Coffee Talk 09.25.16

Hello, and happy Sunday, friends! It’s 2PM, and I’m just sitting down to write my coffee talk post so it will be brief. I have soooo much to do to be ready to leave town tomorrow. The day before I go somewhere always feels like a mad dash to the finish line.

I woke up before the sun this morning and had my coffee while I prepared my Sunday School lesson for the preschoolers at our church. This is my 3rd year teaching this group, and I love those little guys so much. They’re just darling.

I needed to get pictures of at least one outfit before church, but I also wanted to get a run in because I didn’t run yesterday and tomorrow morning will be crazy. I threw on my running clothes and told myself I’d just do a quick 2-miler. When I got out there, it was only 50 degrees, and the sun was just popping up over the trees. It was insanely gorgeous. I stopped on my way back and took this picture.


It was one of those runs that felt really good, right from the get-go. I knew when I powered up the first hill without struggling that it was going to be a good run. The up-hill portions that can be a struggle felt effortless, and the downhill portions felt like I was flying.

When my runkeeper announced the 2-mile mark, I couldn’t bear to stop, so I kept going down the next hill, circled the development at the bottom, and started back up towards my street. I ran all the way up the final hill — the one that I usually walk as a part of my cool-down because it’s a beast — and turned into my street, picking up speed even though I was winded and panting. My runkeeper app announced the third mile just as I was approaching my house, so I figured that was my cue to stop and go in and get ready for church.

Needless to say, Coffee Talk didn’t happen! We did manage to get an outfit photographed here in the front yard before church. There was no time to go anywhere more scenic, but it will do. I even left the house on time and got to church with 2 minutes to spare, AND I managed to find time to cook a spinach omelet and prepare a 2nd coffee in a to-go mug to enjoy in the car. It was one of those mornings that I felt like, I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!

I wish I could say the afternoon was going that well, but I feel like I’m spinning my tires, trying to pack and get a post written for tomorrow. I try not to work on Sundays, but sometimes it can’t be helped. I don’t dare leave the blog post until morning. I need to leave by 7:30AM to get to the airport on time. In fact, 7:00 would be a lot safer. Rush hour can be brutal.

The reason I’m going to South Carolina is for a press trip with Mazda. We’re staying at Montage Palmetto Bluff, and we’ll get a chance to test drive Mazda’s 2016 crossover lineup of vehicles as well as the newly refreshed 2017 Mazda3 and Mazda6. I’m looking forward to it. I always enjoy discovering new travel locations to share with you, and I love testing out new cars. The Mazda CX-9 is already on my top-3 list for my next car, so that will be the one I choose to drive if I get the chance. I’ll definitely be writing a review of the resort when I get back, and I’m happy to share anything you might want to know about the cars. Let me know if you have any specific questions you’d like me to answer.

Well, it’s almost 4PM and I’m just finishing up this post, so you can see how well the afternoon is going. Ha! It’s all good, though. It’s a gorgeous day, the family is well, and the farm behind us stopped fertilizing the fields so we can keep the windows open. Ha! It’s the little things, right?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. We just bought a Mazda Cx-9! I absolutely love this car! I drove a large 12 passenger van for 11 years because I have 5 kids and drove pretty much everyone we have known in that van over the years. I am delighted to be able to drive such a nice car!

  2. I’m curious what your connection to Mazda is? In my past life (before kids), I worked in advertising and our office’s only client was Mazda. I miss seeing all the new cars. At that time James Garner was the spokesperson. Loved going on shoots!!

  3. You. Are. Adorable. 🙂 I’m not talking about your picture or clothes or anything like that. I mean YOU! I like your writing and how you express yourself, how transparent you are with us and your energy. I wish we were friends. For Real. 😉
    So glad you had a good run and have a great week, wherever you find yourself. 🙂

  4. I’m sure the Mazdas will be great….but what you will really love, I think, is Palmetto Bluff! It is beautiful!! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  5. Thank you for sharing a photo of the trees! They haven’t started changing colors in GA yet. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the few days in SC!

    Wishing you safe travels!

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