Coffee Talk 11.26.17

Good morning! Whew, we made it through Thanksgiving weekend! There’s no denying that we’re full-throttle in holiday season now.

I only have a few minutes to write this post before I need to go running and then get ready for church. I’ve been neglecting my runs this week because I’ve been pretty much working non-stop or spending time with the family, but I was just getting back to it after being down and out with my dental saga so I want to keep that momentum going.

There’s a lot going on with the blog right now. My gift guide for men went live yesterday, so don’t miss that. I’m afraid it will get overlooked in the hubub of Black Friday/Cyber Monday but this is the best time to finish off your shopping list because a lot of my gift ideas are on sale. You can see all of my gift guides HERE.

I’d like to get my women’s gift guide up today, but that may be too ambitious because I haven’t even started it and I also need to update my Black Friday sales post. A lot of Cyber Monday sales have already started today, and they’re good, you guys. Yes, even a little better than Black Friday. (Bloomingdale’s is now 25% off already deeply reduced prices on select items including some great cashmere gifts, luggage, denim, and more!)

Also, in case you missed it, there’s a Tory Burch crossbody giveaway at the end of that Black Friday post. I would really love for a regular reader to win it, so go enter!!!

The girls and I are hoping to put up the fake tree in the living room this afternoon, so that may take precedence over all of the above, as it should. In my idealistic mind, I will do it all, but sometimes I have a bit of a problem judging time. Ha! I just have this feeling that if I will it to happen, I can fit it all in and make it work out, which is why I’m always running late and forgetting something. I like to say it’s part of my charm, but really, I need to make set more realistic expectations for myself because when I try to do too much, I get stressy and cranky, and that’s no fun for anyone.

Lest you think all I do is work, we had a great time yesterday taking the girls into Philly to see Finding Neverland. I didn’t love the musical so much (the storyline is a little hokey) but the performance was great, and it’s just so much fun to go to the Academy of Music. It’s a gorgeous building, and everyone was in the holiday spirit. Plus, we made it into the city in time to treat ourselves to a nice lunch at XIX in the Bellevue Hyatt. It’s a stunning room with lots of historic architecture, and it looks out over the city, plus the food was amazing.

On Friday, we went to our annual Thanksgiving weekend Shane family get-together where we got to catch up with everyone, and that was fun. It’s always a bit loud and crazy with a bunch of dogs running around (everyone brings theirs except us, lol) and tons of people and good food, and we all love it.

If you’re noticing a common theme here — food — you’ll know why I’m feeling desperate for a run this morning! I definitely need to get back to my normal eating habits and exercise routine this week because we have more events next weekend and I want to feel good for those.

I have more I wanted to tell you, but I need to dash if I’m going to get to church on time. I hope you have a lovely Sunday, and be sure to check back in before you finish up your shopping because I’ll at least get my Cyber Monday post up super early in the morning, even if I can’t fit in any more gift guides.

Enjoy the rest of your day!