Coffee Talk 11.05.17

Well, if I ever needed an extra hour of sleep, it was this weekend. I’ve been out late the past three nights in a row, and that’s a lot for this early bird to take. I am usually in bed by 9PM.

We saw Phantom in Philly on Thursday night and didn’t get back home till midnight, we went to the football game on Friday night and then I was up late visiting with my mom, and last night we were out till midnight at a Hooters concert. In addition to that, my mom and I covered the better part of the King of Prussia Mall (it is HUGE) with the girls yesterday morning, then we walked all over the campus of West Chester University with my son in the afternoon. Whew! To say I’m beat is a gross understatement.

So the concert was fun. It’s always rather hilarious to see a crowd of middle aged people dancing like it’s 1985. The band is still good, and they put on a good show.

For those who don’t know, these guys are all from the Philly area and South Jersey so they definitely play to that at their local concerts. They ended the show with Beat Up Guitar, which was perfect…

I may leave this place tomorrow
But my soul is here to stay
In the town that rocked the nation
Philadelphia, PA

In the town that rocked the nation
Philadelphia, PA

As you can imagine, the crowd loved that.

So we’re supposed to get our family pictures taken this afternoon, and I have NO idea what we’re going to wear. NONE. You know how most people plan this sort of thing for weeks, buy new clothes, coordinate with layers and accessories to make it interesting… not us. I’ll have to go through our closets here in a few minutes and figure it out.

I realized something as I was shopping with my girls yesterday. My kids are plain janes like their mother. To put together Pinterest-worthy family photo outfits, you have wear a lot of layers and accessories, and we just don’t dress like that. Sure, I’d have fun buying vests and hats and scarves and coming up with fun combinations, but that’s not us.

My girls are happiest in jeans and a pullover sweater (sound familiar?) and I’m lucky to get my son out of sweatpants. He doesn’t even own a sweater or a button-down shirt right now. While I would have fun coming up with creative outfits for our pictures, I want to look back at our family pictures for the years to come and see us as we were, not as some Stepford family I created for the purpose of a great holiday photo card.

All that to say, I’ll be going upstairs in a few minutes, and I’ll put together some simple outfits from what we have in our closets. They’ll coordinate, of course, but they aren’t going to win any awards for creativity, and that’s just fine. That’s us.

On that note, I better get a move on! Before our pictures this afternoon, we have church and a brunch reservation. Have a blessed Sunday, and thanks for stopping by my blog!