My Dr. Oz Debut *WITH VIDEO*

So yeah. I was on the Dr. Oz Show! It was a whirlwind, really. They reached out to me on Saturday about this healthy recipe contest to make over my city’s favorite comfort food with a chance for my video to be featured on the show.

I don’t do much “for a chance” — who has time for that? But I figured it wouldn’t take much to throw together a quick video, and hey, Philly Cheesesteaks are right in my wheelhouse!

They wanted to hop on the phone on Sunday, but I don’t work on Sundays and we were busy so I put them off until Monday. On Monday morning, I got the details, went to the store for ingredients, and we shot some video footage that night and sent it off.

Tuesday they called and wanted to know if I could be in NYC on Wednesday.

Wait. What? YOU WANT ME? I just thought you wanted my video!

No, they wanted me. So I cleared my calendar and they arranged for a car service to NYC.

Later in the day on Tuesday, I found out they wanted me to actually MAKE the food and bring it with me. Okay, fine, except for one small detail.


By some stroke of providence — I’m Presbyterian; we don’t do luck, and really, this HAD to be divine intervention!! — I happened to have TONS of chip steak in my freezer from the side of beef we just ordered. I didn’t specify the cuts of meat I wanted; they just so happened to include a bunch of chip steak in this order. And it was sliced REALLY thin, practically shaved, like cheesesteak meat should be.

I put out an SOS on Facebook to see if any neighbors had onions and peppers on hand, and they did! (Thanks, Kim!!) I sent a reluctant child down the street in the snow to retrieve them. The producers procured the cheese and buns since they didn’t require any home prep, and somehow the cheesesteak came together!

Wednesday morning, my car arrived bright and early, and I set off to NYC with a few wardrobe changes along with a bowl of cooked cheesesteak meat and veggies in my bag. It’s a wonder we didn’t have a passel of dogs chasing us down the street.

on the road to dr oz

(Yes, that is my son, shoveling snow in 15 degree weather without a coat on. Teenagers.)

When I got to the studio, everyone was fabulous. The producers were all friendly and down to earth, and they clearly value us and what we do and tried to make us comfortable and give us a fun experience.

The other two bloggers in the “contest” were really sweet too. We had fun comparing notes and getting to know each other in the green room while we waited for our turn on the show. Here I am with Hannah.

JL and Hannah

We had our hair and makeup done, we went over what we were going to talk about so we were prepared when we got on stage, and finally it was our turn to go on!

I wish I had pictures. There just wasn’t time.

It’s not a live show, so before our segment, we were able to go on stage and see the set-up and to meet Dr. Oz. I was impressed that he took the time to meet with us first. You never know if what you see on TV is what you’ll get in real life when you meet someone, but he seems like a truly nice person. The studio was small, but the audience was charged up. The next thing I knew, it was show time!

My husband managed to take the video from our DVR and get my segment onto YouTube. You can view it here.

Also, my cheesesteak recipe is featured as Recipe Of The Month on the Dr. Oz website.

For those too impatient to watch a video (I feel your pain), the end result is . . .


And the prize? My own recipe column on for a year.

So yeah, I guess I’m glad I decided to throw my hat into the ring!

I find out more today about what that entails, but I’m pretty stoked. It’s the perfect companion to my cookbook project, wouldn’t you say?

Here we are on our way out the door after we were all done!

JL Caroline Hannah

Meanwhile, I’m back home trying to keep all my balls in the air. It’s been fun, but exhausting. I’m the kinda girl who would much rather curl up in front of the fire and read a good novel than jet set up and down the East Coast, although I won’t tell you it’s not a kick every once in a while. I will never cease to be amazed at the fun opportunities this blog brings my way.

I’m coming up on my 8th anniversary. EIGHT YEARS of blogging. It’s pretty crazy to think about! I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2014 has in store!