Coffee Talk 10.09.16


Good morning, friends! I hope you’re all faring well this weekend. I think we’re getting the after effects of the hurricane this morning. I woke up to a strong wind rattling the blinds on the open window by my bed, and it’s still dark here at 7:30. I stepped outside to gauge the situation for my run, and it’s spritzing already, so I think I’ll stay put. I don’t mind running in the wind, and I don’t mind running in a bit of rain, but the two together certainly aren’t ideal conditions. I got a short 2 miles in yesterday, so I’m giving myself a free pass for today.

No matter how hard I try not to start every post with a weather report, it always ends up there, doesn’t it!?! I give up!

I’ve been checking in with friends down South, and it sounds like many are still displaced and hoping to get home soon to assess the damage from Hurricane Matthew. It has to be an odd feeling to evacuate your home and not know what you’re going back to. I’ve never experienced that. I hope y’all are hanging in there!

We never made it to the pumpkin patch yesterday. The weather (here we ago again!) was definitely not cooperating. Tomorrow looks sunny and beautiful, and the kids have off from school for Columbus Day, but it’s also my youngest daughter’s 11th birthday, and we have party plans. I hope we can fit it in sometime soon because I was really looking forward to doing something festive for fall this year.

On the flip side, since I was at home yesterday afternoon, I was able to catch up on bookkeeping, and I went through all the boxes in my office and the clothing I want to return, and it’s all boxed up and ready to go to the post office. Plus, I got all the stuff I sold on my Instagram mailed out last week, so my office is actually cleared out and tidy! It feels amazing. It’s been ages since I had it this cleared out. It’s amazing what I can accomplish when I’m home all Saturday afternoon.

Let’s see, what else?

Ooooh, I tried a new recipe last night I want to tell you about. I saw it on my friend Darcie’s blog. It’s so simple but so delicious. My family gobbled it up and told me to feel free to make it once a week. It’s simply roasted potatoes, sausage & asparagus, and it’s a one dish dinner. Gotta love that! It does take about an hour to prepare, so you have to have some time, but it’s a great easy dinner to keep in rotation.

I’ve had a few people mention my weight loss on Instagram lately. I guess it’s starting to be noticeable. I’m not trying to lose any more. In fact, if I do, my clothes are going to be too big, and I have no desire to replace my wardrobe.

My goal with the new eating habits was to a) feel better and b) fit better into my clothes. I have achieved both, so now I’m trying to figure out how to stay where I am in both respects. I’m noticing that now I’m more sensitive to the crappy foods when I do indulge, which is kind of cool, because it’s a deterrent, but on the other hand, it’s kind of a bummer. I’d like to still enjoy crappy food from time to time, ha!

I guess I need to get moving here and get ready for church. I teach the preschoolers this morning, so I can’t be late. I hope y’all stay dry and have a blessed Sunday!