Coffee Talk 12.27.20

Well, friends, this is the last Coffee Talk of 2020! I hope you all had a nice Christmas, although it may have looked different than most.

Ours actually wasn’t all that different than other years, since we often spend Christmas Day alone by choice. But we did miss hosting our big Shane Christmas party, which would have been today, and it’s sad to think about this being the first Christmas without my father-in-law.

Fortunately the weather didn’t turn out to be as bad as we had feared, and we were still able to visit with Paul’s mom and a few other family members yesterday.

We will probably end up taking down our live tree this afternoon. Paul is the type to want it down as soon as the last present is unwrapped, and I have to admit, I don’t mind. I love getting my family room back.

That said, I have a feeling January is going to feel very bleak once Christmas is all put away, so I’m all for leaving up the lighted village houses and faux tree in the living room for a little while longer.

I usually like to take the faux tree down on New Year’s Day, but there have been years when it stayed up well into January… mostly because we’re lazy, but also because the girls and I enjoy it, and we’re the main ones who use the living room.

It’s nice to come downstairs in the dark of a winter morning to see the tree all lit up, inviting me in to enjoy my coffee and devotions before starting work for the day.

How about you? Do you like to take your decorations down right away, or wait for a while?

I’ve learned over the years that people have very strong opinions about this question. I liken it to asking which political candidate you voted for, so be nice, m’kay? 😉

While it’s tempting to dive right back into work, I really should take a few days and tend to the house.

I’m dying to clean and reorganize the pantry, mudroom, coat closets, and linen closets. Now that all five of us are living here full-time, doing school and work here, and the kids are getting older and more self-sufficient, those areas get out of control so quickly.

I’ve already cleared out my closet and office, and I’m working on getting everything I don’t need anymore returned and donated.

The sheer amount of stuff I manage to accumulate is my least favorite part about this job, but I love this little lull here between the craziness of the holidays and start of spring fashion.

Speaking of work, I’m floundering a bit with the end of year wrap-up posts. I’ve been trying to plan out the next couple of weeks, and I keep shifting things around and rearranging my editorial calendar. For some reason, it’s not falling into place as neatly as I want it to.

In addition to those, I also have a cashmere comparison post I wanted to finish up. I have all the pictures, and I took notes, but the thought of putting that together is overwhelming to me. That said, the sales are pretty stellar right now, so this seems like a good time to post that.

I’ve also started ordering things for my January Try-On Hauls. I know, I said I was going to enjoy the lull after the holidays, and normally I’m in no mood to start placing new clothing orders right away, but I got inspired when I saw the bright, happy colors and frosty neutrals in the new arrivals section of a few of my favorite retailers.

As much as I love my soothing neutrals, I’m ready to see some fresh, fun colors. I figure, even if people aren’t into buying right now, it might be fun to see what’s out there.

Also on my agenda: Get my stupid blog comments fixed so the Reply button works, and the replies get emailed to the original commenter. FIXED IT!!!!

So anyway. That’s where I am at the moment — a bit all over the place!

It’s kind of a strange week, with Christmas and New Year’s Eve falling on the weekends. It’s like we have this whole week in between that isn’t really vacation but definitely isn’t business as usual… I’ve got a feeling we’re all going to feel a little discombobulated.

I’m very much looking forward to January 4th, to be honest with you. Am I the only one who finds comfort and clarity in a regular routine?

With all that said, I hope you had a nice holiday celebration, and that you’re getting some time to rest and recharge. I definitely have a nap on my agenda this afternoon.

Have a happy and very blessed Sunday!

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71 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 12.27.20

  1. Hi!
    We keep our trees up until Epiphany, January 6th. This was hard on me early in our marriage. My family didn’t celebrate Epiphany and took the tree down the day after Christmas, or at least before New Years Eve (start the year fresh and clean). But I adapted and my hubby loves it.

    He also takes it down and packs it, so I get the better end of the arrangement. Ha!

    Enjoyed your 2020 posts and it would be interesting to read how you had to pivot your calendar back in March as we sheltered in place, worked from home, and canceled vacations.

    Happy 2021! Good riddance 2020.

    1. I never even heard of Epiphany until I moved up here! Neither of our families celebrated it, though, so that wasn’t much of a thing for us. I do notice a lot of people mentioning it when I ask this question tho. Do you have a party on the 6th or celebrate it in any way? (Other than taking the tree down… lol!)

  2. Some years the decorations come down right after Christmas and other years New Year’s Day. But, there’s always that sadness when the little white lights aren’t there to greet me early in the morning.
    As much of a routine person that I am, January can be a bit depressing after the excitement and bustle of the holidays. I have to make a conscious effort to push that feeling aside and embrace the newness and freshness of another year. 
    Wishing you a wonderful, blessed, prosperous and (eventually) mask-free 2021!! 

    1. I get that same feeling Susan and it is a effort to think positive and look toward a new year. I think this is common.  

  3. I hope you take time for yourself and your family. Your posts are so informative, so I know you spend a lot of time and effort on each one.
    I usually take down Christmas on January 2. We are still enjoying the lights and tree, to brighten things up. Since most of the house is in disarray as we are working on projects to put it on the market in March, and I am trying to pack a few things while I clean out, donate, toss as much as I can, having the decorations brightens things up (and helps to ignore all the mess. How do we accumulate so much!
    Enjoy! A beautiful sunny day here. We will go out soon for our daily walk before tackling the work.

  4. Our Christmas will be January 17.  We both caught the virus in time for Christmas me first through my work with youngsters in church and the university.  Everyone fully masked, two meter distance, the whole bit, and I still caught it.  Two weeks later, both of us were going through virus h***.  We are happy to be among the 99.8% who live long and prosper post-virus.  Our grown daughter stayed home and declared the holiday weekend of January 17 to now be Christmas.  

    Our tree and decorations usually come down the week after New Years.  That will be delayed a little this year, of course.  In 1991, everything stayed up until early July.  I was deployed with the Army at Christmas.  Yes, me…equal opportunity has a dark side.  Our 12 year old daughter festooned the tree in yellow decorations.  She would let no one touch it, not even our climbing cat, until I returned on June 30, her birthday.  

  5. Typically we put our Xmas decor away on New Years, give or take a day, but this year I plan on leaving it up for a while…it’s very pretty and I don’t mind it.  I’ll probably start putting it away around the 7th of January, that’s when our kids are due to go back to school in person-fingers crossed.

  6. I’m looking forward to January 11th lol. My daughter has virtual school the week of the 4th and goes back in person the 11th. That’s when we’ll really be back to a normal rhythm. Also, my husband got positive coronavirus results today so we’re all stuck in quarantine for now. It is nice that she won’t have to miss in person classes. So far she and I feel fine, praying it stays that way.

  7. It has always been our family tradition to take the tree and Christmas decor down on New Year’s Day.  Since we switched to an artificial tree a few years ago it’s nice to not have to rush and take it down. I enjoy the little white lights and know that we still have a lot of winter left.. that said usually the first week of January things will start to be dismantled. Yesterday I started the cleaning out and purging stage with the upstairs bathrooms. This is done every new year so it’s not as overwhelming. I’ll make my way throughout the house but really if I continue to purge too much we will have nothing left lol! I’m hoping for a better 2021 but I don’t feel that all will return to normal whatever that is now a days just because the ball drops! I guess we will wait and see, and hope for the best! Planning a walk today to enjoy some fresh air! 

    1. You are right, it is not going back to normal right away. But I think it will be cathartic to ring in a new year and the hope for better times ahead. I hope so, anyway! I definitely think there’s going to be a lot of Covid going around for the first few weeks b/c people have been getting together, even if in smaller groups. I am holding out hope for spring and summer…🤞🏼

  8. Putting away Christmas varies each year, but yesterday I just had to take down the tree and start putting things away. I left some touches of holly and evergreen  and whimsical penguins so our home still feels like winter beauty but not Christmas. It was  a bit of a melancholy Christmas (so totally unlike me) with the 2 of us and my husband not feeling well and none of our usual traditions for various reasons. I’m thankful for the reason for the season and our health and safety but I need to move on. 

  9. Ours always comes down the day after New Years. I’m looking forward to routine, cleaning out our house, starting with the basement, then everything after. I want order, get rid of junk and excess and then, hopefully vaccines! Yay!

  10. We will keep our tree up until New Years. I love this week because the hustle and bustle is over. I love meditating on the birth of our Lord and the time spent with those we love. I play with my gifts, read a book, go for walks, take naps, play games/puzzles, visit extended family (when we could), reflect on 2020 and make goals in health and well being, finances, travel, spiritual enrichment. Come New Years, I’ll take down decorations, start organizing my pantry and review what clothes are worthy to remain in my closet. 
    Thank you for all the hard work it takes to have a blog. Now, it seems that a person has to be on Instagram daily. I see people are doing IGTV etc. the pressure has to be immense. I would encourage you to enjoy this week to allow your body to heal. If you must do something, maybe post your absolute favorite outfits of the year. Trends for 2021, color of the year. What you plan to serve on  ew Years eve and or day. 

    1. It is constant and overwhelming. I just have to remember that no one is doing it all well, at least not alone. Some people are amazingly consistent with Instagram, and there are people that are totally rocking Facebook, but they probably don’t post daily on their blogs do personal emails. Anyone who is doing it all well has a team or at least one full time employee.

      In this space, it’s easy to play the comparison game, so I try to stay in my lane and focus on what I do best. I put 95% of my time and energy into my blog, and I make my daily email a priority. After that, I try to spend some time in my FB Group every day, but I’m hit or miss with Instagram, and I hardly pay any attention to my FB Page. Then there’s Pinterest… gah! Yeah, it’s a lot! 🙂

  11. I know that this was not an easy Christmas, especially for Paul’s mother, but I hope that it wasn’t too hard for her.  Regarding the removal of Christmas decorations – I grew up taking everything down on 12/26 and Larry grew up leaving everything in tact until at least the second week of Jan.  Internally I am having a battle because while part of me wants to leave everything as is until at least next weekend, another part of me wants to take it all down now. Both of our faux trees just have to have their storage bags put over them with all decorations left in tact, then the slim tree goes in a corner of the garage and the porch tree is moved to a back corner of the porch.  Since I kept things more simple this year, the hardest part for me will be climbing up and down the attic stairs in the orthopedic boot.  I’m not mentally ready to get our medical records and other files prepared for 2021, but it’s got to be done.  I keep hearing my mom say, “why put off to tomorrow what you can do today!”  There again, I’m blaming the boot because I don’t completely feel like myself.  But, I don’t anticipate getting to come out of the boot tomorrow, when I see the orthopedic, so I might as well get over it, and move on.  My closet is a bit of a challenge because I always keep a decent amount of the upcoming season clothes in it to prevent so many trips up to the attic.  And I always envision ways to keep wearing, say short sleeve tops, when it’s cold, but I’m not doing that too much.  Oh well!  I do want to keep dressing better for most of my days spent at home and go into 2021 with an adaptive attitude since God has got this!  Have a great day!  

    1. Yes, I think this has been harder on her than she lets on. She does have some really good friends at her retirement community, though, and she’s very happy there. We also put our faux trees downstairs without dismantling them. Although I do take the decorations off. I wonder if we could keep them on… would save so much time!

  12. We didn’t put our live tree up until Christmas day! I have never, ever done that in my whole life. We already had our faux tree up, though and the house was decorated. My eldest grandson (10) and I put it up together every year in time for Thanksgiving. Our Christmas plans got shuffled around at the last minute when Son #3 contracted COVID at the hospital where he’s an OR nurse. Scary stuff. He, his wife, and their oldest child (6) have it. They’re all going to be okay but they’ve been pretty sick. We were supposed to have Christmas at our house with them today. We’re hoping to do it here in 2 weeks, so I want to keep the live tree up until then. We’ll probably take everything down after we celebrate with them, although I have to confess, I’m tempted to leave the faux tree up for a while as it’s not in the way and I love looking at it. A bit of light in the winter darkness.
    I, too, feel that need to “clean up my life” as I like to say, Jo-Lynne. When rooms, drawers, closet get too disorganized, it makes me crazy. I can’t think for the distraction. I plan to start tackling that this week.

  13. Always look forward to your Coffee Talks!  Yes indeed, this has been one strange year, for the lack of a better word….I plan on leaving my artificial tree up for a while  yet. Like you, I really enjoy the early mornings doing my devotions with a cup of coffee and the ambience of just the tree lights and the fireplace.  It’s the one time of the day, where I feel all is well!  I’m looking forward to the fresh start of a new year to continue our house purge!  We’ve lived in this same house since 1974, so we’ve got “stuff”….fortunately we have come across a Christian family that is willing to take EVERYTHING off our hands and redistribute it to those in need.  My house has become the central point for our whole family, so they come every month or 2 and pickup our goodies!  I’m also looking forward to seeing what you’ve got in store for us fashion wise!  Once January rolls around, I’m already thinking spring is in a few months, not wanting to dwell on the bleakness of January and February. Enjoy your Sunday!  

    1. That is awesome that you found a place to donate your things. When my in-laws were downsizing, they couldn’t believe no one wanted all that stuff, lol. It’s hard b/c these days so many people only want new.

  14. Hi! I always take down Christmas decorations some time after the new year starts. No set day, just whenever the mood strikes me. I then bring out my winter decor which consists of a collection of snowmen. I love the whimsy of this collection and I leave it out until the first day of March.

  15. I’m one that puts it all away right after Christmas.  So yesterday it all came down and went back into the shed, outdoor lights and all.  I like to leave the lights up outside for a little while but last year due to winter storms they stayed up until almost February.  😳

    Enjoy your time reorganizing your home.  I redid our pantry the other day and feel so much better about it.  It always amazes me how it can get so wild when we aren’t a messy or disorganized family.  

    Happy Sunday! 

    1. Same! We are all a little messy, but everyone is fairly cooperative about picking up. They just don’t put things back the way they found them, and I don’t want to be a nag, so I just fix it when I get fed up, but then it gets messed up again, and round and round we go, lol.

  16. I like the take my decorations down prior to New Year’s Eve. That way 1 January is the start to a new year, fresh start. I always look forward to decluttering and donating. I’m kinda strange that way. It gives me pleasure to organize and get rid of stuff. I really don’t have much in the way of clutter though because I keep on top of it all year and this spring everyone was doing it so I jumped on too. Anyone want me to come over and organize, tidy & donate? 

    I’ve made a pact to not shop for clothes in January. It’s also going to be a No Wine month to get my weight down. Sound boring? Yup! But I can do it! 👍 lol

    1. I am the same – I love getting rid of stuff, but I really need to go through every closet and storage area in the house and reorganize. Even though I try to stay on top of it, with 3 hoarder kids and a husband who doesn’t pay much attention to my organizational systems, it seems to get out of hand really fast.

  17. I am normally that person who is ready to get my house back in order once that last present has been opened. This year is different. We were supposed to have our Christmas gathering on the 26th with our two grown kids, their spouses, and our 5 grandkids. Enter COVID. My daughter tested positive the morning of our planned celebration. So we have postponed our Christmas for at least 2 weeks. So this year, my decorations will stay up until we are able to get together. I honestly won’t mind because I need the comfort and joy the twinkling white lights bring to the dreary winter days. I may put away any Santas and things that say Merry Christmas and exchange for snowmen to make my home look more “wintery” than “Christmasy”. By the way…frosted pastels sounds perfect as a fun addition to my normal neutral wardrobe. I’m one of those people extremely allergic to wool, cashmere, any animal hair in clothing, and I love your outfit inspirations, bit then search for comparable, non allergenic options for me. Cheers to the New Year. 

  18. No problem with decorations being up til Jan 2 or 3.  Where I struggle is with the opened presents after Christmas morning. 😠 My husband likes things to stay in the family room so it looks like Christmas but I’m ready to run crazy and pull my hair out by day 3 of this. Our adult kids and spouses were here so I had decided ahead of time that I would NOT let it bother me this year and I actually did really well. I did slide things into a corner on day 3 (our Christmas was celebrated on the 23rd this year). The last of our visitors left yesterday so I did a thorough house cleaning and put away any remaining gifts. Now I can listen to YouTube’s acoustic Christmas music with a crackling fireplace on our tv and enjoy our decorations for another week in peace.

    1. My mom used to like to display our presents under the tree after they were opened but I guess I never got into that habit. It’s funny what different things drive us nuts about holiday traditions and the aftermath.

  19. We celebrate Dia de los Reyes in January 6 and take down the Christmas tree after the 6th. I’ve been known to keep it up through the middle of January!  🤷🏻‍♀️  Our tree is faux so it could stay up all year. I dunno. I think I’ll take it down after 1/6/21. 

  20. I usually leave my Christmas tree and decorations up until the first or second week of January. This year I am ready to just be done with it. Christmas is my favorite time of year, but 2020 has overstayed it’s welcome, and I am ready for it to go. Christmas for us was quiet with a nice dinner. We used Facetime and phone calls to connect with family, but it wasn’t the same. So the Christmas decor is coming down. I am ready for a fresh start and a new year. There has been too much sadness and darkness this year, and I am hopeful for change and a new beginning for 2021. Also I agree with you Jolynn, a routine keeps me grounded and I am ready for January 4th.

  21. Normally we keep our little nativity scene, outdoor lights and tree up until Epiphany when we remember that the magi arrived after a long trek following the star.  This year I woke up one morning, rolled out my yoga mat near the tree, only to find hundreds of little spiders had hatched out of eggs and they were marching in all directions across the living room.  They must have hitched a ride on our tree, and once they were in our warm house, decided to hatch!  So, we put our tree on the back deck near an outlet where we could see it from the dining room.  My husband said the tree is celebrating outside and social distancing!    

  22. Tree is down and all decor has been stored as of this morning! 🙌🏻  I originally planned to do it yesterday but decided to have a day of relaxation so we tackled it first thing this morning.  Now I have a whole week to do whatever before heading back to work on the 4th.   May peruse all the year end sales! 😜 Enjoy your Sunday! 

    1. NICE! I wanted to do it yesterday, but surprisingly, Paul wasn’t in the mood so I didn’t push it. I watched This Is Us and took a nap instead. 🙂 Then the Eagles were on, and the Sixers after that, so no way was I going to start dismantling the tree and disrupting that event! 🙂 My family is so excited Philly sports are back on.

  23. I enjoyed reading today’s coffee talk and everyone’s comments. It’s always fun to hear about other family traditions. We’ve always had live trees and heat our home primarily with a fireplace, so I usually get the tree out of the ASAP because it gets very dry. I’ve enjoyed looking at the tree this year more than usual, but our house is tiny and the tree takes up so much room so out it went yesterday.
     I feel all I’ve done for nearly a year is purge having moved from a 2500 sq.ft house to a 1,000 sq ft house. To solve the storage issue, we built a 1200 sq ft shop so now I can start accumulating again! Lol

  24. This morning when I came downstairs I got an overwhelming feeling to get rid of all things Christmas. I just don’t want to look at the decorations anymore….I’m over it and can’t wait for the new year’s freshness. I do realize that January 1st will not magically change everything that’s going on, but I like that in any normal year, January signals new goals, new plans, and fresh starts. So by this afternoon I hope to have all decorations packed up and put away! The weather’s a little gloomy here today with a high of only 60 predicted and rain headed our way, so it’s a good day to clean and organize. 

    1. Hi Heather. I had to laugh at your comment, “only 60”. Oh, I wish! ( I live northwest of Chicago)
      Happy New Year!

      1. Hi Laura- 
        Jo-Lynne laughs at me too! 😄 Yes, I admit I have no idea what truly cold weather is like! I was born and raised in Southern California and live 4 miles from the ocean. This time of year we’re usually in the high 60s to low 70s.  My husband is never cold so he laughs at me too! 😆 He was genuinely confused as to why I asked for a cashmere scarf for Christmas. We use the fireplace a lot at night now though, and I have tons of cozy blankets on the couch (we rarely turn in the heater). 
        I hope you had a wonderful white Christmas! ❄️ 

    2. I am here for all of that – fresh start, clean slate, yes please! And yes, I AM laughing at you being cold in 60 degrees. I was excited it’s going up into the 30s this morning for my run. (It’s been in the 20s and that’s about my limit, especially when there’s wind.)

  25. When to take down Christmas decorations I think just depends. There are years that I know they need to be put up because of upcoming events – then other years it’s not such a hurry. Now a live tree does die so I get that. This year I’ll start tomorrow after work & get things done & put away by Nee Years eve at the latest. 

    I love the word discombobulated- the word itself says it all. Lol. 

    One thing I’d like to see more of is using a top/sweater 4/5 different ways. One piece of clothing used in multiple ways for those of us who need to stretch a dollar or just like to wear our clothes more often. Just a thought. 

    Have a wonderful day & enjoy your week. 

      1. I’d say anything from a red, black, teal tee/sweater to cardigans of any color. 
        I often tend to a black tee with black jeans & a red open cardigan using jewelry or accessories to make it pop. But I feel like I look the same a lot. Lol. 

        Rest up and enjoy your family. 

  26. Happy almost-New Year!! Even though Christmas was more “low key” and we are not traveling as usual, I feel like we’re still celebrating the holiday! My birthday is January 4th, and we never take our decorations down before that! So, we may take our tree down the following weekend, but it is artifical. Sometimes people with real trees can’t wait to take them down if they are drying out and dropping needles!! Looking forward to a big family ZOOM tonight with the group we would normally be celebrating with in person. Can’t wait to see all their smiling faces!
    Oh, just received today a Halogen cashmere sweater from Nordstoms (it’s for my birthday!!) I got the v-neck, black and cream striped one. Thanks for the inspiration, Jo-Lynne.

  27. Usually I’m all for putting Christmas away quickly, but this year I might try to leave up the tree and decor until my birthday- January 26th!! The lights make it magical, and January is sometimes a hard month after the hubbub from the holidays is over. I think you need to do what will help you feel happy during January ! Happy New Year!

  28. We keep ours up until the first non weekend day after New Years. My son’s birthday is New Years Eve. So, for him it’s like Christmas keeps going untill his bday.. Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

  29. I saw a Google post about fashion loves and hates. I loved the I hate pointed toe boots and loved square toe boots. What are your favorites? Also they hated all black and loved all pastel, like dusty blue. Also what are the best vintage jeans? I’m over 60, so let me know your thoughts. Happy New Year. JL!

    1. I kind of like them all, lol! 🙂 I mean, I don’t like crazy pointy boots, but a delicate point is nice. Squared off is fun too but more casual. I’m afraid I’m not much of an expert on vintage jeans.

  30. This was a fun chatty Coffee Talk!  We keep our tree and decorations up until after Jan. 1.  I love all things Christmas, but by then I’m ready to get the house back.  This year was different – we didn’t get together with extended family.  My son and daughter and their spouses came over for a backyard picnic – complete with masks and distanced tables.  We invested in a canopy to extend our covered patio and protect us from the rain as well as be able to distance.  Our propane firepit provided a little heat and ambiance.  We made it work!  It was a short, but sweet gathering within our restrictions.  We had two tiny pandemic outdoor weddings this fall and that will be forever the bright spots in this year.  I am ready for 2021 and have hopes that it will eventually be a better year for everyone!  Blessings to you in the new year, Jo-Lynne!

  31. Our tree made a unplanned quick exodus this morning before we left for church…….it hatched preying mantis. There were baby preying mantis everywhere! Google informed us that 150-200 hatch at a time. We can testify to the accuracy of that! So much for enjoying our tree until New Year’s. 🤷‍♀️

  32. Here in Massachusetts we did get bashed in that storm early Christmas morning. Lost power at 2am. Luckily it was back by 10am—but—just long enough to lose the food headed for the oven on Christmas morning. Oh well. We were thankful it was not cold, and the food in the freezer made it, and were able to “zoom” with the kids. Oh, and shower & stuff…did I mention we have a well, and septic??? No power equals no water!!!!
    We are still among the lucky, and are thankful each & every day.

    Also, I love the Christmas lights & tree…I have at times kept it up through football season..my husband & brother convinced me it was what kept (yes, the Patriots) winning.

    1. I hear ya. We’re on well and septic too. That’s why I was so worried about losing electric on Christmas. We do have a couple of generators tho, got the 2nd in the last storm to power those systems. Glad you didn’t lose yours for too long.

  33. I know that most people are ready to rush ahead to 2021, but the week between Christmas and New Year’s is an important one for me because it’s when I celebrate my birthday, today in fact. And this is a big one (my 50th) that I’m celebrating in the midst of a major lockdown, but I still want it to be as special as possible. It’s nothing like what I’d originally planned, but my fiancee is doing everything he can to make it one to remember, even if it’s on a smaller scale. And, as a “Christmas baby”, I do like leaving up the decorations and tree a little longer.

  34. I’m late posting to your blog, as haven’t been on for awhile. I usually wait until New Year’s Day to take down my Christmas, as its always been a day we stay home.  I’m usually ready by then for sure, since we do a live tree. This year, for some reason, I’m ready to get the Christmas down now, but I’m like you, I do like to see the lights on the tree when its dark and I love my Christmas village, so I think I’ll just wait to take down as usual.  I guess I’m like you…..I like routine back and am ready for it.  However, I’m not ready for Spring quite yet. I would like to go somewhere to enjoy the snow, as I don’t know if we will get any this year and my husband and I got snowshoes for Christmas last year and haven’t used them yet.  I wish I’d get the cleaning out bug like you, but it hasn’t hit yet. Ha Ha.  Have a good week.  

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