Coffee Talk 09.04.22

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Good morning from Nashville! It has been a true whirlwind of a trip because we’re actually heading back home today. (Yes, we just got here yesterday.)

There are a lot of factors, but the weather is definitely played a part in our decision to pack it up and head back early. We were able to do what we wanted to do and see what we needed to see, and we don’t really feel like hanging out for another day. Fortunately, I booked the flight and hotel with points, and we were able to change our trip without any penalty.

After we made that decision and got our new travel arrangements squared away, we enjoyed drinks and apps in the hotel lobby, where there was live music. There is live music everywhere in Nashville. Even the airport! And then we went to dinner where there was… yes, more live music.

By the time we were done there, the rain had stopped, so we walked down to Broadway just to show it to Becca. I mean, you can’t really come to Nashville and not see Broadway.

We had planned to spend some time down there today, when things are generally calmer and more family-friendly, but since we’re leaving early, we just did a quick walk-through last night. It was definitely rocking and rolling!

We didn’t do much college visiting with Caroline (she was one and done) and it’s been five or six years since we did this with David. It’s kind of surreal to be at it again, and also to realize this is our last one. I’m trying not to think too far ahead and just enjoy each moment.

I’ll actually be returning to Nashville in a few weeks for a mastermind weekend with an amazing group of ladies, and I can’t wait for that.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a lot of fun content planned for the blog for this month. I can tell you all want to see more styling options and how-to types of posts, so I’m working on some of those.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your long weekend, if you’re here in the States, and that you all have a relaxing and blessed Sunday!

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24 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 09.04.22

  1. My daughter goes to college at Belmont and loves it. She lives near Belmont & Vanderbilt. She enjoys being far enough away from the craziness of Broadway but close enough to it when she wants to go out. Enjoy the exploration with Becca.

  2. Yes, I live here (Franklin) and we have had an unusually rainy weekend! Sorry the weather was a bust. It has messed with a lot of weekend plans but our lawns are certainly thankful! Hopefully it will be nicer when you return. Love your jacket- just ordered the same.

  3. Morning-
    My daughter graduated from Belmont, happy to share thoughts/info if it stays on her list. Also, SO many other things to do than Broadway, we went once( and that was enough!!!!)

  4. I’m glad that Becca got to see the Belmont campus and that you were able to make changes to your flights and hotel without any penalties. As much as I love live music, especially in the country genre, I have a feeling that Broadway at night could be rather overwhelming. I hope the flight home will be smooth!

  5. Hi! I really like the terracotta denim jacket you’re wearing in the photo!! Is it a recent piece? I yhink terracotta, clay, and butternut are such wonderful colors this yine of year! Safe travels home!

  6. My husband has made College visits w our kids his “thing”, and really loving the bond and the memories he’s building w each girl.
    On a fashion note, that chestnut jacket is SO very cute. I had to go to the Kutfromthecloth website to get the right size for me (runs smaller). They seem to have them still in stock as an fyi. Have a great weekend!

  7. We are right there with you! Although we have not yet visited schools ( we did with both my sons who have already graduated college) my junior daughter wants to make many college visits despite already knowing where she wants to go!! Her top choice is UGA (we live in the burbs of Atlanta) but my husband wants her to check out Clemson and she might be interested in some schools in FL. We will see! Can’t believe she’s our last as well 😢

  8. I remember the college visits with my older son fondly. Such an exciting time! Does Becca have an idea of what she wants to major/focus her studies on? You should bring her out to Cali….the UC Universities are highly rated and many are near the coast and have beautiful campuses. She might like UC Irvine which is in So CA. From how you describe her, she might love it out here. Then you and your husband could take vacations out to Laguna Beach to visit her! ☀️😄

  9. Hey, I was looking at the Nordstrom cable pink cashmere crewneck. Would you say it runs true to size?? Love the color and knit pattern!

  10. I just returned home last night from a four day girls trip to Nashville! We got out before the rain (well, we did have to sit on the plane at the gate for a bit waiting for the storm to pass), but had three glorious days of heat and sunshine, music and people watching. As expected, I just loved Nashville (yes, music everywhere is a big part of that). What a fun place to get to go to college if Becca chooses that. I can’t wait to plan my next trip there!

  11. Too bad that the weather didn’t cooperate on your trip. It’s a shame…..weather happens, as you say. It’s Labour long weekend here in Canada too 😉 Back to school for us next week.

  12. Long weekend here in Canada as well. Labour Day. Kids across Canada go back to school the Tuesday after Labour day.
    I love Nashville – heading there for work at the end of the month. So much to do there, I always find we don’t have enough time let alone going home early. And yes Broadway is crazy now at night – afternoons much calmer. But Broadway is just one small part of such a historic, musical and fun city.

  13. I live in Nashville, and my son is about your daughter’s age, so we’re very plugged into the whole looking-at-colleges thing around here. 🙂 I hope your visit was good, despite the weather. And next time, skip the whole Broadway scene for sure. The Germantown Area and the 12 South area have a ton of great restaurants (and in the case of 12 south, shopping, too) and are easier to navigate.

    1. Yeah, Paul and I love Broadway on calmer days, but I know there is a lot more to see and do there. We spent a few days doing tours and things a few years back. I wish I’d planned this trip better for Becca… live and learn, I guess!

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