Daily Mom Style: Tulip Top + Cropped Jeans

This morning fall is in the air, but the last few days felt more like summer. A weather front came through last night with high winds, rain, and tornado warnings. I took the kids and hunkered down in the basement, just to be on the safe side. Fortunately the worst of it went around us.

Evidently the front took the warm air with it, because today I feel like putting on a cozy sweater and turning on the fireplace. It’s hard to believe I was comfortably wearing this summery outfit just two days ago.


This cute tulip top came in my first Le Tote box. Have you heard of Le Tote? It’s basically a fashion rental service for $49 a month. You get 3 garments and 2 accessories delivered to your door. Keep it as long as you want, wear what you like, and when you’re done with it, you send it all back and get your next box within a few days. They take care of the cleaning. If you want to keep any of the items in your box, you can pay for them individually.

Le Tote prices are slightly lower than retail, but not a lot lower, considering that you’re purchasing used merchandise. That part I’m still a bit unsure of, but I really like having clothes that I can wear a few times and send back.

For fashion blogging, Le Tote is a great way to keep my wardrobe fresh. I can imagine if you have a professional job where you need (or want) a lot of variety in your wardrobe, you might find this convenient too. Or if you just like keeping a constant rotation of clothes, this is for you as well!

Unlike Stitch Fix, another subscription box service that I enjoy, you can actually select specific items you want to receive from Le Tote. AND if you return something and decide later on that you want it again, you can request it to be sent back to you. That’s pretty nifty!

This month I received this magenta tulip top and the silver cuff bracelet. (I also received a burgundy sweater, a black and white striped top, and a teal clutch.)

cuff bracelet

Here’s another view of the top. The detailing is super cute, and it’s comfortable too. I can see myself actually purchasing this piece and wearing it weekly in the summertime.

tulip top 1

I wanted to wear the silver cuff bracelet, so I went with silver in the rest of my accessories as well.

cuff bracelet

I paired the tulip top with my Krista Super Skinny Cropped jeans, and because it was so warm, I wore my black embellished sandals. Conveniently, I just had a fresh pedicure!

tulip top 4

Here’s a look at the entire outfit again. It’s super simple, but because the top has some interesting features and is such a gorgeous color, I didn’t need to do much to jazz it up. I went with this small tag necklace so it wouldn’t compete with the teardrop earrings, but perhaps a more substantial necklace would have been a better choice. I feel like I needed something more to fill the neckline. Accessorizing is a delicate balancing act, is it not!?!

tulip top 2

So far, I’m loving my Le Tote subscription. If you want to give it a try, sign up through my referral link. You’ll get $25 towards your first month’s rental fee, and I’ll get a $15 credit. You will also get a referral code that you can share with your friends.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Mom Style: Tulip Top + Cropped Jeans

  1. Your outfit today is just about what I wear everyday here in Phoenix. I like the way that top has an extra panel in front. I have a hard time finding tops to camouflage that little bit extra I have in the belly area. I may have to look into LeTote. Thanks for the tip! You look really cute!

  2. I could never rent that shirt because it would be threadbare by the time I was done with it! So cute. I looked for these in chiffon-type fabrics, last spring/summer, too. This one is Goldilocks.

  3. Cute top. I love the way it’s cut, and the cheery color. I can see how that service would help one be able to experiment without the commitment.

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