience on his sailboat, where he ended up being towed back to shore by a nice family who saw him struggling. Here he is on one of our calmer lake days…

So yeah, the week was not without its fair share of drama, but all in all, we can’t complain! We did some sightseeing, had a lot of good seafood, and I got to visit with my uncles and one of my aunts. We also got a decent family picture for the first time in forever.

Since we got home on Friday night, we’ve sent our youngest off to overnight camp and hosted friends by the pool. (Or in the pool, rather. It’s so hot here, almost everyone ended up in the pool at some point.) I still haven’t unpacked yet, but I should have time to tackle that this afternoon after church.

I plan to spend some time tomorrow planning blog content for August. It’s always a strange time to plan for. No one wants to shop for summer clothes, and fall is still a ways off. Plus, many of us have already blown our August clothing budget at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

It’s a good time to discuss where trends are going and how to style them, but even that seems a bit premature. All that to say, let me know what you want to see from me in August!

Also, I have a collection with Victoria Emerson coming out in September, and I’m super excited about that. By the way, she has all styles for $15 right now, which is an amazing deal.

It will be a quiet week around here with our youngest out of the house, but I’m sure it will fly by. They all do anymore! I have some appointments lined up, and a bunch of work to get caught up on, so I’ll be busy. I also hope to enjoy some pool time. I haven’t had much of that so far, and summer will be over before we know it.

Okay, I’m going to sign off here and get ready for the day. Have a good one!

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  1. You always seem to entertain so much , especially by your pool. I also have a pool , but feel like when I entertain so much prep goes into it and I am to busy to enjoy my guests. Do you have any tips to make it simpler?

      1. Me too, I wish I was more of a relaxed entertainer. Maybe you could do a post Jo- Lynne on simple entertaining. 🙂

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne, I enjoy your blog so much. I’ve never been to Maine but it is on my bucket list. I’m glad your family was able to get away together and have a good vacation.
    I would love to see you shop your own closet and put together some outfits based on the fall trends you see coming this year.
    Thanks and have a great day!

  3. As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun!! And Maine is most certainly fun!
    Looking towards fall, I’d like to know what’s the latest in basic styles and what to move out of my closet that’s leftover from the last few years! My down vests, for example! Camo, animal prints, in or out? Colored jeans, in or out, I have a pair of olive green and rust ones from the past 2 years. Sweater lengths and styles of cardigans, long, short, etc. I did a really good purge of my spring, summer clothing before the season, and hope to do the same for the fall/winter season. I’ve discovered that my basic wardrobe for fall/winter the last 2 years are black joggers or jeans, a tee and a cardigan or light sweatshirt. What colors are trending for the fall, if I want to add a new color cardigan! I don’t want much, do it???
    Enjoy your Sunday, we’re off to get ready for church, then pool!

    1. I have all these same questions as Gina! Also, I’ve held on to all my long pendant necklaces that were so popular a few years ago- is it time to let them go? I don’t wear them now but always thought they looked so nice with skinny jeans and long cardigans.

  4. I bought Chelsea boots last year but didn’t get a chance to wear them. I haven’t seen these much recently. Are they still in style? And how do you style them with jeans?

  5. I would like to see/read formulas for putting together outfits. You always do a great job of educating and those are some of my favorite posts.

  6. Always love to hear what’s coming for the next season…the “in” colors, clothing and jewelry trends, what one item to get to stay current with the latest styles. Also, I really enjoy your posts about what ending up being your favorite and least favorite purchases from last season. Last, I enjoy your posts with recent Amazon finds. Thanks for always being a bright spot!

  7. I am adding one more question after reading all the comments. I purchased a pair of Mother cropped flares last year-on sale, but still pricey. I am noticing the longer lengths you have been showing. What to do or how to wear cropped flares? Is their moment gone?

  8. I’d love some blogs about creating a wardrobe that isn’t frumpy. What to avoid, how to choose pieces that are comfy but not dumpy. I know you are slim and can wear heels, but I’m not and I still want to look nice.

  9. I’m it sure if this is truly helpful or me just venting 😉 But I’m always frustrated by much of the fashion blogger ( not you particularly, just in general) advice around transitional dressing.
    Obviously I don’t know exactly what I want or I’d just dress that way on my own. haha Maybe hints for how to get that true “change of season” feel whileacknowledging the fact that the high temps are still mostly in the 80s until halfway through PSL season.🤷🏻‍♀️

    Something more than “Yes! You can wear your white jeans after Labor Day” and just toss on a Denim/ Utility jacket. I’m over my white jeans by September and it’s mostly way to hot for a jacket.

    I also love the best/worst purchases of the season posts!

  10. I’d love to know what is going to be trending this fall and what is definitely out, that way I can do a closet purge and know what I need/want to buy for fall. I did that for summer and it made it much easier to get dressed with a pared down wardrobe.

  11. Your vacation pictures are so nice. I’m glad you had a great break away and Paul is ok. I’m sure your parents love seeing you all. We just visited 2 of our 3 grown kids and grands on our trip…. Got home yeststeday and it was so nice. It’s hard on mamas living hours away from their kids and grands. I’m just so thankful and happy they are happy and doing so well. I ordered the Born navy slides from your site last night. I know I’ll get a lot of use out of them. I love navy. I need more comfy sandals in my closet. I found that’s all I wore on vacation. Enjoy your day. I have alittle time to relax before church. I’m glad I unpacked yesterday and even did wash. 🙂

  12. I have the same pajamas and I love them too! Really great family pic! Can’t believe how grown up everyone is. Yikes when did that happen?! This is kind of a slow time for fashion so enjoy this little breather. Before you know it, you’ll be in the thick of things with the holidays. I’m already seeing Halloween stuff.

  13. PS. I’d like to see a blazer post for Fall/Winter and how to style them with jeans. I tend to think you need skinny jeans for any longer length blazer, but feel dated in them. I also just ordered yesterday the collarless open neck cardigan…….you styled it in olive, but I got the light pink color. I thought I could at least wear it with leggings at home when it’s cold or with my black spanx pants, but I’d like to see how to style longer cardigans with new jean styles also. They still are in right? In the Nordtrom sale. Lol.

  14. I’d love to see a post on clothing for the transitional season – both casual and business casual. My work is much more casual now than it was pre-covid, but I’m still not comfortable wearing things like open toed sandals or fashion sneakers to work. I’m thinking maybe loafers for flats as we move into late summer/early fall and heeled mules/clogs when I want something with height. I’d also love any non-cardigan indoor topper recommendations that can take summer tops into early fall.

  15. I hope this will be a great week for Becca! Great family picture! Good luck with your various commitments this week. The heat and humidity down here is pretty bad, so we get excited when we have rain. We had one heck of a storm on Thursday. I’m so over summer and ready for late fall when it will finally cool down some here.

    1. I second Joanna, Lori, Melanie and Gina’s comments. And, leopard-in or out? (Although I consider it a classic). And do tell, o great one, what accessories will be classic yet on trend for fall: belts, scarves (?), trouser socks (prints?), jewelry, lapel pins. One more: good hair clips or bands that work while exercising!

  16. Would love to hear about mixing in fall colors textures to transition to fall even when it’s still hot. I live in the south and it can be hit through Sept. and often into Oct.

    1. I agree! I’m in the Deep South also and we don’t get true fall weather til Nov! So in Sept and Oct I like clothes that are weather appropriate (short sleeves, lightweight fabrics) but in fall colors and prints.

  17. Love the pic at the top of the post, that looks like such a relaxing spot! I agree with others who have mentioned trend roundups. I always use this time period to clean out my closet and reassess what I need for the coming season. What about a few comparison posts for restocking fall basics? Like a denim jacket roundup or comparison of different layering tees? I’d also enjoy closet organization too (more of a how to than your personal closet). In the end I’ll enjoy whatever you put together!

  18. I’d love to understand the subtle change in denim trends this year, and what booties go with them. From your earlier posts, I also gather that longer lengths are in instead of crops – but seems like the same shoes would work. Crop styles work well for me in Texas as half the year we can wear wedge sandals!

  19. I loved your top picture by the water. Beautiful! I also loved the family photo. I have bought lots of new jeans and I really need to get rid of old styles but I am confused by what to get rid of. I got rid of most of my colored jeans last year on your recommendation. How about that faded black/gray? Olive? I also bought white booties. Outfits for that? Transitional outfits would be great. Tops with a short sleeve to transition? Thank you for all you do for us.

  20. So glad y’all are safely home! I realized the last time we went out of town, that my toiletry/bathroom bag needs a complete overhaul. I also think it’s time to replace the bag itself. I would love to see how you pack your bathroom necessities and what you pack them in!

  21. I’m excited that bootcuts are back because they are so flattering. I would love to see bootcut looks with flats.

  22. Love the pics and another beautiful dress by your daughter!
    I always enjoy your preparing for cooler temps up north… jackets, boots, accessories.
    How to look classic with layers… ughh
    Hv to embrace it!
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  23. Hi! That is a great family photo. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Maine. It is on my bucket list to visit. I’m interested in transitional season shoes – the time when it’s too cool for my sandals but I don’t want to put my feet into a bootie. Sneakers are great for casual. Mules fall off my feet. Are loaders in? Flats? Ballet flats feel to sweet for my style. Are clogs still in? Are lug soles still a thing? Last year Chelsea boots were a ‘must have’ per the fashion world but then I saw more doc martens and white doc martens. Can you tell I have lots of questions about shoes? Lol! Have a great day!

  24. So nice to get away with your family and to get a beautiful family picture. I am wondering what to wear with denim straight crops? I just bought my first pair. I’m really a skinny jeans girl and so this is a big step for me. They are high-rise so I need some ideas on tops especially between now and cold weather.

  25. Lots of good questions and ideas for future posts! I always love the 5 ways types of posts. Shopping the closet posts are always fun for ideas on how to get more wear out of things we already own. I also really enjoyed a post you did on updating old favorite looks….remember the skinny jeans with a mustard cardigan and leopard flats or maybe it was an infinity scarf that you updated for a modern take? It doesn’t have to be that look but those kinds of posts are fun to see. Thanks JoLynne!

  26. Other than Paul’s harrowing sailboat experience sounds like you and your family had a wonderful vacation. I love the dress that Caroline is wearing in that photo. Do you perhaps have a link to it?

  27. I go “in to work” about once or twice a month. I’d like to have something pretty for then, or a lunch with friends, but I can’t spend much (cost per wear). I have a pair of crop jeans (midwash) but it is just too hot to even think about them! I have some crop colored trousers from pre-pandemic, but they feel dated. Long black pants are too hot! (I’m only in the office for a few hours, so the super-cooled effect of being there all day is lost, so my usual long pants/sleeves and sweaters won’t work anymore).
    I live in shorts (jean and chino) and t-shirts. I got a pair of double strap borns from Nordstrom, the one strap ones you showed weren’t as good for my feet….love the navy.
    I’m a hot mess! Help!

    1. LOL! I would consider dresses, maybe? White jeans are my go-to, but it’s hard for me to say what I’d wear in your exact situation… I haven’t worked in an office type of job since before I had kids. 🙂

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