Daily Mom Style 01.29.14


Surreal. Is what this week has been.

When I wrote this post last week, life was chugging along as normal. Since then I’ve been to New York City and back for a taping of the Dr. Oz Show, I’ve gone from the highest highs to the lowest lows where my foot health is concerned, and we have had more snow in one week than we usually have in an entire winter!

I’ve barely left the house except for my jaunt to NYC, so my cute outfits are few. At any rate, this is real life I’m living here so this is what I’ve got to show for it!


This is the outfit I wore to be on the Dr. Oz Show.


They told me to wear black pants and a bright colored top. This was easy for me! I love jewel tones and have plenty in my closet, and I also have 3 pairs of black pants. I settled on my new fleece-lined Double Zipper Biker Skinny Pants from Goodnight Macaroon because they are so warm and the temps were in the single digits last week! And while nothing special, I love the color of this magenta V-neck sweater from Banana Republic {similar}. I brought two others as options, but the wardrobe lady approved this outfit so I just stuck with this one.


I wore my Joseph Nogucci bracelet (I’m an ambassador) and my Umberto Raffini Signature Joelle knee high wedge boots (sent to me as a sample) (and NOW JUST $129.97!!!!! If you have big feet, you’re in luck!!)

I love that my Joesph Nogucci got some airtime on the show!!!

Joseph Nogucci on Dr. Oz

My friend Mel took pictures OF HER TELEVISION SET while I was on the show and sent them to me. Everyone needs a friend like that. Here’s another.


What a kick, right??

The earrings and necklace are both discontinued items from Stella & Dot, and the chevon striped monogram bag was a Christmas gift from my brother and sister-in-law. It was perfect for carrying my makeup, changes of clothes and also my cheesesteak meat and veggies! LOL!!!



And then it was back to life . . . back to re-a-li-ty!

Casual Mom Style

I love this casual ripped black sweatshirt for a casual day at home. I grabbed it off the Nordstrom website right after Christmas when it was on clearance because it just looked cozy and comfy . . . and it is! Perfect for those days when I’m feeling schlumpy (and they are many). I threw on my Stella & Dot C Pendant for some interest, and of course my skinnies and gray UGGs. The orange Tory Burch Logo Leather Wrap Bracelet was a gift from my mom. Love the pop of orange against the denim and black.

Daily Mom Style


This is the outfit I wore to church on Sunday. It was cold (what else is new!?) and this poncho was calling my name. I bought it at the LOFT a few seasons ago.


I wore it with a black top from Banana, my DL1961 red jeans {similar} and Umberto Raffini Joelle knee high wedge boots. The Michael Kors Chain Bracelet Chronograph Watch was also a Christmas gift, and the knotted bangle set is from C. Wonder.


In a rare sassy moment, I threw on these big circle gold earrings from Francesca’s. I think of them as more of a “night out” accessory but I knew that I needed something attention grabbing near my face since there’s no good way to accessorize the poncho so I threw them on as I walked out the door. I really like the effect. I should wear bold earrings more often!

And can I just say, I should take pictures in the snow every day!? I love these! (Thanks to my patient husband, who is my fashion photographer… food photographer… videographer… help-desk tech guy and all-around amazing supportive partner for life! Honestly, he should get a lot more kudos here on ye olde blawg than he does.)


I’m trying out a new look here. I always find myself pinning these adorable outfits with leggings and lots of layers and drapey cozy sweaters so I thought I’d try it.


I will never feel comfortable in a scarf, I don’t think. They look so cozy and comfy on the computer, but in real life I feel very fussy wearing one around the house all day. However, I kind of needed one with this outfit to cover up the fact that my shirt was too short and tight. LOL!! I need to invest in some super long tank tops to wear under regular tops.


Just for kicks and giggles, and you know, cuz I have nothing else to do *haha* I went back up to my room and took off the scarf and tried the outfit with a long necklace instead. Frankly, I was warmer with the scarf so I ended up putting it back on. But here’s another look.

leggings with necklace

I think the key to this look is having layers of different lengths. Oh, and the leggings? I ADORE! Seriously the best wardrobe investment I’ve made this winter. Okay, so I say that about half the items in my closet. But for $36, these are so comfortable, and they have that nice, wide waistband that totally smooths everything out and keeps you feeling put together even on your comfiest days.


Finally, this is the type of outfit I wear at least three days a week. I snagged this Home Team Hoodie off the Athleta clearance sale after Christmas. I had $30 in GAP rewards to spend so it was practically free! (See how I justify my shopping habit??) The Kickbooty Tech Stretch Pants were a gift from my mom for Christmas. They are fleece lined and so fabulously warm. And don’t you love how my gray and pink Puma sneakers compliment the gray sweatshirt and pink top???? I happened to spot them on the floor of my closet when I went to grab my regular sneakers, and I was so pleased to see how well they matched. I know, I am certifiable.


But hey, who says yoga pants and a hoodie can’t be cute! Not this girl!!

So that’s a wrap. I hope you’re staying warm. For more fashion-over-40 inspiration, check out all of my Daily Mom Style posts.

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21 thoughts on “Daily Mom Style 01.29.14

  1. I love those UGGS! I love that they are fitted and stylish, You look adorable. You look great in the poncho!! I’m afraid I would be swallowed up by it.

  2. Thank you so much!!! I have just gone back to work after 10 years off with kids!! Your outfits are great!! I am so clueless on cute clothes for work this is perfect.

    Thank you,

  3. I love your Day 4 outfit! Such a great look. You wear it well.

    I thought of you yesterday, because I went shopping in Loft and bought a sweater that looks similar to your Day 1 sweater. When I tried it on, I thought “this looks just like Jo-Lynne.” Since you have great taste, I bought it. And, it was on sale for $15.88 as were most sweaters. Great deal!

    I admire your consistency with WIWW. I seem to have fallen off the bandwagon. Stay warm!

  4. That is so cool that you got to be on the Dr. Oz show!! And I love what you wore – it is so interesting that they had a suggested outfit for you. I wonder if a lot of shows do that. Anyway, welcome back and I love that poncho!

  5. Congratulations on the Dr Oz show appearance! We’re having cheesesteaks tonight to celebrate 😉 I love the scarf but it is a lot of fabric to wear around the house. I have a few small, warm scarves that I find myself leaving on all day in this cold weather.

  6. So I am looking for a good pair of leggings (not too thin or see through and with some structure, if you know what I mean) for after the baby comes. I think the fleece lined ones will be too warm. Any suggestions?

  7. I absolutely love the layered look with leggings. Blue is a great color on you!
    Can you tell me where to find tank tops in longer lengths?


  8. There’s an Amazon Local deal on Joseph Nogucci bracelets. Probably wouldn’t have looked twice had I not read your post yesterday. Very tempted to buy one!

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