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Hi friends! Happy Sunday! It’s been a gorgeous fall weekend here in Philly. It is one of those rare Octobers that actually feels like… well, October. Fall weather came on time, and it looks like it’s here to stay. It’s crisp and cold in the mornings and sunny and mild in the afternoons… perfection! Although, it looks like we’ll be getting some rain today, but that’s okay. My mums need it.

We sent Caroline back to college on Wednesday. She got a longer fall break than originally planned since a certain someone brought the dreaded C-word home from a business trip last week. We managed to keep it contained, and I think we’re all in the clear at this point, although I hate to even say it out loud for fear I’ll jinx us all. It’s the first time anyone in our house has had it, as far as we know, so we had a good run!

It was nice to have a few extra days with her, and of course the house feels a little bit empty now that she’s gone again, but and she’ll be back before we know it. She was glad to get her Savannah fix, and she was able to take her classes online so she didn’t miss much.

It’s Homecoming weekend here in our hometown, so I went to the football game with a friend on Friday night. We stayed through the halftime show, and then we slipped out. It was getting cold, and our team was way ahead, and let’s face it… I really just go to see the marching band perform.

Friday was also Senior Night for the football team, cheerleaders, and marching band. It was bittersweet to watch, knowing I’ll be on the field with Becca next year. It was weird when we did that with David because it was a first parenting milestone for us, and so it seemed so surreal.

I didn’t have the experience at all with Caroline, since she didn’t participate in those types of activities, and her senior year was tainted by the aforementioned C-world. Suddenly, we’re here again, and Becca is our last. I am well acquainted with how fast the next year will go, and I just wish I could slooooow it dooooown.

The Homecoming dance was last night, and it sounds like she had a good time. She went with a big group of friends, and they all met up at someone else’s house, so we only got a few solo pictures of her here at home before we sent her on her way. David humored us and took a few of her with Paul and me, so those are nice to have. I haven’t gotten approval to share here on the blog, so I’ll respect that, but suffice it to say, she looked really cute.

Of course, what else is her mother going to say? But seriously, it’s crazy how grown-up they suddenly look when you take them out of their usual baggy jeans and Converse and put them into a tiny sparkly dress and heels! Of course, said Converse came along with her, and she covered up her dress with an oversized black sweatshirt… kids these days. Whatchagonnado?

But she had fun and got home safely, and that’s all that matters. I guess a lot of kids went to after parties, and there was talk of a sleepover at one point, but she decided to come home and get some rest. She has her last cavalcade of the season next weekend, so she’s trying to take care of herself and stay well for that. Thank goodness for responsible teenagers! I really did luck out in that department.

There isn’t much on my calendar for this next week, so I guess I’ll be plugging away over here, churning out more posts. In case you missed it, I threw up a last minute post yesterday morning when I saw that Athleta is running a sale this weekend.

They don’t do that very often, and it ends tonight, so be sure to check it out if you’re in need of any winter activewear or loungewear, or maybe some gifts for active people in your life. My favorite winter running jacket is included, and so is that pranayama wrap that I’m always yammering about.

And I also found my favorite Sweaty Betty working leggings on sale at Zappos. I have the crop length, and they have the 7/8 length on sale as well.

Alrighty, I better hop off here and get ready for church. If you don’t subscribe to my daily emails, I always share the last week’s top selling products on Sundays. So many of these are really good deals right now, so I put them into a shopping widget so I can share them here too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Top 10 Best Selling Products Last Week

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photos: Alison Cornell

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25 Responses

  1. I want a nice comfy pair of tennis shoes. Can’t you recommend a few. And specify if I should size up. Thank you.

  2. It sounds like Becca had a great Homecoming! I’m glad that Paul is feeling better and that the rest of you managed to not contract the C illness. He’s not the first person I’ve heard of returning home from an out of town trip with it. Well, I just went down the GAP rabbit hole after deciding to give those low rise jeans a try. Of course, I had to add a few things to the order for free shipping, but it’s done! Have a blessed day!

  3. We managed to avoid COVID for 2.5 years until this week, when DH brought it home after a networking event. Only one kid has caught it so far…DH and kid isolating in the master bedroom w/attached bath, while I get a couch. Oh well, it was a good run.

  4. Sounds like a nice homecoming! Ours was 2 weeks ago, and it was as “normal” as ever. So very thankful for that. So sorry y’all had to experience the “c” but praying all is well now. My husband will be taking me to urgent care soon, I’m afraid I have strep throat. I have to get to Mississippi this week as we lost my “other dad” rather unexpectedly a few days ago.

    1. Yes, seeing a bunch of kids crowded into a gym dancing made me so happy! I know I said all along we would get through it and get back to normal, but with all the ups and downs, even I started to wonder if “normal” was ever really coming. And then, suddenly, here we are! Such a relief. I’m so sorry to hear you’re sick and that you lost your “other dad”. I hope you can make it to Mississippi and being with family and friends is comforting.

  5. When you wore the GAP jeans to the game, how did they hold up? Do they stretch out easily? Thinking of ordering. Are they true to size.
    So glad that you were able to contain Covid just to Paul and he is ok. Crazy you all have lasted this long without. My son in law just got it last week for the 2 nd time after traveling. Planes I think are an incubator for sure. Nice you got some extra time with Caroline. She’s a pro at online school, so that works if she can’t get back. Thanksgiving will be here soon and she will be back. 🙂 I’m sure Becca looked cute and all you talked about brought back fun memories. I have two adult girls and one adult boy. Been awhile since I did the HS thing. Enjoy your beautiful weather. We finally got some rain after a great long Fall of sunshine.

    1. The jeans did stretch out quite a bit, so I would say, size down if in between.

      Yeah, I’m shocked we made it this long without Covid. We aren’t exactly “careful.” I expect Paul got it at the conference – they brought a bunch of people together from all over the country. I’ve flown quite a bit and had no issues, which of course is only anecdotal evidence, but studies show the air filtration system in airplanes to be pretty good.

      It’s all around us now, 3 people who are close to me (in addition to Paul) have had it this month, but fortunately, all seem to be pretty mild cases. No fun, but nothing scary either. So grateful! I’m sure I’m a ticking time bomb at this point, haha!

      1. Thanks Jo-Lynne on the jean reply.
        Crazy how much Covid around you so late into this ordeal. Let’s just hope you stay healthy with all the holiday stuff coming. It is nice to feel back to normal though. As normal as we can be.

  6. Jo-Lynne,
    I’m with Mary as far as a recommendation for a comfy tennis shoe. I stand and walk a lot at work so it would be nice if they were stylish, with GOOD padding and comfort is absolute key. Also, like Mary said let me know if you think I need to size up.
    Thank you so much!

  7. Glad you avoided the C disease! I have not been so lucky. My fourth bout with it was last July. Asymptomatic children that I work with gave it to me each time. I could retire and quit working with children but I am able to help some of them. The price for doing so has always been catching an illness from time to time. This has now become just one more.

    Anyhow, thanks for recommending the Sherpa jacket. Mine should should arrive in a few days. I have been looking for a replacement for its predecessor, a beauty that looks tired but boasts a cost per wear of less than a nickel.

  8. So glad that Covid wasn’t too bad for your family. It seems to be on the upsurge again. Our daughter (who is pregnant) just came back from a business trip to the West Coast and had Covid! This is her second time even though she was inoculated! Thankfully she is feeling better now. On another note I just purchased those Kizik sneakers which are step into. They actually have some cute styles and they worked like they were supposed to. Great for anyone pregnant or with back issues.

  9. question on the cords — a few weeks ago you said colored jeans are out and stick with black, white, and blue, so does that apply to corduroy jeans as well? I see this was a best seller and it comes in lots of colors.

    1. I feel like cords are a bit different than jeans. I would be more likely to wear colored corduroys than colored denim at the moment. I feel like they look fresher. And I don’t see colored jeans out there like I do cords, but bold colors are tending, so I think you can do colored jeans if you style them a modern way.

      A monochromatic look in shades of burgundy and pink, for example, is going to look more modern than burgundy jeans with a white tee and denim jacket. Also, burgundy flares will look more modern than burgundy skinnies. Does that make sense?

      And all that said, I chose the khaki color because I still prefer the neutrals for me personally.

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