Coffee Talk 12.19.21

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Greetings, friends! It’s hard to believe we’re less than a week away from Christmas. I hope you and your loved ones are staying well. Earlier this week, I flew up to Boston to bring C (and her car) home from college, so everyone is here now, and it’s so nice!

It’s amazing how the addition of one person can really change the family dynamic. Not that she is one to monopolize the conversation or fill the room with her presence, but everyone has a unique role, and when one is gone, there’s definitely a missing piece to the puzzle. Sometimes you don’t even realize it until they return. All that to say, it’s great having everyone under the same roof again, even though it’s only for a few weeks.

Our drive home was pretty hairy, and I’m so glad I went with her. She did some of the driving, but I ended up taking over somewhere in Connecticut and getting us the rest of the way home. It’s just a really tough drive, and it didn’t help that we got off to a late start and were driving in rush hour traffic.

There are so many dicey interchanges, lanes are narrow, and people drive super fast and do crazy things. You have to stay alert, be able to think fast, and have good reflexes. It takes practice, and she just isn’t there yet. She’s getting there, though.

Paul is planning to take her back up in January, but I might go if things are quiet around here. It was good to spend time with her, and I really enjoyed having a night by myself at the hotel. My flight was super fast and easy too. It’s only about an hour in the air, and everything went smoothly at the airport. You hear so many crazy stories about air travel these days, but we’ve really lucked out this fall. The two trips she took went well too.

We’ve had a fairly quiet weekend, but we did meet friends for dinner on Friday night, so that was nice. Last night, everyone stayed in and did their own thing. I made a family dinner, and then R and I watched the One Direction documentary. (If you have a 1D fan in your house, it could make a great last minute Christmas gift!) R’s a super fan, and honestly, I like them too. Not only do I enjoy their music, but their story is intriguing.

Today we have church, and we’re going to make the Shane family Christmas cookies tonight if I can roundup the troops. Want to see a blast from the past?

Man, was that ever a long time ago! R and I made the traditional sugar cookie cutouts last Sunday night. She’s changed just a bit, don’t you think?

I may get in trouble for posting that, but anyway! Those cookies are long gone, and the whole family usually gets in on the fun when we make the Shane molasses cookies, so I’m looking forward to that.

And then the countdown is on! I’m in pretty good shape with my Christmas shopping, but I still have a lot to do this week. And I think I might need a root canal. I’ve been having pain in my one molar when I bite down, and it’s not going away, so I need to get that checked out tomorrow. Fun, right?

Otherwise, we have a lot of fun plans on this week leading up to Christmas, so I’m praying everyone stays well. Have a blessed Sunday!

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21 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 12.19.21

  1. What a wonderful tradition you have with the cookies. Such precious moments!❤️ You daughter is so pretty, she might not like the photo, but I think it’s fun to see how much she has grown. Happy Holidays too you and your family!🌲

  2. Well said about the family all together! And what a fun tradition with your daughter!
    Have a great week and a wonderful Christmas holiday! I always look forward to Christmas afternoon, just sitting back, looking around at all our blessings – warm home, family, etc. I stopped doing the big Christmas dinner a few years back. Our daughter does a wonderful Christmas breakfast, then they all come to our house. In late afternoon I put out finger foods, snacks and whatever anyone wants. Then it’s time for the board games! Or a funny movie. We just try for stress free these days!
    🎄Merry Christmas from our House to Yours!🎄

  3. Merry Christmas, Jo-Lynne! I know it is so nice to have all your “chicks in the nest” for a few weeks. That’s always such a satisfying feeling, especially when they have begun to fly! I’m at my parents’ this weekend and I’m enjoying visiting with them while also helping my daughter select a wedding gown (she said “Yes” to the dress yesterday!) and nail down a few other details for her May wedding. She and her fiancé will celebrate Christmas with us in Ohio, but we’ll miss our son and daughter-in-law. I wish you and your family a lovely Christmas and a blessed new year. 🥰

  4. Becca has definitely grown up into a pretty young lady. I know that you are loving having all three of the children under one roof for a bit and that you will cherish every minute. Enjoy making more great memories! Good luck with that bad tooth! I know that you and I are in the “don’t like going to the dentist” boat. Merry Christmas week to you and the family!

    1. Yes, that is so true! I detest dental work, andI just had a crown. They’re stupid expensive too. Plus, I really don’t have time, but I guess you do what you gotta do! Merry Christmas week to you too!

  5. Why doesn’t she just fly. I’m sure there is a car she can use when she gets home? Seems easier than all the driving. Love the cookie photos.

    1. She could have flown but she wanted her car and thought she had too much stuff to bring on the plane. I do think we will insist she fly next Christmas tho. It really does make the most sense.

  6. Will keep my fingers crossed for your dental appointment, had a similar problem before and was sure it was tooth, but x-rays showed much sinus congestion. Becca has transformed into such a lovely young lady! Enjoy your family time!

  7. Do you have a good recipe for sugar cookies? I can’t make any cookies this year (packing for the move to our new house after Christmas.) Next year I hope to go all out on holiday baking as I have missed out on it this year.
    So glad you have the family together! What fun!
    Our daughter, son-in-law, and the two boys are coming here for Christmas dinner (crazy since we are moving so soon after), but we love having them. We are so lucky to have moved down here to help them out. I babysit for our new grandson 3 days a week (in January I will probably be there 4 days a week). I am so lucky to have this time with him (he won’t remember as he is 9 weeks old haha!, but I wil.
    Have a great day and week!

  8. Enjoy your family time. I always loved when I had them all in one “nest.” Now they are all 3 married with one child each and I still love us all together. This year it will be on New Years weekend for our family Christmas. They go to their other side for the real Christmas. Usually I don’t mind just us alone on the every other year now, after having to adjust to it, but we usually do ours the weekend before not late. Late not my thing. Anyway, guess it gives me more time to get stronger and recup from covid. I’ve been sick and inside recuping almost a month. 🙁 My husband got it too. 🙁 We can’t wait to see the grandbabies. My daughter will be hosting for me which was nice of her to offer. We have to travel 3 hours to her house. She just moved into a new house a week ago then flew out to Virginia yesterday to her in-laws. She’s been busy. Enjoy cookie baking….. how fun and hope all is well with your tooth. I use to work for a dentist. Sensitivity to hot and cold and pressure usually sign of root problem and of course pain. But, could just be a cavity too. Let us know.

    1. Yeah this tooth has been filled before. I think it’s a deeper issue that another cavity but maybe… either way, it means novocaine A to me that’s the worst part. 😳

      I hope you feel better soon!

  9. Wow!! Your children have grown up already. It seems to go by so fast. My son is 32 yikes!!!! We are going to do our cookies soon.
    God bless you and your family 👪 ❤️

    Have a Blessed Merry Christmas 🎄

    Thank you for all you share with and for us!!


  10. Hi…
    In New Jersey take the garden state parkway over the Tapoan Zeee bridge and get on the Wilbur Cross /Merritt oarkway
    So you can drive without the trucks…
    Through New Jersey
    You would need to go to Route 95 in Milford CT… there is a short connector… distance wise it’s a little longer but truck less is an easier drive
    No hope for driving in Mass … but there is a Dunkin Donuts at every exit so there is a consolation prize

    Enjoy your holidays

    1. Thanks for the tip. I’ve done Merritt Pkway before too but it’s so much stop and go. I was going to take 84 a lot further than I did, but there was a huge traffic backup so my GPS re-routed us and we ended up coming down Rte 10 for a long time, and that was terrible. Esp when I had to get off and get over to 87 or 287 or whatever it was to get to the Tappan Zee. I usually follow the GPS and cross the GW bridge but didn’t want Caroline driving that. And then the jersey turnpike was dicey. Ugh. I am just glad it’s over.

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