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As much as I hate to think about it, summer is winding down, and I’ll be sending my older daughter off to college in just a few short weeks. We’ve both been struggling a bit with all the emotions, but we are keeping ourselves distracted by making to-do lists and packing lists and ordering the dorm room essentials she might need.

Today we’re teaming up with Macy’s to share our back-to-school purchases so far. It’s a great time to shop because they’re running a big sale right now, and you can save up to 70% off items throughout the store!

wearing: Belldini cable pullover // Dollhouse high-rise skinny jeans // Michael Kors ballet flats

Macy’s has a huge selection of college and dorm room essentials with everything from bedding and decor, to storage and organization, to shoes and clothes.

We started with the fun stuff — namely her bedding. C picked out this Truly Soft Pleated Twin XL Comforter Set, and it’s currently marked down to 54! It comes in several pretty neutral tones, but she chose a soothing shade of blue. I love it as much as she does. It’s simple, but pretty and feminine, and she will be able to do a lot with accessories and seasonal decor.

In addition to that, we ordered her a mattress protector, a set of pillows, a twin XL sheet set, and a good quality memory foam mattress topper. That was something she really wanted because she’s used to a comfortable bed, and she’s concerned about sleeping right on a dorm mattress, so we were thrilled to get such a good deal on it.

In fact, all of these items are deeply discounted right now, so click through to see the final prices. You may need to use code SHOP to activate some of the deals.

She also picked out a pretty aqua foldable laundry tote with top handles that she can use as a hamper in her room and as a tote to carry her dirty clothes to the laundry room, and she’s determined to bring a handheld garment steamer to college with her. I had to laugh at that one; I’ll be curious to hear if she uses it.

Another item she thought to pick up was this foldable fabric storage bin for under-bed storage. It’s not as big as we were expecting, so we’ll probably order one or two more while they’re on sale. I like that it’s pretty as well as functional.

So we’re off to a good start, but of course, there’s a lot more to get. C also has her eye on this LED desk lamp with wireless charging and this desk organizer, and she needs to get some bath towels and a shower tote while they’re on sale. A hanging shoe organizer might be nice too. Oh, and we got her a single serve coffee maker last Christmas.

While we were shopping for her dorm room, she also picked up this cozy grey cable pullover and a new pair of rise skinny jeans on sale. She’s going to college in Massachusetts, so they will definitely come in handy this fall and winter. She also replaced her well-loved beige ballet flats with this pair by Michael Kors.

I know I’ll be full of mixed emotions the day we help her pack up her car and start heading north towards her next adventure, but at least she’ll be well-stocked with everything she needs to get her college career started off on the right foot.

If you’re shopping for dorm room essentials or just looking to update your wardrobe for fall, you can use code SHOP to save an extra 20% off at Macy’s now through Sunday, August 1st.

Shop Dorm Room Essentials at Macy’s:

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photos: Alison Cornell

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15 Responses

  1. Make fun of us girls who always carry a portable steamer when we travel, but our clothes are never wrinkled! Haha!

  2. Bittersweet times! Caroline picked some great items! I’m going to take a look at the steamer. My current one isn’t working so great these days. Have a great day!

  3. I love all of Caroline’s things for her dorm room and her outfit is perfect! All of you will be in my prayers during this next season of life. I am going check out the handheld steamer since I do not have the space for a larger steamer.

  4. I, too, wondered if my daughter would use the steamer we bought her when she went off to college. She’s now getting ready to start her junior year, and I think she would say it’s definitely an essential for her dorm room! I bought her the same one that I have – it heats up quickly and she can at least steam out the biggest wrinkles before she heads to class 🙂

      1. My daughter wanted a steamer when she headed off to college. I eye rolled, but she said she actually used it. Probably because she left her clothes in the dryer and they became a wrinkled mess! 😂

  5. I hope Caroline falls in love with Massachusetts, and that we represent all that is great in our state.
    You can travel to the beach, or the city, or the mountains, all in 2 hours or so…Welcome.

  6. Macy’s has great sales! It’s good to find deals for dorm room bedding since they most likely won’t use again (twin xl). M y daughter was in a dorm last fall and will be moving into an apartment next month. I’m so happy we didn’t go overboard on the bed linens. 😉 Wishing your daughter well as she heads off to college!

  7. It’s so bittersweet when they actually go off and do what you’ve been training them their whole lives to do. 😭 For me making sure they had everything and were all set up made it easier. And it’s ok and totally normal if you randomly cry for the next couple of months…..
    My kids used those bed risers. If you get really sturdy ones with a good base they can use their beds but then store more stuff under them.

  8. I love the bedding…so pretty! I laughed when my daughter took her steamer but she really did use it. The MVP of her dorm room, however, was a Britta water filter pitcher. She drinks a lot of water and didn’t want to drink the sink water, nor did she want to be wasteful and buy bottled water. She’d fill it in the morning and then fill her Hydroflask throughout the day. Good luck with the send off, it’s so bittersweet!

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