Daily Mom Style 01.30.13

It’s another cooooold week here in Philly, which means my boots got a lot of airtime once again. I did issue myself a challenge, however. I decided to try to wear something every day that I haven’t worn much this year — if at all.

I tend to wear the same things over and over while ignoring some perfectly lovely pieces because I’m tired of them or just not sure what to wear them with. And it’s getting to that point in the season where I’m realizing, if I haven’t worn it yet, I probably won’t. When I do the spring changeover, I’ll be editing my closet and deciding what stays and what goes so I’ve decided to force myself to try on these lonely, forgotten pieces to see how I feel in them so I know whether I should keep them or pass them along to someone else who will enjoy them. I hate having stuff sitting around, not getting used. It’s just clutter and makes getting dressed every day a chore.

So. Here’s what I wore this week. It’s always enlightening to see oneself in pictures. I have definitely got some things in my Goodwill pile after this week!

day 1

The first item that I forced back into rotation was this forest green sweater.

I honestly don’t know why I pass over this sweater so often. It’s easy to wear, and I feel like it’s fairly flattering. It is a few years old (I got it at Nordstrom on their Winter Sale a few years ago), and I guess I’m just sorta tired of it. I usually button a few buttons in the front, but I decided to wear it open this time. I’ve read that creating that column down the front of your outfit is slimming, and it just felt more comfortable this way. Since my green bag clearly didn’t go, I used the opportunity to carry my Fossil Vintage Revival East/West Satchel that I received as a part of a blog promotion last fall. The necklace was purchased from Studio Jewel, and the suede boots were a Nine West outlet purchase last winter.

Wouldn’t you know it, I got myself all dressed and ready to go out for the day, and I discovered a horrible pink stain on my pants. How I didn’t notice that before I took the pictures is beyond me. So I had to go back up and put on my old faithful skinny jeans. So much for trying to break out of my rut!

So that’s how the outfit turned out although I much prefer it with the tan cords. #firstworldproblems

day 2

The next item I pulled back into rotation was this ivory and blue Athleta sweater. I’m never sure what shoes go well with it which is why I think I rarely wear it. I decided it was too cold to wear anything but boots, and my gray UGGs (similar) seemed to make the most sense because they’re the most casual and the gray seemed to work best with the colors in the sweater.

day 3

This sweater might be going in the Goodwill bin this spring. I know it’s supposed to be bulky, but. IT IS REALLY B-U-L-K-Y and not flattering in the least. The burgundy jeans are another item that I like but I rarely seem to wear, so I tried to put them into this week’s wardrobe. I thought the color worked nicely with this sweater, but the bulk factor is ruining this whole outfit for me. That and also, the white tank is really stark. My cream one that I normally wear under this sweater was in the wash.

day 4

I wore this to church on Sunday. I tried SO HARD to make one of my summer blouses work with these gray cords and this black velvet trim merino cardigan but the cardi kept getting in the way of the neckline of the blouses. I finally gave up and reverted to one of my many tank tops. Then I decided the outfit needed a scarf so you can’t even see the tank anyway. The boots are Danskos (product review, now at – Brinkley Boot).

day 5

This was Monday. And I know that it was Monday because only on a Monday would one of my kids leave their homework at home and then lose a sneaker and then call me to bail them out, so I would get myself all dressed up and ready to go out and then spend 30 minutes looking for my car keys (apple-tree, and all that). From that point on, the rest of the day was doomed. I managed to drop a case of my client’s product on the sidewalk (fortunately I only lost one jar), the dog pooped on the carpet, the handle on my grocery bag broke, and when I decided to treat myself to a fancy (read $$$) vegetarian goat cheese sandwich from my local whole foods mart, I got home and discovered halfway through that there was no goat cheese on it. In other words, it was your run-of-the-mill Monday.

I blame my misfortune on the fact that somehow I only had one cup of coffee that morning — a situation that I quickly rectified as soon as I got home.

So much for the theory that when you get yourself fully dressed, your day goes better. But get dressed, I did. In fact, I felt kind of silly wearing this on a day when I really had nothing to do and no where important to go, but I had just read an article about how French women keep it simple but always look chic and I was feeling inspired.

The turquoise v-neck sweater, dark-wash Paige skinnies are from Nordstrom. I got the Franco Sarto Women’s Poet Boots at Lord & Taylor on their Friends & Family sale. At first I was afraid the blue sweater and green purse would clash but I actually really like the color combination.

The earrings are Kendra Scott (swag from a blogger event — LOVE them and don’t wear them often enough) and the necklace and gold bracelet are Stella & Dot. And the bangle is also from Nordstrom. I couldn’t find a link online tho.

The nail polish is Suzi Says Feng Shui and I LOVE IT.

So yeah, that about sums it up for this week. And then some. HA!

NORDSTROM - Shop Valentines Gift

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19 thoughts on “Daily Mom Style 01.30.13

  1. I love that last blue sweater, such a pretty color! And I also like the blue/green combo. I like that idea…simple yet chic. hmmm…When I force myself to get dressed even when I’ve only got school pickup & drop off I tend to go all out, and then I get burnt out on all my favorite outfits quickly. Maybe I should adapt that thought. 🙂

  2. I love that green sweater, and I actually like it better with the jeans. And I agree with the bulky sweater–not doing much for you. Love your church outfit–so chic! And the glasses really make it. 🙂 And I think I might start saving some money somehow for some Paige jeans.

  3. The blue in that last photo is a great color for you. Also, I think you made the right call with the UGG boots for the Athleta sweater; it looks casual and somewhat sporty. Great nail polish, too!

  4. Great week of outfits!! Do you have the link to the article about French women? I think I need to feel inspired, too 🙂

  5. Found your blog the other day and am enjoying it! I can relate to having things in your closet that you don’t wear. When the seasons change, I usually rotate in-season clothes from one side of the closet to the other. This winter, I only moved clothes after I’ve worn them, washed them and returned them to the closet. I still have about six shirts that haven’t moved – they will be donated at the end of the winter. A bit anal of me, I know…but completely in character 🙂

    1. Anal maybe, but clever! I might try that. I also hear about people turning their hangers when they wear something. Of course, since I document most of my outfits, I just have to look back to see what I’ve worn. LOL!

  6. I think the problem with the day 3 sweater is that it’s too short. I feel like if it was a little longer it might not look so bulky. Nothing you can do about that though, so I agree, donate it 🙂

  7. I have been told that Paige jeans would fit my figure well (I have skinny legs but a thicker waist). How do you feel about the jeans? Do they stretch a lot? Run big/small?

    1. I also have skinny legs and a thicker waist. Paige are okay, but I still find them tight in the waist. My favorites are Joe’s and 7 for All Mankind. Joe’s do tend to stretch A LOT. I sometimes go down a size in them. Paige don’t seem to stretch as much.

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