Coffee Talk 08.26.18

Greetings and good Sunday morning! It’s another bright and sunshiny day here in Philly, and I’m so happy the constant rain seems to have moved out for good. Okay, I probably just jinxed us, but we’ve had a good run of about 5 days!

Yesterday Paul and I went down to see our son perform for the first time in his college marching band. That was a surreal experience, for sure. On the one hand, it just seems like the natural progression of things — another Saturday, another marching band performance… but on the other hand, I had to keep reminding myself that our son is in college.

I wasn’t able to get a picture with him visible, but he’s out there somewhere… the drumline was in the back.

They performed their pre-game show for us, which is what is pictured above. And then they performed the first two parts of their halftime show, which is the one they will perform for competitions, etc. I like how the director shared the story behind the program because it’s not always easy to figure that out. They were just wearing their band t-shirts and shorts for this, but they will have full uniforms at their first football game in a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately I will miss that; I’ll be in Maine with my mom, but we have tickets for the next one.

It was definitely impressive — WCU is known for their music program and for their marching band, and it’s definitely a whole different league from the high school shows I’m accustomed to.

I wasn’t sure if we’d get to see my son afterwards or not, but he ended up visiting with us briefly, and we drove him back to his dorm. He’s definitely having a blast and getting acclimated and making friends outside of his buddies from high school; and while he was tired from a long 10 days of rigorous marching band rehearsals, he was in good spirits. All that to say, my mama’s heart is very happy today.

In other news, I promised some pictures from the updates we made to our house this week.

On Thursday, my family room curtains came in. I want to do a full room reveal on the blog eventually, so I just took one picture to share for now.

And then this is the cornice for the kitchen. It turned out a little more floral/feminine than I had expected (or remembered… I picked the fabric out before we moved in) but I think it works. I love how well the colors coordinate with my paint colors, and I’m really happy with the soothing light neutrals — they’re a nice change from the earth tones I had in my previous home.

We’re also going to add a matching cornice over the small window on the other side of the sliding doors because both windows are visible when you walk in the kitchen and stand behind the island, and it makes sense to have them coordinate. We had talked about a Roman shade, but my designer decided another cornice made more sense because of the blinds.

Then on Friday, I was so excited to finally get wood floors put in my office. The carpet was in here was in really bad shape, and I had my desk placed differently from the previous owners so the worst of it was on display. Originally I was just going to re-carpet it, but then I decided to go ahead and do wood floors. I want the space to be feminine and a little bit glam, and wall-to-wall carpet just didn’t feel right to me.

I wasn’t sure how well they’d be able to match the existing wood floors, and both doorways to my office open to the wood floors in the foyer so it really needed to work. Here’s a shot from outside so you can see both floors.

I am beyond thrilled with how well they match. You really have to look for it to see a difference. Unfortunately for our budget, this means I also want to do the family room and living room asap. The carpet in both of those rooms is pretty beat, and now that I know how nice the wood floor looks, I’m dying to do those rooms too. #mypoorhusband

Also, I don’t know why my camera casts a pink light on all my neutrals. The walls aren’t pink at all in person. When I do my final room reveals, I think I’m going to have Alison come and take pictures so everything looks right.

So that’s a lot of excitement for one week, wouldn’t you say???

Meanwhile, both of my girls start school tomorrow — my 12-year-old will be going to 7th grade at the middle school in our public school district, and my 15-year-old is doing 10th grade through the cyber charter school for her 3rd year in a row. For that matter, my son starts his college classes tomorrow too!

I’m looking forward to more routine and eventually cooler temperatures. I love summertime, but once the kids go back to school, I’m ready for fall. I don’t want to be COLD yet, but it will be nice when we can open the windows and get some fresh air in here.

For now, I’ll enjoy the sunshine and warm afternoons by the pool while they last. I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!