Coffee Talk 12.27.20

Well, friends, this is the last Coffee Talk of 2020! I hope you all had a nice Christmas, although it may have looked different than most.

Ours actually wasn’t all that different than other years, since we often spend Christmas Day alone by choice. But we did miss hosting our big Shane Christmas party, which would have been today, and it’s sad to think about this being the first Christmas without my father-in-law.

Fortunately the weather didn’t turn out to be as bad as we had feared, and we were still able to visit with Paul’s mom and a few other family members yesterday.

We will probably end up taking down our live tree this afternoon. Paul is the type to want it down as soon as the last present is unwrapped, and I have to admit, I don’t mind. I love getting my family room back.

That said, I have a feeling January is going to feel very bleak once Christmas is all put away, so I’m all for leaving up the lighted village houses and faux tree in the living room for a little while longer.

I usually like to take the faux tree down on New Year’s Day, but there have been years when it stayed up well into January… mostly because we’re lazy, but also because the girls and I enjoy it, and we’re the main ones who use the living room.

It’s nice to come downstairs in the dark of a winter morning to see the tree all lit up, inviting me in to enjoy my coffee and devotions before starting work for the day.

How about you? Do you like to take your decorations down right away, or wait for a while?

I’ve learned over the years that people have very strong opinions about this question. I liken it to asking which political candidate you voted for, so be nice, m’kay? 😉

While it’s tempting to dive right back into work, I really should take a few days and tend to the house.

I’m dying to clean and reorganize the pantry, mudroom, coat closets, and linen closets. Now that all five of us are living here full-time, doing school and work here, and the kids are getting older and more self-sufficient, those areas get out of control so quickly.

I’ve already cleared out my closet and office, and I’m working on getting everything I don’t need anymore returned and donated.

The sheer amount of stuff I manage to accumulate is my least favorite part about this job, but I love this little lull here between the craziness of the holidays and start of spring fashion.

Speaking of work, I’m floundering a bit with the end of year wrap-up posts. I’ve been trying to plan out the next couple of weeks, and I keep shifting things around and rearranging my editorial calendar. For some reason, it’s not falling into place as neatly as I want it to.

In addition to those, I also have a cashmere comparison post I wanted to finish up. I have all the pictures, and I took notes, but the thought of putting that together is overwhelming to me. That said, the sales are pretty stellar right now, so this seems like a good time to post that.

I’ve also started ordering things for my January Try-On Hauls. I know, I said I was going to enjoy the lull after the holidays, and normally I’m in no mood to start placing new clothing orders right away, but I got inspired when I saw the bright, happy colors and frosty neutrals in the new arrivals section of a few of my favorite retailers.

As much as I love my soothing neutrals, I’m ready to see some fresh, fun colors. I figure, even if people aren’t into buying right now, it might be fun to see what’s out there.

Also on my agenda: Get my stupid blog comments fixed so the Reply button works, and the replies get emailed to the original commenter. FIXED IT!!!!

So anyway. That’s where I am at the moment — a bit all over the place!

It’s kind of a strange week, with Christmas and New Year’s Eve falling on the weekends. It’s like we have this whole week in between that isn’t really vacation but definitely isn’t business as usual… I’ve got a feeling we’re all going to feel a little discombobulated.

I’m very much looking forward to January 4th, to be honest with you. Am I the only one who finds comfort and clarity in a regular routine?

With all that said, I hope you had a nice holiday celebration, and that you’re getting some time to rest and recharge. I definitely have a nap on my agenda this afternoon.

Have a happy and very blessed Sunday!