Coffee Talk 11.12.17

Greetings, friends! Happy Sunday! I hope y’all are having a good weekend. Ours has been both productive and fun.

We went out for dinner with friends on Friday night at a new restaurant to us — a BYO with locally sourced fare where the menu changes daily. There’s only one chef (the owner) and one server, and everything is made to order. We were there for a looooong time, as you can imagine, but it was fabulous and we can’t wait to go back.

Yesterday I got a lot accomplished. We shot a few outfits in the morning, then I cooked and photographed for a Thanksgiving recipe post I’m doing later this week, and last night we ordered sushi takeout and hung out with another set of friends.

Needless to say, I’m feeling a little bit puffy this morning! I need a few days of light eating and lots of water to cleanse my system from all that rich food.

I really want to get back to running, but it is suddenly so cold here. It was 25º when I woke up this morning! I can’t believe I’ve let myself go this long, but with the wisdom tooth debacle and now the change in weather, I’m having a hard time getting myself back out there.

This will be the first year in I can’t remember how long that I won’t be running a Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving Day. I’m kind of sad about that, but I’m not going to be up to it, and I’d rather not go at all than go and have a crappy run. Instead we’ll probably go to our high school Thanksgiving Day football game and see our son perform in the marching band one last time.

I’ll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for just the 5 of us, and we’re having dessert with friends later on that evening. It will be a different kind of Thanksgiving Day for us, but I’m actually looking forward to it. We’re attending our big family gathering on Black Friday so it’s not like we’re missing out on that; it’s just getting scheduled a bit differently for various reasons.

I’m actually tempted to set up our Christmas tree early this year. Usually we wait till after the turkey’s been put away, but last year I set up our faux tree a week early, and I really enjoyed having it up over Thanksgiving. (We do two trees — a live one in the family room with a colorful hodgepodge of family ornaments, and then a faux tree in the living room that I call my fancy tree.)

I like having both because that way a Christmas tree is visible from pretty much anywhere on the first floor of our house, and I love that I can see the living room tree from my desk in the office.

Since Thanksgiving weekend is going to be so packed (we also have plans on Saturday) I think it makes sense to put our first tree up next weekend.

In other news, I’d really like to start doing some Facebook Live events on my Facebook Page. Basically I would just open it up to questions and probably not even have a theme, unless it gets going and I start doing it weekly or something. Then I’d probably start having topics, but to try it out, I’d keep it general. Would you guys be interested?

I will admit, it makes me nervous, but I enjoy watching other bloggers that do them, whether on Instagram or Facebook, and I get so many questions in the comments here, I feel like it would be a better way to answer some of the more specific ones. Anyway! Let me know what you think. Warning: I talk really fast. I will have to be mindful of that and really try to slooooow it dowwwwwn.

So that’s about it for me! Now that I’ve had my coffee and been chatting for a while, I’m feeling a little more like braving the cold for a walk/run this morning. Maybe I’ll do that before I start getting ready for church. I know I need it, and I keep telling myself that after I do it once, it will be so much easier the next time. I just need to stop over-thinking it and take the plunge, right!?! Stay tuned… I’ll let you know how it goes.

Take care, and have a blessed Sunday!