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Happy Hump Day! It’s the LAST week of school here and I feel like I’m in a race to get as much as I can done before the kids are at home all day every day. I love summer and I want to enjoy it.

Sad news, my favorite camera broke. I loved my little Sony NEX-5R that I received to facilitate a blogging promotion last spring. It was such a handy size, and it worked great for my “self portraits.” I’ve had to resort to an old camera that for some reason produces grainy shots like many of the ones you see below. Basically, if the photo is indoors, it’s pretty pathetic. Oh well. I guess this is what they call #bloggerproblems.

I have a slew of photos from this week, I have no idea why. So here goes.

I wore this outfit to volunteer at my daughter’s 2nd grade “end of the year” party — which turned out to be OUTSIDE, not in the classroom. Oooops! I got a little crispy.

I love this ivory crochet sweater and the coral jeggings, both from CAbi. I received these as part of a blog campaign last month. The shoes are my Sam Edelman Romy Wedges, although I admit I didn’t wear them to school. I wore a comfort sandal for, well, comfort. HA! But I took my outfit photos with these because they’re so much cuter, and they’re what I would wear if I could. The Rebel Pendent is from my Stella & Dot boutique, and the white and gold enamel bracelet was from a blogging promotion a while back.

This was a casual day outfit, working from home and running errands. The lavender tank is from Old Navy, and the jeans are Mavi from Stitch Fix.

This Marc Jacobs satchel is currently my favorite bag; unfortunately it’s no longer available. I bought it on clearance (I refuse to pay full-price, but I do love a designer bag.) I don’t know if they’re still available, but these bracelets are from a Haiti fundraiser. I ordered a few to support a friend who is adopting from Haiti.

I wore this next outfit on a date night with my husband. We went out to dinner. Everything in this outfit is old so I have no links.

Movingrightalong. This outfit, I wore into Philly to see The Wizard of Oz with my daughter at The Academy of Music. It was a weeknight so I knew I didn’t need to dress to the nines. Still, I wanted to look nice. Yes, white jeans again. White jeans are always a good idea in the summertime. I paired them with this royal blue top from Banana Republic (last year) and my Stella & Dot Fiona necklace.

I’m cheating again in the shoe department. I would have LOVED to wear my Tory Burch Miller Sandals. They are so cute, and when I’m not having foot issues, they’re quite comfy. However, right now I need more support so I switched them out for a pair of low-heeled wedge pumps for the event.

I thought the pink clutch added a fun pop of color. And since the necklace had gold accents, I pulled out a gold bracelet to wear as well.

I still have more. Can you believe it!?

I wore this on Saturday. The jeans are my cigarette-leg jeans that I cuffed to make them seem more summery. The coral tee is from LOFT. It’s just easy to wear, and the color seems to say, spring! My sneaks are the Ecco Biom Lite Flow Toggle that I picked up at The Walking Company a few months ago. They’re nice for wearing with casual jeans when I need something with more coverage than sandals but don’t want a clunky running shoe.

The necklace is the Open Hearts Necklace from Studio Jewel, proceeds benefitting my friend Amanda. Isn’t it gorgeous? They’re still available, if you want to grab one for you or a friend.

On Sunday, I wore my orange dress again, this time with the Fiona Bib Necklace and my Dansko Sophie Sandals (comfort first!) The fabulous perforated tote is from Stella & Dot.

Finally, my token activewear outfit. I wore this to shop for bikes yesterday. The capris were a press sample from Fabletics, and the Under Amour racer-back tank was an impulse buy at Dick’s Sporting Goods last year when I was training for a half marathon and wanted something lightweight and cool for those hot summertime runs. Sometimes I wear it around the house just because it’s comfy and I actually think it’s kind of cute if you like that athletic-girl vibe. The bike shopping was a success. I can’t wait to pick up my new bike later this week and take it out for a spin on Saturday!

And that’s that!

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25 Responses

  1. Lookin’ good girl! I love the white jeans with the blue top and Tory Burch sandals. Haven’t bought any of those yet because the price tag stops me in my tracks but they are so cute! Do you think they would fit someone with a foot that’s a little wide at the front…you know…like maybe there’s a little bunion action going on?

    1. I know, I’m always hesitant to even post them because of the price tag. They were a gift from my mom for my birthday last year. Honestly, I have flat feet and sandals are often too big on me but these fit well. So I’m not sure I’d recommend them if you have a wide foot. Of course, Nordstrom has a great return policy, so you can always try them out.

  2. I have loved my Romy wedge sandals since last summer but have been disappointed in how well (or not) they are made. Twice now, I’ve had to exchange them because the straps broke. The first time, I was at a USC football game and the shoes were absolutely unwearable. The second time, I noticed the straps were separating so I wasn’t stranded shoeless. Thankfully, Belk, where I bought them, was able to exchange them for me. The newest pair is designed a bit differently so I wondered if anyone else had this problem.

    1. That’s crazy!!!! I haven’t worn them enough, but I would def take them back to Nordstrom if that happened. That’s nuts that you were stranded with a broken shoe.

  3. Very cute outfits this week! I love the pics in your glasses. They look really good on you. I went to the eye dr this week and am ordering new glasses. I found some I like and texted a pic to my daughters. They told me they were too “hipster”, whatever that means….I think the shape is similar to yours, so I may go ahead anyway. You just reinforced my choice! 😀

  4. I’m just starting to have foot problems & need to find more supportive shoes. Could you also post a pic w/you wearing the supportive shoes as well and where they are from. It’s difficult to find some decent looking ones! Love your blog!

    1. Yeah, I know, I should post both, right?? So the Dansko ones with the ornage dress – I wore those to Field Day with the crochet top and coral pants. I don’t like them nearly as much as the Romy Wedges, but they are much kinder to my feet. 🙂 When I bought the Romy wedges, I thought they were comfortable enough, but they feel like I’m walking on concrete. 🙂 I also love my Fit Flops. VERY comfy. I’m working on a post about comfy stylish shoes. Stay tuned for Friday!

  5. Lots of great stuff here, but my fave is the royal blue top from BR! Color is gorgeous (and the white jeans are perfection with it) and I just love love love that lacy style!

  6. Your heart necklace is so cute! Hearts are my favorite shape. I also really like the blue top with the white jeans. It’s a perfect summer outfit!


  7. Such super cute looks all the way around! I really love the cobalt top and white jeans. The color combination is so striking.


  8. Loving all your outfits as usual. My favorites are your date night look and the blue top from Banana Republic. Such pretty colors!

  9. I’ve often admired your fashion choices, and this week is no exception. I hope this question isn’t too personal. I was just wondering what you wear for “support” under tank tops with skinny straps like the purple and coral tie dye? I’m a full-chested gal and usually shy away from those sort of shirts, but maybe you have a good suggestion? Again…sorry if this is embarrassing.

    1. I don’t mind at all. The coral tie-dye is about the only thing I own with spaghetti straps and I never take off my sweater, lol. 🙂 It was actually a bit of an epiphany, when I bought it. I remember wanting to try on the top (I have a thing for tie-dye, I don’t know why, and coral is my favorite color) and I knew my straps would show. Then I realized I would probably never wear it without a cardigan and the sweaters were being sold with them so I bought them both together and that’s how I always wear them.

      The lavender tank has wide enough straps to cover my bra straps. (Aside from the coral tie-dye) I always make sure to get tanks that cover my straps. It used to be impossible to find bras with thinner straps in larger sizes but nowadays Wacoal and Chantelle make some nice ones with decent support. I’m not sure about lower priced brands, but there are lots more choices these days for us. 🙂

  10. By the way, I don’t know how you always make your pictures and poses so well. I tried to do a style post and my pictures just look awful. When I put the camera on something, it never looks right. My kids and husband don’t do well with taking my pictures. Not to mention my home is small so I don’t have many options. haha Maybe in Texas it’ll work better.


    1. LOL, it took me years to get comfortable with it and I still feel like a dork half the time. Just keep at it! 🙂 And yeah, train the kids. I have trained my 11-y/o. She does a pretty good job now. Make sure they get the focus on your face, and don’t cut off your feet. HA! Inside pictures are hard. I have that ONE SPOT I use all the time – that you recognize by now I’m sure. I love it when it’s nice enough to go outside. But then I need another person. I don’t have a good place to prop the camera outdoors. I guess I need to use a tripod, but what a pain, lol. Summertime is nice, the kids are home so I always have someone to grab.

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