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coffee talk

In my Reader Survey (have you taken it yet? please do!) I was asked for an update on my son’s situation. This is actually the perfect timing for an update! You may remember that he had surgery a few weeks ago to repair a narrow ureter and it didn’t exactly go as planned. After battling some pretty miserable complications, he has pretty much returned to his normal self, but the saga isn’t over yet.

This week he has to go back into the hospital for a surgical procedure to remove the stent that has been in place since the original surgery. The stent is there to keep the ureter open while it heals, and once it is removed, he should be as good as new. There is a 95% success rate for this surgery, and we are hoping and praying that he doesn’t have any further complications once the stent is out.

Of course, nothing about this situation has gone as planned, so I’m a bit apprehensive. I had no concerns going into the original surgery. We did our homework, we were at the best children’s hospital in the country with a doctor I felt confident about, and I assumed all would go smoothly. It didn’t. So this time I’m not feeling quite so cavalier about the whole thing.

This surgery is MUCH simpler, of course. But it does require anesthesia (which, thankfully, my son tolerates well) and, well, I will just be much happier once it is over and we have our boy back home feeling like his normal self.

In other news, my almost-11-year-old daughter is flying ALONE to go see her Grammie next weekend. It sounded like a great idea at the time. She is a confident kid, and I am sure she will be fine. It is ME that I’m worried about. I have a “ticket” to see her right to the gate, put her on the plane, and then watch it take off. So that is good. But . . . I will be alone. I’m the only one who can go with her. And this momma is a little bit on edge right now. I’m hoping I can hold it together.

I’m typically not a very sappy mom. I travel a lot and never have a problem leaving my family or being away from them. But there is something about putting my baby on a plane and watching her take off without me that already has me in heart palpitations.

I know she will have a fabulous time. And I’m not worried about her traveling alone. She will love. every. minute. of it. (And probably talk the person next to her on the plane practically to death. Hopefully it’s a nice old lady who wants someone to chat with.)

Between now and then, I have two Christmas parties to host, countless presents still to buy and put in the mail, and a birthday to celebrate.

My daughter, the one who is traveling, has a birthday on Christmas Eve. She has requested that we celebrate this weekend, so we will. I did have a brilliant idea for a birthday present. (I can’t share it here for fear she will look at my blog, which she never does, but wouldn’t that just be the way???)

I have the present (yay me!) and I have her birthday cupcakes ordered (yay me!) I just have to pick them up this morning before the snowstorm starts. So I think we’re in good shape.

With that said, let it snow . . .

We are expecting our THIRD snowstorm this week and I couldn’t be happier. All the more reason to stay home, get some baking done, get some blog posts written ahead, get some presents wrapped and enjoy our freshly painted and decorated home!

Did I mention? My husband took the day off yesterday and painted the kitchen. It’s the same color as the family room, maybe a tad lighter (it was supposed to be 50% but I don’t think the guy at Sherwin Williams knew what he was doing because it’s so NOT 50% of the family room color, but whatever.)

I like it, and that’s what counts, right!??

We hung panels in the family room. I found a really nice shade of taupe/tan/beige at Target (of course, lol) and I also freshened up our lampshades (also at Target) and now all we have left to do is find a pretty Roman Shade for the kitchen window!

Then it’s on to the dining room . . . shhhhh . . . don’t tell my husband. He’s about painted out at the moment. I’m waiting until JUST the right moment to spring the next DIY project on him.

So . . . what’s going on in YOUR world?