{Gluten Free} Weekly Menu 01.28.13

gluten menu plan

This week I’m trying to keep it simple and nutritious. We’ve managed to say well so far this winter, and I’m traveling next week so I’m really trying to get lots of sleep and eat well and hope to avoid this nasty flu that’s been going around!

MONDAY: Lydia’s Sausage Kale Soup

TUESDAY: Rosemary Baked Chicken Thighs with Loaded Cauliflower Casserole (can’t wait to try this!)and Simple Sautéed Spinach

WEDNESDAY: Italian Turkey & Spaghetti Squash Pie with a side salad

THURSDAY: Chicken & Rice Soup with gluten free baguette

FRIDAY: Shepherd’s Pie with side salad

SATURDAY: leftovers

What are you eating this week?

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24 thoughts on “{Gluten Free} Weekly Menu 01.28.13

  1. Good morning Jo-Lynne! This week I am sharing my Blueberry Scones.
    Great way to start the morning!
    Have a great week!

  2. Good morning! I’m sending healthy vibes your way so you don’t get sick while traveling 😉 This week I’m sharing a recipe for some super healthy salad dressing made with pureed beets and pears.

    Also, I’d like to invite everyone to stop by me site (Poor and Gluten Free) and enter to win a copy of the new Paleo cookbook, Primal Cuisine! It’s all gluten/grain free and there’s tons of great recipes 🙂

    1. See, that is what I need to make! I even have beets and pears!! I’ve been toying with trying the paleo diet. I need to do something drastic. I feel like I eat way too many carbs and they are all settling around my waist. bleh.

      1. I haven’t gone Paleo, but it certainly doesn’t hurt once in awhile to find carbs in foods other than your typical GF pastas and breads! But judging by your tiny waist in your Mom style photos and all the running you do there isn’t much for you to worry about 😉

  3. Good luck with staying well! My oldest got the stomach bug last night. I quickly wiped everything down, and he doesn’t interact a lot with the younger ones. We may get lucky this time.

    Sausage and kale soup sounds yummy! I was at a loss at what to do with sausage this week and fell back on my old stand-by, panfried sausage.

  4. All of it looks amazing.

    I made Balsamic Chicken with rosemary. I served with it roasted brussel sprouts and roasted potatoes. It was delish.

    Glazed Chicken with Rosemary

    4 pieces boneless/skinless chicken breasts
    2 tbsp. diced onion
    1 tbsp. minced garlic
    1⁄2 cup balsamic vinegar
    1⁄2 cup water
    1 tsp. olive oil
    1 sprig fresh rosemary, chopped fine
    1⁄4 tsp. black pepper

    1. Combine onion, garlic, vinegar, pepper, water, oil, and rosemary in a bowl.
    2. Add chicken and marinate for 2–3 hours or overnight.
    3. Remove chicken from marinade.
    4. Heat grill or set broiler to high and cook chicken for 4–5 minutes. Turn and
    Cook for 3–4 minutes more or until cooked through.
    5. Remove from heat and serve.

    If you want the brussel sprout recipe let me know and I will share it.

  5. I love that sausage kale soup. Unfortunately, the flu hit our house last week and I woke up with it this morning. I do credit my Whole30 for having avoided it this long – I’m usually the first one to come down with anything! I’m not sure how much of the menu plan we’ll be following with the husband in the kitchen til I’m feeling better, but I’m so glad it’s in place!

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