Trends I’m NOT Wearing This Fall

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about fall 2022 fashion trends and the ones I’m wearing, but I thought it might be fun to talk about the trends I’m NOT wearing this fall. After all, just because something is trending doesn’t mean everyone should wear it.

blazer // leggings // dress

When deciding what trends to wear and which ones to pass on, the first factor I consider is my body type, which is an hourglass.

There’s a common misconception that women with this “coveted” shape can wear anything, and that’s simply not true. The goal is to maintain my well-balanced proportions and highlight my naturally defined waist, but so many clothing styles throw off my natural balance and make me look top heavy or boxy.

And while there may be a good balance between my hips and shoulders, I’m very short-waisted, so that has to be taken into consideration as well. Anything flowy or oversized tends to obscure my waistline and make me look boxy, so I prefer structured tops and jackets and knitwear that clings to my curves without being too body-conscious.

It’s a delicate balance, and it might sound picky, but proper fit and proportion is key to good style. The more you understand about your body shape and its natural proportions, the easier it is to find clothes that fit and flatter.

The other major factor I consider when choosing trends to incorporate into my wardrobe is my personal style. My goal is to look modern and polished, and I feel most comfortable in styles that are understated and almost minimalistic. I like an edgy touch here and there, but I usually offset those elements with some that are more luxe and sophisticated.

I also live a very casual lifestyle, so I gravitate toward trends that are practical and comfortable. That doesn’t mean that everything has to be wash-and-wear, but I like to be comfortable and look appropriate for school activities, running errands, working at the computer, etc.

So, given all that… Here are seven of the 2022 fashion trends I am NOT wearing this fall.

7 Trends I’m NOT Wearing This Fall

As an aside, after writing all of this, I googled this topic, and I found a lot of bloggers I know who have written similar posts with this exact title. I guess this idea wasn’t so original after all!

#1. Shirt Jackets

photo credit: Evereve

I tried with this one, I really did. I even styled a few shacket outfits for the blog, but I never ended up wearing them in real life. It’s not that I don’t like the shirt jacket, I just don’t like it for me. It certainly works for my casual lifestyle, but every time I went to wear one, I would put it back and go for something else.

I finally decided the shacket is too rugged for my personal style, even when it’s not plaid, and they don’t really flatter my body either. I prefer a more structured top layer, or at least something more streamlined like a slim cardigan.

So this fall, I haven’t fallen for this trend even once. I see them at some of my favorite retailers and think they look cute on the models, but I know they aren’t for me.

#2. Oversized Blazers

photo credit: Nordstrom

This one is a no brainer; I don’t even need to try it. You might think a blazer would align with my refined, polished style aesthetic, and that may be true. But the oversized styles that are trending do nothing for my hourglass body type, and traditional structured blazers have never felt comfortable to me.

Even when I try to dress them down with jeans and a t-shirt, they always feel too corporate and stuffy, so this one is a hard pass for me.

#3. Wide Leg Trousers

photo credit: Anthropologie

I’ve never been a fan of wide leg pants, and that’s mostly because they do nothing for my body type. I have wide hips in comparison to my legs, so pants that get wider from hip to hem make me look about two sizes bigger than I am.

Plus, the best way to balance out a voluminous bottom is to wear a body-con top, preferably tucked in, but I’m too short-waisted to tuck my tops in. So basically, I just can’t make this pant silhouette work for me. it also requires heels, which I rarely wear these days, so yeah. This one’s a no bueno!

#4. Utility Jumpsuit

photo credit: Evereve

This is another trend I’m always tempted to try, but I just can’t pull it off. I think it goes back to body type. Collars make my short neck look shorter, and always feel kind of fussy.

Plus, this type of jumpsuit always feels too short in the body or it has too much material in the back and not enough in the front, which I think is because I’m short-waisted. I occasionally find a jumpsuit that works for my proportions, but it’s usually stretchy knit.

#5. Faux Leather Leggings

photo credit: Evereve (more sizes at Bloomingdale’s)

When will this trend die? Seriously, I feel like this one has been around for.ev.er. Again, I tried with this one. I really did, but I always feel ridiculous. And it’s not that I have issue with faux leather. I love my coated denim pants and jackets, but leggings throw off my vertical balance and make me look top heavy, especially considering the type of tops that look best with them. (Namely, longer and oversized.) Plus, the faux leather just calls even more attention to my spindly legs, haha!

In addition to all that, I find faux leather leggings dreadfully uncomfortable. It’s a workout just to to get them up over my thighs and hips and belly, and once they’re on, they feel hot and claustrophobic. Even though I like how they look on others styled with sneakers and a casual hoodie, I can just never get them to look right on me. I’m definitely sitting this one out for yet another season.

6. Ruffle Dresses

photo credit: Evereve

I spent more time than I care to recount trying to figure out what to call this trend, but whatever it is, I cannot wear these dresses. They look adorable on so many women, but on me they just look ridiculous. They have way too much volume for my already curvy figure, and they don’t align with the minimalistic/understated part of my style aesthetic. In fact, they’re pretty much the opposite. Give me all the sheath dresses, please!

#7. Head-to-Toe Pink

photo credit: Anthropologie

Speaking understated… ha! I think it’s pretty obvious why I’m sitting this color trend out. I can appreciate a bold magenta or plum or burgundy, but hot pink is just not my vibe. It makes me feel equal parts juvenile and conspicuous. And head to toe pink? Just. No.

Again, if any of these trends appeal to you, awesome! You do you! There’s nothing in here that I don’t like or don’t think should be worn. I just don’t like them for me. 

I’m curious to hear, what trends are YOU sitting out this season?


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141 thoughts on “Trends I’m NOT Wearing This Fall

  1. 100% to this!!! I’m sitting out on all of them except for the shacket. I have one from last year that I really like (it’s not cropped but much shorter than the one pictured) and will wear it again when it gets cold enough. I would maaaaaybe try the ruffle dress just to have another dress option for church, but I can never find one that I like, probably bc they don’t fit my body type very well!

    1. If I wear a shacket, it would need to be cropped. I’d still be open to trying one of those, but I fear it will still be too boxy unless I’m wearing something super body-con underneath. The problem is, these days, I’m too fluffy in the middle to wear the body-con styles I used to like. I just don’t feel comfortable, so I know I wouldn’t end up wearing it.

  2. I agree with all of the above! Except maybe the blazers. I’ve actually embraced them more and will wear them with jeans the most for a more casual look. But oversized for me is a no-no! Love this post!

  3. Initially I was put off by shackets, but finally decided to try one and now I have several. My favorites are shorter ones (not quite cropped) that I found at Evereve. Makes sense because I’m short, but they’re much better proportionately for me, I think. My classroom, this time of year, runs the gamut of freezing to sweltering, so they’re easy to take on and off.

    Wide-leg pants I love. I’m a straight, although I was a half inch from hourglass, lol (according to Adore Your Wardrobe). I was actually thrilled because I’ve always liked that more athletic look, although I certainly do not feel like *I* have an athletic look. 😀 My husband is always super complimentary when I wear wide leg jeans so I think they’re a good look for me.

    All those other trends, I will gladly sit out with you. 😉

  4. I too am not wearing ANY of these listed above EXCEPT I do have several pairs of wide leg, full length dressy pants that I wear to weddings or dressy events (cause I’m not a dress person) BUT BUT BUT I always wear said pants with wedges and fitted top

  5. Thank you once again for being real. While I love to try & keep my wardrobe updated there are styles that don’t work for me or my lifestyle. And that’s ok!

  6. I was shopping with my grand girl over the weekend and the Shacket is everywhere! But I like the spirit of your post – women should do what feels right FOR THEM. Also seen at the mall – the shirt with shirt tails out and sweater over top. Not sure what it’s called. It feels like we’ve done that and I’m not sure I can go back. I saw both these styles on shoppers and on racks at all the major retailers here, so I guess it is a trend!

    1. Yes, that look is everywhere, the shirt with shirt tails out and sweater over top. It’s very 90’s prepster. I can’t do it, but I think it’s a fun look on the right person.

  7. I absolutely LOVE this post. Such good advice. I feel like you were reading my mind. I don’t wear these trends either. They’re just not for me is all. I respect all fashion though, but it doesn’t all work for me.

  8. I agree with every single one apart from the wide legged trousers. I am very tall and find these very flattering on me. I think that is why I subscribe to your blog – your taste in clothes echoes mine most of the time. Thank you for being so honest with your fashion choices.

    1. Yes, the wide leg pants look much better on taller ladies, or even shorter ladies with long legs. I’m a weird body b/c my waist is high, but my legs aren’t particularly long. There is a lot of space between my natural waist (which is right under my boobs) and where my legs actually start. I have very long, square, boxy hips, lol!!! I actually googled, “can you have a short waist and a long torso” because it seems like I have both, but it seems those terms are used interchangeably.

  9. This was a great post. I mostly agree with everything. I have an hourglass body type also, with a high waist, but I am 4 inches shorter than you. The exception for me is that while I won’t wear an oversized blazer (or any shacket), I think blazers are great when they are structured and shorter. I can’t wear a long cardigan because of my height and body type, so blazers are what I wear wear, all my with other types of jackets. With my winter coloring, I have blonde highlights in my hair, and hot pink tops actually look good on me, although I would stop there and never wear head to toe hot pink. It seems so tacky to me, but that’s my opinion. I love a lot of these looks and wish I could wear them, especially wide leg jeans and ruffles in dresses. But it’s good to know your own body and what works best for you.

  10. When I saw the title of this morning’s post, it made me laugh. I don’t care if it’s not an original idea, Jo-Lynne, great post! I’m curvy, muscular, and short-waisted with broad shoulders. I think the short-waisted with wide shoulders is what does in most of these trends for me. I do have a pair of black leather leggings which I wear occasionally with leather sneakers and a sweatshirt or something super casual like that. I don’t wear any of the other trends. I do love the look of a blazer, but currently don’t own one because they don’t look good on me. I know better than to try an oversized one– nothing oversized works for my body shape. I do, however, have a black Veronica Beard scuba blazer with a gray sweatshirt dickey in my closet right now, tags are still on. Because I’m hesitating on the purchase, I have an idea it’s going back.I like the cut, the quality, and the look for my casual lifestyle, but I don’t know that I love it on me. It’s too spendy not to LOVE. I’m curious to hear how others decide on purchases. I’m attempting to stop trying to convince myself to keep items. If I don’t love them the first time on, they should go back to the store. With a few extra pounds I’ve gained, however, I don’t love much. Maybe I just need therapy!

    1. Yeah, if I have to convince myself to like something, it goes back. That said, sometimes I do really like something, but I’m hesitant to wear it for some reason, and I can’t put my finger on it. In those cases, once I just wear it, I love it and wear it all the time. So you really have to learn how to differentiate between those two situations.

      The Veronica Beard blazer – I’d love to see it. Maybe there’s a reason you’re drawn to it, that would allow it to work for you. Does it have a collar? I love the J.Crew collarless blazer, it is the only one I keep. It actually works for me b/c of the no collar and the fitted shape. https://shopstyle.it/l/bNj5I

  11. This post was for me. Everything single item I do not like. Glad there is someone else that feels the same way.

  12. I agree with all of them except for blazers which I adore. I have never understood shackets and when you are short, wide leg pants are a disaster! I am a rectangle but can’t make jumpsuits work either. I find on blazers though that chanel style blazers or cropped blazers really go well with jeans. Since i wore suits or sheath dresses for years at work, I have a large collection and its easy to translate them to my more casual lifestyle. I also love hot pink in the summer but not head to toe ever!

    1. Yeah, I always appreciate blazers on other women. I think for me, it’s my short neck and boxy shoulders, and until recently, big boobs. There is just too much going on up there, so the collars and reinforced shoulders make me look like a turtle, lol.

  13. Agree with all of these! Although I do love hot pink, but wouldn’t wear several pieces all at once. And I could not agree more about the “shacket” trend looking masculine! I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I didn’t like it, but that’s it. I think the same goes for the oversized blazers. I laughed when you mentioned having trouble getting the faux leather leggings on, it reminded me of Ross on that episode of Friends!

  14. You are spot on on all of the above trends I agree with you 100%! I tried a few of the above and I just don’t look right in it you have to pick what looks right for you and your body😀

  15. I don’t have an hourglass body type so I didn’t realize how limiting it can be. I have a rectangular body type so I couldn’t wait for low rise bottoms to be overtaken with high rise styles. I’m sitting out on the pants with pleats in the front. Not flattering on most women. I really can’t wear a jumpsuit, no figure for it. Head to toe pink, “hot girl” all the way around:) Have a great day.

    1. I think hourglass and rectangle have some of the same issues. We both have natural balance, which we don’t want to lose, but whereas I want to highlight the waist that I have, you’re trying to create one, which means we both look best in structured tops. And I’m also not an extreme hourglass. As I age, my waist not as well-defined as it used to be. I’m probably closer to a rectangle at this point.

  16. I am with you on these, especially those Little House on the Prairie dresses!😳. I am 5’5” and 123 lbs., 32DD. With that being said, I have tried a ton of those dresses, and I always look like I am wearing a tent! Maybe we are not tall enough. IDK, but it is not a good look on me.😂. I do have a black corduroy shaker and black faux leather leggings, but all of the others are a no go for me as well. Great post. Thanks for sharing.😊

    1. Maybe they just don’t align with your personal style? I think that’s just as important a factor as body type. In fact, maybe more so. I make exceptions for styles that aren’t perfect for my body type, if they exude the style I want to portray.

  17. I’m with you on most of these. I do wear a shacket. Two other trend I have bypassed are the puffy sleeve trend and velvet seems to be having a moment. I have tried to wear velvet pieces, I really have, but they just don’t work for me!

  18. I loved your latest post. I have to agree with you on the trends you won’t be wearing this season. I have the same opinion. I’m petite 5’2 and some of the latest fashions are either just too overwhelming or make me look like I’m trying to be younger (I’m 63). Thanks for this!!!

  19. It’s interesting to me that we are very aligned on what works for us, but we are very different. I am only 5’2″, weigh nothing, and am a 32AA, with a long waist and wider hips. I will not be participating in ANY of the 7 you mention. Some swallow me. Some just look stupid (faux leather leggings) and some are just “not me” (ruffle-y dresses). I try hard to look current. I am front tucking, wearing belts and only wear skinny jeans with high boots, this year, but I will stop wearing turtlenecks when they pry them out of my cold stiff hands. I don’t care if they are current or not. LOL. I just make them body con or oversized depending on the year.

  20. My Shacket is great for fall hikes and and I do wear blazers but not oversized. Also, I LOVE wide leg pants and have several! I have the spanx wide leg cropped pants that you previously styled in one of your posts, do you not like those either?
    Everything else I’ll pass but they do look cute on others.

    1. I like the cropped length, I think because they show my ankles, which helps them not look so voluminous. But, I also haven’t worn them besides modeling for the photo shoot, lol. The biggest issue I have is what to wear on top. I like how I wore them then, but it’s too cold for that now. I can’t tuck in, so I need a form fitting top and probably some type of structured layer on top. Then I would need to figure out a different shoe b/c I wore sandals. I might play around with them, I do still have them.

  21. Great post! I’m with you on all these. I will add the sneakers with dresses and I’m probably alone on this one.

  22. Awesome post! I felt like you were talking directly to me. I’m also sitting out all of those trends. After trying on 5 different outfits yesterday that were all kind of trendy and feeling completely uncomfortable while I ran errands, I settled back into a more refined and streamlined outfit that made me feel and look good. Thanks for hitting the nail on the head!

  23. Agree! We went and saw the new Julia Roberts/George Clooney movie — cute but my comment on the way out was “why did she wear different jumpsuits the whole movie?” I think that red one from Everene is in there! HAHAHAH so when I saw this I had to comment! Thanks for always doing a great job!

  24. I like blazers, but not oversized. I’m petite and I’d get lost in all that. I agree with you on these trends! Thank you, Jo-Lynne for being real!

  25. 1) I have a shacket buts it’s a neutral color and while I don’t reach for it much I do wear it once and awhile for an outdoor outing.
    2) oversized blazer not so much ; although I did buy a black blazer this year which I’ve worn quite a few times with jeans and retro sneakers for a more relaxed look,
    3) wide leg trousers nope! I’m just too short.. and don’t wear heels all day.
    4) utility jumpsuit- I would wear but it doesn’t really fit into my wardrobe needs right now.
    6) ruffle Dress I don’t mind… I like the feminine touch.
    5) faux leather leggings! Yup I bought a pair last year for the first time and wore them very little however this year I’m embracing them more! In fact I wore them with a sweater and blazer and retro sneakers to the Michael Buble concert this past weekend and I felt put together and comfortable for walking and the concert..The ones I have are very comfortable ( from Banana Republic )
    7) All pink – that’s a definite no!

    It’s great that we are not all cookie cutter when it comes to fashion as it might be a little boring out there!
    Great post I love this idea!

  26. I totally agree with you. My body type is similar to yours. The shacket is so bad, I can’t even believe it is a trend. Hello lumberjack! Also, the oversized blazer. Not for me. Another trend that needs to go away. Like you, I lead a casual lifestyle and none of these work for me. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I am so on board with a pass on these trends. Like you they don’t meet my style aesthetic and I too am hourglass and short waisted. I spent too much time trying to make wide leg pants work for me before I realized they didn’t. Getting to understand your style and body type is priceless along with a great fashion influencer with my same body type and style…thank you😊

  28. Totally agree with these even the oversized blazer, but I urge you to give blazers another try—knit blazers. They are super comfortable and look great with jeans and really help complete an outfit. They look great on us hourglass figures.

  29. Amen, sister!!! I have a figure similar to yours but a little bigger all around. Everything you said you wouldn’t wear and your explanation why was so helpful and true for me also. Thanks for the validation!

  30. Many thanks for sharing Trends I’m not wearing.
    I am not alone anymore.
    I and Many of my mature friends… feel that at the moment there is only a few things we can wear in shops.
    The trends you have shown here are the ones I will not wear either even if a try not to look old with the clothes I am wearing.
    Many thanks !!!
    P.S.: Some ideas for short legs women, how to wear jeans, pants, etc. would be great.

  31. Agree with all of your thoughts as well for me. I like “some” of them on other people but they just don’t work for me. As well…I’m sitting out the bell bottom jeans, the straight jeans all the new jean sillouettes that everyone everywhere is telling us we have to wear. I tried…I ordered several pair from the Nordstrom sale, spent some time in GAP, Talbots & Old Navy dressing rooms and as a plus size woman (16) they just absolutely look frumpy on me. THe experts can tell us all they want that they look good – BUT THEY DON’T lol. Again, along the plus size notes – the short sweaters and front tucks also don’t work – they just emphasize the tummy area that we try so hard to hide.
    You are right when you say we must choose according to our own body type – I’m finding it difficult this season to find looks that will work for me.

    1. I am sure being plus size would make it all more of a struggle. Even when I put on 10 pounds, I feel like I’m more limited in the styles I can wear and not look frumpy. I wish I was more help for other body types other than my own. I feel like it is all I can do to figure out mine, haha!

  32. I am on a “nothing new in 22” challenge, but I am starting to think about what I want to add in January. A shacket is on my list, only because I want something rough and ready for our autumn theme park visits. I bought one oversized blazer in 2021, and it works with more fitted items. (I am a short-waisted pear.) I love blazers, but I generally go for shorter, more fitted ones. Two other trends I cannot get behind are raw edge jeans and what we used to refer to as “floods” (yes, I am showing my age).

    1. Yeah, a shorted more fitted blazer works for me, but I usually feel too dressy or corporate in them. I do keep that J.Crew Going Out Blazer in my closet for the rare occasion that I want something like that. The collarless design works well for me, but even when dressed down, it seems so businesslike. I’ve only worn it a handful of times. https://shopstyle.it/l/bNj5I

  33. I agree with all of yours except maybe the ruffled dresses. I do like those for certain occasions and a fun change for my casual part time job. But I won’t wear sneakers with them-tried that and it was a fail! I also bought and tried a shacket but always end up changing before wearing it. I’m thinking of trying to have it cut into a waist length (not cropped but close) jacket. Do you think that would work?

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this! I don’t wear any of these trends either for the same reasons…they do nothing for my tall, pear-shape body. Oversized anything emphasizes my hips and I look huge. I’m also short waisted so need to pay attention to vertical scale. Short, fitted jackets should look good on me as they emphasize the waist, but I feel like T-Rex (too small upper body). An additional trend I don’t wear is heavy soled, chunky shoes…love the look but it does nothing for my size 10/11 feet. It’s encouraging to see how you work around the trends. Thank you for being real!

  35. I’ve never liked ruffles or oversized anything on me. Pink also not my jam. However, I love my faux leather leggings.

  36. I’m fairly new to following you and appreciate this article! I basically have the opposite body type as you and find that I’d try a bunch of these. I have been either pregnant or nursing for the last 4 years so I’m finding that all my clothes I’ve been waiting to wear again are now mostly outdated! One exception (I guess) is the faux leather leggings. I have the spanx ones that feel amazing and I feel great in them BUT, I don’t know the updated way to style them so they continue to sit. Can you speak to this at all so I can get some use out of these expensive things?? Ha!

    1. Yes, I remember coming back to fashion after being pregnant and nursing and feeling so out of the loop! I love the faux leather leggings dressed down with fashion sneakers and a cute hoodie, maybe with a puffer vest over top, or even with a shacket. So cute on other ladies, I wish I could wear them and feel good in them.

  37. Wow, this post is getting a TON of fun responses!! Gives us all a chance to really think through our decisions! I love Boho, so the floral dresses are a favorite, always belted. I also have a beautiful oversized plaid blazer from Talbots that I wear a lot as an outerwear piece (but I have no shackets!) I also love wide legged jeans and trousers, but I have long legs. NO on the faux leather pants or boiler suits or all-pink outfits!! Thanks for putting this together, Jo-Lynne!

  38. Just had to jump on here and TOTALLY AGREE with every one of your comments on what you’re not wearing. I was also glad you didn’t say “skinny jeans”. I’ll still be wearing those for quite a while.

    1. Well…. I’m not wearing skinny jeans either, but I didn’t include them because they aren’t really a fall 2022 trend. That is NOT to say you should stop wearing them, though if you love them and feel good in them. 🙂

      It’s funny how my eye has adjusted because I never thought I’d stop wearing them, but these days I like the slim straight styles much better on me. It’s a subtle shift in silhouette, but I feel like the slightly wider leg opening at the calf and ankle helps balance my wide hips and shoulders.

  39. Great post! I LOVE my shackets!😄 I have a plaid and a solid and they flatter my small-busted pear body, even though I have a short neck so usually avoid collars.

    I love the full-leg pants…on other women! On my wide hips, same as you, Jo-Lynne, I look 2 sizes bigger. I haven’t tried the blazer look. I am not a ruffle person at all, so that’s a no!

    One trend I’m not feeling is the retro sneaker, and not because I don’t like them, but because I work in a hospital and with my scrubs, I am in running shoes about 40 hrs/week. So on my own time, I like to zhuzh up my footwear! Oh, I don’t like polo collars either, so I am skipping those.

  40. I am sitting out: Flares, Leather pants, Floral tiered dresses, full length wide pants, fuzzy short jackets and oversized blazers. I REALLY want to be the person who wears those things, but I am not. So many styles this year I love so I’ll focus on those

    1. “I REALLY want to be the person who wears those things, but I am not.” Haha! I feel that way sometimes too, although the older I get, the more content I am to wear what looks best on me… I think b/c it’s just so easy and comfortable, now that I’ve figured it out.

  41. Loved this! Your posts are always like having a fun conversation with a friend. And this made me feel a lot more confident about pursuing personal style over following trends. Appreciate you!

  42. I agree with all of these except the Shacket.. I wore mine last weekend and got so many compliments. I think its all about how you style it. I wore mine with boots and a tucked in tshirt so you could still see that I had a waistline and felt very good in it.

  43. It’s so interesting reading all these comments! Obviously your readers love you…such good practical advice. I too am sitting out 100% of these trends. In fact I have gone through my email inbox and unsubscribed to a number of younger fashion bloggers I’ve followed for years. They are all pushing Amazon and Wal Mart and I am so tired of it. Those one-season, trendy styles are not who I am. I’d much rather have fewer, quality pieces that fit well and look put together and modern. Thanks for all your hard work!

  44. Love your post! I also will not be wearing any of these trends, glad you keep it real!
    Thank you for all of your hard work,.

    On another note: Gooo Astros!!

  45. So much of this resonates with me as well! I have an hourglass figure, short-waisted, but I’m very narrow in the shoulders. So I’m almost pear-shaped because of that. The oversized blazers and shirt jackets make me look swallowed up and ridiculous. I have a pair of faux leather leggings and I just can’t bring myself to wear them! I think it’s because I would need something oversized on top, and that’s just not going to happen. Great post!

    1. I do think, with the leggings, it’s more about what I need to wear on top to make them work that I don’t like, than the leggings themselves, if that makes sense. So interesting to figure all this out! (At least I think so, haha!)

  46. Interesting post – some of those I didn’t even know were trends (head to toe pink?). The post may not be original, but it’s good to ask yourself why you gravitate to or away from this or that. I am getting tempted by shackets (which probably means they are about to go out of style, lol). I actually like the one you posted! I have a pair of wide leg jeans, but they are cropped/ankle. I like them, but they are not my favorites. I still prefer a slimmer leg, and it’s what I usually reach for. I’m with you on the ruffle dresses, leather leggings and jumpsuits, although I like the dresses on women who are young and thin. The trend I take the hardest pass on, which I know you have embraced, is flare pants (long or cropped). To my eye, they make my hips look bigger and my short legs look shorter (I’m also an hourglass, but with a long body, small bustline and short legs). Maybe if I wore longer pants it would help with the latter, but I have no interest in heels, so floor dragging pants are out for me. I try never to say never, because I know my eye changes with time, but I passed on them the last time around too, so I don’t see that changing.

    1. Yeah, that is interesting that we are both hourglass, but the short-waisted vs long-waisted thing makes a big difference. And I do like a heel. I can’t wear the full length flares with flats. I also love the ruffle dresses on younger women, and some older ones can totally pull it off too. It just isn’t me, even when I was younger. I have always loved a pencil skirt and a sheath dress!

  47. Oh my! I absolutely agree to every word in this post. I keep thinking about something I read about not listening to all the fashion trend “noise”. I think of that often as I almost get lured into making a purchase because it is on trend at the moment. The advice I read was to stay true to yourself and the looks that are best for your body type. I feel so many of the current trends make every body look heavier-especially wide leg bottoms and bulky oversized shackets and outerwear.

  48. One of the reasons I follow you is we have similar body types. So I am sitting out most of the ones you mentioned. The one difference is I love color so I have several hot pink things. I love my heels for date night and I have several hot pink cardigan sweaters. Not that I am going head to toe in that color but I do embrace color. I so appreciate your explanations as to why for each trend. Sometimes in dressing rooms I would just see a trend doesn’t work and blame my slightly over weight body for not being able to do it. But now I have better understanding and have found that I can now say that style just does not work for me. Thanks for helping me even if you don’t literally go shopping with me, I take your advice and info with me.

  49. I agree with you on every one of these. I have broad shoulders and a wider rib cage so I am one size bigger on top than I am on my bottom half. I don’t have much of a defined waist, so none of these would flatter me either. And some, I just don’t like. Great post and fun too. I appreciate you being real with what works and what doesn’t and that just because it’s in style, we do not need to feel like we have to wear them.

  50. AMEN!! I am short-waisted, curvy, and tall, and none of these look good on me either!! I’m so glad someone said it out loud! I don’t tuck, except for a half tuck in the front, I can’t wear oversized anything, I like things that skim my curves without being super body-con, and I can’t wear certain colors without looking ridiculous. Thanks for being a voice of reason!

  51. I love these type of posts as you learn so much. Gets me thinking about why i wear or won’t wear a trend, or even just a style…white button shirt. I am about 50-50 with you. I am a carrot so I am going to attempt wide leg pants but don’t wear heels so will have to see how that goes! I can’t wear midi dresses and so many are like that so that is a pass. Head to toe pink? I ❤️ Pink. It is funny I am really comfortable in hot pink or fuchsia but put me in red and I feel like I have a bullseye on me.

  52. I am done with all the ruffles and puffy sleeves on everything everywhere. A little shoulder ruffle was ok at first. Then the clothing co’s started putting them all over. It’s just too much. I’ll be 51 in Nov, ruffles sb left for 6 yr olds. Just my opinion 😬

  53. I’m not jumping on any of these trends either. Also, what’s with the cowboy boots?! I would feel so foolish wearing a pair, especially since I live on the coast but even if I was to visit Nashville (again).

  54. I love this post – I am with you in all accounts. The only one I am going with is the shacket for Little League games – Seems to work well there..
    I do enjoy your posts!

  55. Great post! I think the shacket will be one of those trends we laugh about in a few years. But I love them because 1. WARM and 2. COVERS BUTT! I wear leggings about every day, so the shacket is the perfect outer layer for me.

    1. It really is a nice casual third piece. I WISH I liked it more on me! LOL

      And I think we will laugh about most of these trends in a few years… it seems like that is true for almost everything. Once my eye adjusts to what is next, old pictures look so weird to me.

  56. HOLY COW this might be the most comments I’ve seen on one of your posts! I’m 5’6″ but look taller, since most people are surprised to learn I’m not actually 5’8″ or taller. I have some of the same figure considerations as you– broad shoulders, fuller bust– but I’m a rectangle with athletic legs. My personal style is understated, effortless, and earthy (that’s a weird one, but I liked what Pinterest brought up when I used the term 😉) The only trends here I would not feel comfortable in are the head-to-toe pink (or any non-neutral, for that matter) and jumpsuits (which never fit me right either). I do think that every one of these could be translated for ANY body type, but I also don’t think it’s necessary to do so. I would say to anyone, DO YOU! That’s what makes fashion fun anyway, right?

    1. LOL, right? I have spent all morning replying to comments. I need to get some work done, but this is more fun. Haha! I love your personal style words. I think “earthy” is so descriptive. I narrowed mine down to polished, modern, and understated. But I always wonder if I should use minimalistic instead of understated. I think understated is a little more the vibe I’m thinking, though.

        1. It’s more about how you want to look, and it’s such a personal thing. When I took Adore Your Wardrobe, I think she had you come up with your three words, but I don’t remember that I ever nailed them down. Then I started listening to the Everyday Style School Podcasts, and this one in particular helped me come up with Modern, Polished, and Understated. https://youreverydaystyle.com/comfortable-isnt-style/

          Now when I get dressed and I’m struggling with an outfit, I ask myself if that’s how I look, and if not, I try to tweak it so I feel like I do.

  57. Yeah, I can’t with the shackets, either. Bought a quilted one in a lovely green from J Crew, but it just felt wrong. Maybe it’s the shirt tail cut. I can’t do the fake leather leggings, either, although I bought a pair of black coated jeans that I like and I also like the fake suede pants. I’m not sure why, for me, fake suede is more acceptable for pants than fake leather, but for some reason it is,

    Ruffles – eh, depends on the ruffle. The dress you featured doesn’t look too bad, and the darker colors make it look more grown up (I might have to check it out for myself…). I don’t like the ruffles on tops that stick straight out from the shoulders, but I don’t mind a little bit of ruffle at the neck or a little pouf in the sleeves. I have a small frame but am busty, so a little bit of presence at the shoulders balances me.

    I do have to differ with you on wide pants – I love wide pants! Especially slightly cropped ones that hit just a bit above the ankle bone. Love them. I feel very elegant in some and kind of edgy in others. It is a little tricky to match tops, I have a few that hit right at my hip bone, which works for me, and I also have some tops that tie in front so I can adjust the length. I also can’t do wide leg pants that have pleats, that is too much volume in the hip/abdomen area for me. I wore them with sandals in the summer and plan to try them with booties with shafts where the top is under the pants, with slightly pointed toes, in the winter. And lest people think only tall women can wear them – I’m only 5’3” and I think they work on me!

    1. I think because suede is not as shiny as leather, it seems a little more subdued, and I can also see myself preferring them to leather. I just haven’t tried any in a long time. In college, I had a couple suede mini skirts (pencil skirt style, but mid-thigh length) that I LOVED. That was the early 90s and of course, that’s the decade influencing so many of the current trends. If I see a suede pencil skirt, I’m snapping it right up! LOL.

      As for the the wide pants – the cropped length works better for me, I can do that if they aren’t too flowy. Like these: https://www.shopstyle.com/shop/Jo-Lynne/43506509

  58. OMG I had to laugh as I was going through your list. I couldn’t agree with you more! I also have a curvy figure and these styles couldn’t be any more unflattering.!

  59. This has been my favorite post! I learned SO much why I can’t get behind these trends and how to stay true to myself and body type. The voice of reason prevails! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  60. Great post! A good reminder we all don’t have to wear the styles if they aren’t right for us. Love the honesty – sometimes we just get to say no 🙂

  61. Agree with most of this especially leather pants. I did find a j plaid jacket / Shacket with a straight hem and it runs shorter. I’m enjoying it with jeans. Not an investment piece but looks modern for fall. At a certain age we can skip many trends.

  62. I actually like the blazer (for me: with dark, knit leggings) look! Hides love-handles, lol, and the stretch pants (though: certainly *not* the faux leather type) are my only AFFORDABLE option when trying to find proportionally cut dressy/casual pants for a 5′ 7″ ‘pear’ frame with a 30″ inseam.

      1. Thanks! BTW: very informative post and, continued success with all you do for us! You and your blog seem, honestly, like the only resource for Fashion/Style advice (with sincerity!) for women in the (I guess what would be?) first-half of “Generation X” age range (I was born in ’66). I don’t think I’m “old” (even though the AARP mailers have already started coming, lol) — but, I’m so tired of EVERYTHING (else) out there now constantly pandering to the “tabloid Kims-of-the-world” you know(!). Thank you for being different.

  63. Thanks! As a petite woman (5’1″ & needs to drop a few lbs) my frame can be easily overwhelmed by oversized, bulky items. Oh for six more inches! People will give me ruffly things saying this will look cute on you – not getting that is *not* my vibe – aiming for streamlined, stylish, sporty, cool 😉

  64. I agree with everyone you spoke of, I also have a short waist and short legs 5’2” lol, and those styles do nothing for me.
    I really like all the blogs so far, I’m 60 this year and find that if I can wear most styles, most of the time but not those.

  65. Love this, I can relate to many of the same clothing items” I will not wear”. I’m short waisted and dresses like this one do not look good on me. I wear many tops tucked in, but my jeans are best on my hips, not waist! The shacket is adorable, but every time I put one on, I feel I should be out in the woods Thanks for sharing this, makes me feel I’m not alone!

  66. Lol! Love this post. The ruffle dresses on mature women make me think I should be on Little House On The Prairie. I am also a hard pass on these teens.

  67. What an awesome post! I’m with you on the trends you are not participating in this fall. While I love bright pink, I am not wearing it head to toe. Just thinking about what my bum would look like in bright pink pants, of any kind, makes me laugh.

  68. Amen! I follow you for your common sense and similar body type (I’m short waisted and hour glass shape, albeit have 10 lbs on you) and fashion style. I can’t get on board with the shacket trend either…. Too Lumberjack for me. I tried the faux leather leggings and felt like Sexy Sandy from the final scene in Grease. Plus so hot! Returned my leggings. Didn’t even realize head to toe pink was a trend! Eeeck. That one is a bit too Pepto Bismal for me. That’s the beauty of trends and being 40+. We can pick and choose what trends band wagons to hop on or stay off. I don’t live in NYC so pick and choose what is appropriate for my casual western lifestyle. Thanks for all of your hard work in keeping us current.

  69. Great post! I agree with all except for blazers (I wear all the time and year round- I love a blazer and jeans!) and I love floral dresses. 😊 In fact I’d feel lost without a floral, flowy dress to wear in any season! They make me feel pretty and feminine; it’s definitely my style! And in the summertime they’re my go-to for a one and done outfit that’s comfortable and cool in the heat. I imagine I’ll be an old lady in my eighties still wearing a floral dress! 😁 But the message here (and you said it) is we need to stay true to ourselves! ❤️

  70. I agree with everything on your list. I don’t think I want to wear any of these either. That said I did buy a pair of faux leather pants but haven’t worn them yet. I wouldn’t wear head to toe pink but I do like the hot pink color.

  71. Oh amen and amen! The ruffled dresses…seriously…there’s few locations that a ruffle can possibly flatter me. Adding volume to upper arms, bust or hips just isn’t a great look. While I pulled it off great in the late 70s, I don’t particularly relish trying to channel my inner Laura Ingalls at 50. Can we please move past this phase, designers??!!

  72. Great post. I’m similar in size and shape, and top heavy, and I’m so on board with no shackets and no flowy dresses. As for jumpsuits, I’m 52 and my bladder does not allow for jumpsuits lol

    1. Great post!! Ruffle dresses ugh! I bought one online because it looked so cute on the “model”. Just no. Thank you for articulating the reasons. Too much volume everywhere and that is the last thing I need. Another one that I really struggle with are duster cardigans. I wore one in a family picture. My young beautiful daughters were like no mom. Just no. So unflattering on me. Thanks again for the timely post

      1. Yeah, I wore them some when they were trending, but mostly just for blog pictures, lol. I always felt schlumpy in them. They can look great on some ladies, but I think you have to be tall.

  73. I’m sitting out the white bootie/boot trend. It seems to be popular on websites I visit, but it just doesn’t seem practical, maybe for my climate and my age.

  74. I agree with all of these too! (Except I wear the faux leather leggings with a few things). It’s nice to give ourselves permission to say no to things that don’t work for us even though they’re trending!

  75. I agree on a lot of these! The shockers make me look like a lumber jack..I think it’s because so busty.
    I think the leather leggings are ridiculous but I do like the coated denim as you said.
    I however love trouser jeans because I think I look good in them.
    Agree it’s totally how you feel and working with your proportions,
    Love this blog!

  76. I agree. I don’t like any of them especially the leggings. I laughed when you said when is this going to end. I say the same thing. Yesterday I saw a woman wearing faux leather leggings. They were so tight I could see her panty line since she had a short top. Too immodest for me. My body type is similar to yours except I am more long waisted with short legs. I don’t like emphasize on my thighs. I want emphasis on my waist. That’s one reason I don’t like leggings or skinny pants. Because of my short legs, I don’t wear tunics anymore. I used to wear leggings and skinny jeans only with tunics. So I am glad to wear at home only.
    However I do like structured blazers. I have a thing about jackets. It’s been hard since I retired to let go my taste for tailored clothing suitable for an office. I like tailored with an edge.
    One reason I like your blog is to get ideas on casual stylish clothes. You got me into liking bootleg and slightly flare jeans again. They do make my legs look longer.

  77. I’m passing on the trend of tucking in just one side of a button down shirt. Have you seen that? I can’t believe it’s even a thing; it just looks dumb… and sloppy.

    1. I’ve seen some who can pull it off, but it doesn’t feel authentic when I try it. Of course, I rarely wear a button-up shirt anyway. Collars annoy me, and most button-up shirts have collars.

  78. Hi Jo-Lynne! We are practically body twins, but I’m only 5′-ish. Hourglass, short-waisted, and short-legged, I’ve passed on most of these as well. I have pink, and I wear it but not monochromatically. I have a shacket-ish shirt, but it isn’t as long. And I love how blazers look but they forever remain corporate/dressy to me. They don’t work in my everyday life, though I have one for the rare interview or formal occasion 🙂 I picked up a black one at a thrift store last year and wore it with a red graphic tee and jeans…and felt ridiculous the entire time. Sigh. I am 52 and have a youthful spirit (I’ve been told), but I’m not interested in trying too hard anymore. You know?

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