5 Fall 2022 Shoe Trends To Wear This Season

Right now it may seem like summer will never end, but cooler weather is coming, and I keep getting questions about the fall 2022 shoe trends and how to wear them with the current denim styles.

In my 2022 fall trend report, I named three types of shoes that are trending this season, and today I’m diving deeper into each style and how to wear them. I also rounded up some shopping inspiration for each!

What Shoes & Boots To Wear This Fall

I named three fall 2022 shoe trends in my 2022 fall trend report but I’ve added two more to this post for a total of five. You don’t need all of these in your closet, but these are my personal favorites, and some you can even start wearing right now!

#1. Clogs & Mules

Kork-Ease Darby Clogs (8) // Nordstrom sweater (S) // Good American straight ankle jeans (6) // AllSaints tote

Clogs have been making their way back onto the fashion scene for the past few years, but this year they’re really taking hold. You can wear clogs with just about anything — from straight crop jeans (as shown above) to full-length flares to dresses.

The sling back style of these Kork-Ease slingback clogs keep them on my feet better than the open back styles, plus the hand-finished leather upper is soft against the foot, and the Kork-Ease signature cork-covered foam footbed is supremely comfortable.

I rounded up a bunch of other clog options below, and I threw in a couple pairs of mules as well. Mules are more of a classic style for those who aren’t into the 70’s retro vibe.

#2. Wooden Platform Sandals

Seychelles heels (8) // floral top (S) // Edwin bootcut jeans (29; similar for less) // Tory Burch hobo

Platforms are one of the biggest fall 2022 shoe trends, and I’m seeing a lot of platform sandals with wooden heels and neutral uppers like these Seychelles Heels. These are a really nice option for those of us who live in areas where the weather doesn’t cool down until later in the fall season.

Mine have a suede strap, which I like a lot for transitioning to fall, but leather works just fine too. It’s also the color of these that keeps them more fall-appropriate. You can wear wooden platform sandals with all styles and lengths of jeans as well as dresses and skirts.

#3. Western-Inspired Boots

Sam Edelman Agnes Western Boots (8) // Madewell sweater (S) // Mother Hustler ankle flares (29; similar for less) // AllSaints shoulder bag

Western-inspired boots are having a moment this fall, and they come in all different colors and heel heights. I found discovered the Sam Edelman Agnes Western Boots at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. These are good quality boots and very comfortable, so I ended up buying them in both Warm Copper and Sesame Suede.

You can wear Western style boots with just about anything. They pair well with dresses, if that aligns with your personal style, and of course they look great with jeans. These are particularly well-suited to full-length flares, but you can also wear them with cropped or ankle-length flares, as shown above, and straight leg jeans as well.

#4. Retro Runners

rag & bone Retro Sneakers (8.5) // Madewell henley sweater (S) // Pistola Denim straight crop jeans (29)

Sneakers continue to be a solid fashion choice going into fall, and the retro runner style is particularly taking off right now. I feel like these look best with casual outfits, especially jeans. You can certainly wear them will longer lengths, but I styled mine with a cropped straight above.

I’m wearing the rag & bone Retro Sneakers from the #NSale in the Light Sand Suede, and they’re quite spendy at full price, so I rounded up some other options below. While retro styles are taking hold, that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your clean white sneakers or court styles. In fact, I think they work better with dresses, so it’s nice to have some of each.

#5. Lug Sole Chelsea Boots

Tory Burch Chelsea Boots (old) // Madewell The Perfect Vintage Flare Jean // Rails Collins Utility Jacket (old) // AllSaints backpack (black only)

Lug sole boots, especially the Chelsea boot style with the goring on the sides became really popular over the last few seasons, and they’re still going strong. A lot of times, this style of boot is big and clunky, but you can find more streamlined styles if you hunt.

Again, you can wear these boots with just about anything, depending on your personal style. I’ve definitely seen them paired with dresses, but I’ll be wearing mine with jeans. The pictures above are from last year, but I rounded up some current options below. I didn’t find as many of these as the other styles, but I think there will be more as we get further into the fall season.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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95 Responses

  1. Are flats still in style and loafers. I still see the loafers with the rugged sole out there but was never a fan of it. What about pumps wit block heels. Is a pointy toed boot more likely to stay in style than a squared toed boot. Love the retro sneakers.

    I do not use the shop button.

    1. I think the pointy toe has more longevity than square, but both are in style right now. I think pumps with block heels are still around, but I’ve heard both things about loafers — that they are out and also that they are in, lol. I think the lug sole ones are for sure. I’ve also heard that ballet flats are coming back around. I hope so, I love them.

  2. Well you learn something new everyday -I didn’t know the shop button was there. But now that I see it and tried it, I would find it useful…however, I say that with a *. Since I live in Canada I can never purchase from a direct link from LTK or instagram or this since it only takes to American Sites…but its still helpful to get an idea of the price and where its from so I can search it for myself if there is a Canadian version of that store.

  3. I don’t use the Shop feature; I’ve never noticed it! Love all your posts! I shop the links provided in your in your narrative.

  4. I discovered your blog not long ago & I’m loving it! I find the SHOP feature handy, but I tend to connect to the items I want to investigate further via the links below each picture more frequently. Hope that’s helpful!

  5. If I am going to check out an item you feature, or purchase it, I click on the links you provide under the picture. Or, I am big on shopping through links provided on Instagram stories. Hope this helps.

  6. I usually use the links under the pictures instead of the shop button. As for the fall show trends, I feel a little like I’ve fallen behind in this case. I don’t think I’ll be wearing any of these styles except for the lug sole Chelsea’s. I bought two pairs last year and enjoyed wearing them with jeans. However, the other shoes all look too chunky for me to wear on a regular basis. Since I’m petite -5’1” – I like the idea of a platform, but these all look too heavy. It might be just a matter of getting used to seeing them.

    1. That makes sense about the links under pictures – they are more relevant to the actual posts. The shop is supposed to curate my favorites, but I don’t do a good job of linking to it or keeping it updated. 🙂

      Good feedback on the chunky shoes. That isn’t all that is in style, although they do work well with the current denim trends. I also like the more streamlined fashion boots and they are still very much on trend and more of a classic look.

  7. Hi Jo Lynne. I do not use the shop Button. Actually have never noticed it was there. Enjoyed the post on all the new looks of shoes even though my old feet are screaming no !! 🙃🙃. Thanks for all your details about the fashions you show us.

  8. Every now and then I use the Shop feature. I am excited about clogs being on trend now, as well as the western inspired bootie.

  9. I love your style, but because I have a vestibular disorder that affects my balance I need to wear flats or shoes with very low heals. I know it’s not as stylish, but could you do a post on wearing flatter shoes with different jean styles or pants? Maybe you could just pin up your longer jeans hems for that post😃 and order shoes you could return after your photos? I don’t know if anyone else would benefit so I understand if this is asking too much.
    I do sometimes look at the shop button, but mainly click through to purchase from your daily posts.

    1. Actually flats are trending so… you’re in luck! I will definitely do a post with more flat options. I didn’t realize I gravitated to mostly heels here – the platforms give them a smaller heel drop but I realize platforms don’t work for everyone either.

  10. I never noticed the shop button 🙈! Like Sharon I’m in Canada and not all sites ( through links) take us to the Canadian site with our pricing! Some due which is nice so the commission can still be given. Unfortunately Nordstrom is one of them!
    Off topic but are ponchos out for this fall season?

    1. LOL! Well, it sounds like you aren’t the only one. I wish I could get the links to work for Canada. I haven’t seen a lot of ponchos, but they’re also sort of a classic fall wardrobe item.

  11. Hi! I don’t really use the SHOP feature, but use your links as you describe the items. I do like your INSTAGRAM OUTFITS tab on top. But sometimes I do want to go back and look for something and I should try the SHOP feature! Thanks for reminding me it’s there!!!!
    Off to the swim club today, it’s SOOOO hot, but the pool is SOOOO warm (just the way I like it!)
    By the way, I needed to go to Nordstrom Rack yesterday to pick up a pair of sandals, and found the perfect pair of AG raw-edged flares for $85. Such a great find! There was only one pair that I could find, and it was my size. I did have to cut off about 2 inches.

  12. Well apparently the shop button was a surprise to everybody! I have never noticed it either, but like others shop from links within the post. I’ll try to remember to check it out occasionally!

  13. Jo-Lynne, thank you so much for the time, research, and effort you put into every single post. I don’t use the Shop widget but i could if I needed to. What exactly would it have for me? A recap of previous posts and where to find those items?
    You already do so much that if the majority of your readers say “yes keep it”, do so, but otherwise do away with it. you do sp much for your readers anyway.
    Please know i look forward to your posts and appreciate all you do.

    1. That is a good question, and I am realizing I should have explained it more and linked to it more if I wanted it to be used. 🙂

      This is the direct link, and it is divided into categories as well. – httpss://jolynneshane.com/shop-all

      The button to click is located on the top right of the blog on desktop, but on mobile it is at the bottom of the dropdown menu (tap the 3 bars for the dropdown) – it’s a big button, but I actually overlooked it when I just went to find it. So I guess it isn’t very obvious.

      Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

  14. I’ve never noticed the shop button before either, so I had a look. I’m from the UK and I’m impressed that the links change the price into British pounds but I don’t think I’d use it.

  15. Love the Seychelles you’re wearing, they have a ladylike vibe that would work with dresses very well too, Evereve already sold out in smaller sizes, may check other sites. Also, the Lifestride one is a good $option, only saw yellow color on Zappos but that is a pretty wellknown brand. I have an old pair of brown Dansko clogs I used to wear for work, could always wear them with my boot cut jeans.

    1. Nancy, I was thinking the exact same thing! I have some Dansko clogs and clog-soled sandals I wore for my job in retail and they still look like new! So trendy now, I will find them and dust them off!

      1. Sue, that’s right, Dankso’s seem to stand the test of time, I still have a pair of black and also dark brushed brown that are the open back and think they will work with my boot cut jeans, I’m short so they’ll give a little height.

  16. None of these styles appeal to me so I guess I will be out of style this year. But, then they are trends. I prefer white sneakers and lower heel booties.

    1. It is not a comprehensive list, you won’t be out of style just b/c you don’t wear any of these. 🙂 And like you say, they are trends. Lower heels are actually trending too…

  17. The trends look like a mix of things we wore in the 70’s and 80’s. I’m glad the clogs are back. I’ve always liked those! To answer the question: I don’t use the SHOP button.

  18. Thanks for this helpful post! I’m surprised to see the lug-sole chelseas on here; I have seen them out there but have not paid much attention because they’ve been overshadowed by newer trends. I have several pairs from last year, though, so I’m happy I’ll be able to wear them again (fashionably!) this fall and winter. I have used your shop button but much more frequently click the links you provide in your blog stories.

    1. Yeah, the lug sole has been around for a few seasons, but it’s still going strong. And there are other up and coming styles too, this isn’t a comprehensive list.

  19. So earlier this summer, I bought the Dolce Vita wood clogs-I felt they were clunky, but I wanted to be “on trend”. Then I tripped and broke my foot! No wood clogs for me!

  20. Birkenstock has a great boot with a lug sole that isn’t huge. I got mine last year for Christmas and I wore them probably 5 times a week and with all lengths of jeans. And of course, you get the fit and feel of Birkenstock. One of my best purchases.

  21. what makes a western inspired boot a ‘western inspired boot'(heel shape/shaft style/material)? I love a comfy ankle boot from fall til spring, so this is the footwear trend I’d be most likely to purchase/wear. I currently have lug sole, chelsea, wedges and split ankle styles – will need to take inventory of my collection and swap some out this season.

    1. I suppose I should have expounded on that a bit! It’s about the shape of the heel — it’s usually a “stacked heel” style, and the toe is often a pointed toe or snip toe, and also sometimes there are embroidered designs and details on the vamp.

  22. Great post as usual:) I have one pair of clogs and I don’t reach for them much because I feel “clunky” in them….🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ll have to try harder I guess. I would like to invest in the wooden soled sandal trend, with a lower heel I think that would help. I don’t use the shop button, I always click on the link you provide for any product I’m interested in. Hope that makes sense.

  23. Hello! I never even noticed the Shop button, so I’ve not used it. I use the links you put in the narratives. Thanks for the info on fall shoe trends! I’m looking forward to wearing my clogs again this year!

  24. I think I am good to go on the shoe trends. I have a Seychelles platform sandal in brown and a Clark’s in black that I haven’t worn in a few years but was keeping because I love them and hoped they would come back around. Yay! Then I have many Dansko clogs that were not mentioned but they are great for picky feet, which mine are. I also bought the retro sneakers during the #NSale. I bought some western low heeled boots during the sale too, and I purchased the Blondo lug soled boots last year and didn’t think I would like them, but they ended up being my most worn boot, and my husband even liked them—bonus.
    I, too, never noticed the sale button. If it’s a lot of extra work for you, I would drop it. If you wanted to keep it, I would probably check it out now that I am aware of it.

    1. I think I either need to update it and refer to it often, or ditch it. I never really have time to keep it organized the way I would like it for it to be more helpful.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. i think that is what most people do. The Shop is supposed to be a place to curate my favorites, but I don’t keep it very well organized and updated, and I guess I don’t link to it enough that anyone even knows it’s there, haha!

  25. I didn’t see the shop button or its use. I use your links under the items you are posting about. Thank you for keeping us informed! Your hard work at doing so is appreciated!

    1. It’s right here – httpss://jolynneshane.com/shop-all

      It is located on the top right of the blog on desktop, but on mobile it is at the bottom of the dropdown menu – it’s a big button, but I actually overlooked it when I just went to find it. So I guess that should tell me something… haha!

      Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

  26. I love every one of these trends. What works for my lifestyle? Probably the retro sneaks. I do love those clogs though oh and the western inspired boots. Love them! unfortunatelyI live in a” wear your flats world”. I don’t use SHOP. If it makes your life easier get rid of it.
    Have a great day!

      1. I don’t use the Shop button either, and I mostly use my phone to purchase off the blog. Regarding the flats world, yes, I see lots of flats wearing ladies too. They’re typically older like myself with kids in tow. However, when I go to nicer restaurants, wine tastings, etc. and there are younger 20-30 something ladies, they tend to wear heels and dress up more and that inspires me to do the same!

  27. I use the links.

    I’m wondering if I’m too old for bootcut? I guess since I’m asking, I must be, I went to HS in the 70’s. I’m not sure I could find a pair that would work for me at 5’4″ anyway. I loved my wooden heeled sandals back then too.

  28. Can’t wait to try some of the new style for fall and winter! Also, I do not shop the links at the bottom.

  29. Hi! I just wanted to say Thank You for this fall footwear post. I was one of the readers who had a million questions about what is in and what is out! I’m a RN and wear Dansko clogs for work, and I love them. I also have Dansko sandals too that I love because of the comfort. I have western booties as they are common footwear in the area where I live. I think the only thing I don’t have on the list is retro sneakers, so I think I’ll add a pair or two to my closet. I’ll probably skip the lug sole Chelsea boot, they are not quite my style esthetic. I really did love this whole post. Thank you so much! I shop the links under the pictures, and hasn’t noticed the Shop button. Oh, and I purchased the Caslon Utility Jacket from the NSale based on your recommendation and it is a great casual jacket. Fits well, feels good with that stretch and I love the soft red color. I’m looking forward to styling it – perhaps with retro sneakers once I purchase them! It’s fun to plan outfits when you have good pieces!

  30. Great post! I love clogs and I’ve been looking for a good comfortable pair. I got a pair from the NSale that are pretty comfortable but I really wish they had a heel strap. I think that makes it so much easier to walk. I think I may return the ones from the NSale and order the Silent D ones from Anthro. I have been admiring those since last year. LOL

    I have only used the Shop button a few times when I was looking for something you’ve highlighted and then I couldn’t find it later. But honestly I wouldn’t really miss it if you got rid of it.

    1. I got those same clogs from the N sale & love the look but I agree about them staying on your feet. I feel like I walk funny because I’m trying to keep them on! I’m think I’ll return & try some of the others featured here.

  31. Clogs are such a great fall look. I click through directly from the blog (like I did today for the Vince Camuto clogs.

  32. I use the link under the pictures in your post to shop. In fact, think I’m going to do just that and order one of the clogs you posted. LOL I need the 2″ heel and the beige color will go with a lot in my closet. Thanks for the options. Clogs bring back memories of my 1st pair in 4th grade, that I received for my b’day. They were brown suede and I really loved clogging around in them. 🙂 I’ve always loved shoes, even back then.

  33. I love all the shoes just wish I could wear heels – they are cute but make me too tall.
    Never noticed the Shop button. Always go with links below the pictures.

  34. Hi JoLynne,
    I love this post! I want to get some clogs this season and love the Cork Ease with the strap. What are you thoughts about black vs brown for the season?

    1. It really depends on what works best with your wardrobe. Both are good neutrals and trending colors for fall. (Yes, I heard today that black is actually a trending color… go figure.) And I am also seeing a lot of brown this year – more than usual in the fall.

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