Decorating Our New Home for the Holidays

Soon after moving into this house in July, we started talking about how we want to decorate for Christmas. We had gotten into a bit of a rut with decorating the old house because once I figure out how I like things, I tend to do them the same way year after year. This year our space is totally new to us, and we’re having a blast making our new house festive for the holidays.

I’m excited to give you a holiday house tour today. Welcome!

I got rid of a lot of our old Christmas decorations when we moved, and my girls confiscated most of what was left to use in their bedrooms, so I’m sort of starting over from scratch.

I got the wreath and garland (above) from a local florist, and then I set out to see what else I could find to jazz up our new space, and I stumbled upon the Macy’s holiday home department.

Their Martha Stewart collection is totally my style, and I may have gone a little bit crazy with the online ordering. Fortunately their Friends & Family Sale is in full swing, and I was able to save an extra 30% on their already reduced prices.

I’ve been collecting the Spode Christmas Tree dishes for years, and I was thrilled to see they were part of the sale. I picked up an extra set of dinner plates and wine glasses as well as this festive runner.

I’ve never been one to leave my dining room table set all the time when it’s not being used, but now that it’s visible from my front door, I thought it be fun to set the table for the season.

Of course, that meant that I needed a centerpiece. I ordered this garland and a few candle holders to intersperse. I love the mercury glass and frosted greenery together.

The dining room isn’t the only room we’ve been working on. I also ordered new fingertip towels and hand towels for the powder room. Incidentally, these would make nice hostess gifts.

I also ordered this 3 candle centerpiece, not sure if I was going to like it or the garland better for my dining room table. It’s on the small side for the dining room so I placed it on my living room coffee table.

I love how it all came together. I finished my holiday decorating just in time to host a tea for the ladies in our church on Saturday, and everything was so festive and beautiful.

If you’re looking to update or add to your home decor for the Christmas season, be sure to check out Macy’s Holiday Lane. They have tons of decor items, dishes and table linens, and bed & bath items — pretty much anything you could possibly need, and best of all, you can save an extra 30% off throughout the store with code FRIEND.

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photo credit: Alison Cornell

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  1. Cold and windy in Lewes, too!  That first dog walk is killer…
    Your home is so festive and warm, beautiful! I can’t wait to see more 🎄😀

  2. Thank you for inviting us in to see your house! I love the candle centerpieces. I was hoping to get the smaller one, but alas, it’s sold out at Macy’s. I’ve discovered wax pillar candles with timers that look like real candles, down to the “burnt” wick. With grandchildren around all the time now, I hesitate to light candles in the house and these are the perfect solution. Plus, they have a 5 hour timer, so they come on at a set time and go off at a set time. I think they’re made by Inglow and are available on Amazon. This brand isn’t as cheap as some of the others, but well worth the cost because they look so real.

  3. Well it’s -3 degrees Celsius and yesterday was -16 brrr… but warming up for the weekend. Your home looks beautiful:) I love decorating for Christmas and I start early… mid November. I like to change it up a bit each year as well .. and getting the after Christmas sales are a great way to put away for the next year. That’s how I got my Christmas glasses and always add to the ornaments. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful first Christmas in your new house that’s now your home:)

  4. Your home looks amazing and you look so beautiful in it!  The photo of you in the dining room is the
    $$-Shot.  Totally magazine worthy!!!  

  5. Your house is so pretty.  And your tree!  I loved watching your daughter unwind it on Instagram and have it fall into that perfect shape.  Enjoy your festive decorations!

  6. Your front door is a show stopper — love the entrance to your new home!  I received those exact same fingertip towels as a wedding present over 40 years ago — some things never go out of style!!  Merry Christmas.

  7. So Beautiful! I purchased the Spode champagne glasses for my daughter. She has the dishes and they matched beautifully. Your house is gorgeous and you did a wonderful job

  8. Everything looks beautiful, JoLynne!!  It’s so fun to decorate a new home!  I agree…it’s easy to get in a rut, but definitely helps to have set places for things…  We’ve spent the last couple of years reinventing and redoing.  To answer your question from a prior comment, yes, I do blog about it…(but haven’t yet this year)  We are DEFinitely over the top…but it works for us.  Your choices are so elegant and perfect for your new home.  Enjoy!!!

  9. I love all the decorations!! The table looks beautiful!! 🎄I was thinking this year I would do my bathroom I’ve never done that but I just got a 40% off from Kohls so I’ll be going there to check it out today..

  10. Everything looks amazing. I love it. 

    I have actually been planning on painting my dining room blue after the holidays. Can you share the color you used?  Thanks!

  11. Everything is beautiful!  I love all of the holiday decor!  Thank you for sharing your first Christmas in your new home! 

  12. Absolutely stunning!  The way that you have the garland on the stairs looks awesome.  Too many beautiful things for me to mention each one.

  13. So beautiful! Are your wreath and stair garlands real? Everything, including you, looks straight out of a magazine! Great photos, Alison!!!

  14. Forgot to add, I just ordered a couple of those mercury glass candlesticks–great deal! I might go back for the coordinating garland after Christmas.

  15. Your home is absolutely beautiful, from the welcoming entrance to the lovely dining table! You have done a wonderful job! I purchased a few things from Macy’s Holiday Home Department this month as well! Love so many things in their collection right now! Your dress is so pretty, I hope you do a post on it soon!

  16. All of your Christmas decorating is done tastefully and I really appreciate your sharing of your house. My favourite is the garland on the staircase….stunning!!

  17. I love your newly decorated house. The live wreath and garland are perfect and your table looks very festive. It must be exciting to decorate for your first Christmas in your new home. Merry Christmas JoLynne & Family! 

  18. I love it all, especially the staircase and dinning room.  Thanks for inviting us into your home. 🎄🎁⛄️🎅🏼❤️

  19. So pretty. I bet it was fun to get new decorations.  For years I’ve been getting rid of some old stuff but haven’t replaced for new yet.  I put up less than I use too.  I need to be motivated to look when the Christmas decorations come out in Oct. but I’m not. 🙁 LOL  Sounds like you scored with the Macy’s sale and to find your dishes you’ve already had is great.  Do you host your family Christmas or is the church tea it for you?  What did you do at the church tea?  Hope to see the link for your Live tomorrow and maybe an update after your NYC trip.  I think that sounds so fun at Christmas.  I was only there one time when I was 18 on a lay over flying to Europe and have never been back and I’m 57 yrs. old.  

    1. Yes, I host Paul’s family Christmas, and I wanted to do an open house for friends and neighbors old and new, but it didn’t work out. Next year, maybe! 🙂

      At the tea, we ate (ha!) and visited and then sang Christmas carols. Then a few of the young girls at our church performed a musical piece – piano or flute. We usually have a speaker, but this year it was a few ladies sharing their testimonies. And that’s it. It usually ends up being 2-3 hours.

      You should totally plan a NYC trip sometime! 🙂

  20. Gorgeous! I especially love the stairs and entry with the garlands. I don’t remember seeing exactly that viewpoint before that shows the basement stairs behind the main stairs. It’s such a big beautiful open foyer! Perfect for decorating for the holidays with those amazing garlands!

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