Decorating Our Haunt for Halloween

Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

I’ve not always been big on decorating our house for Halloween. I mean, we always carve a pumpkin or two. Well, almost always . . . R will NOT let me live down the year we didn’t get around to it.

(In our defense, we were at Disney World and arrived home just in time for the kids to grab their costumes out of the suitcases and go trick-or-treating in our ‘hood.)

But anyway . . . the kids have been nagging me to decorate our house for Halloween this year, and if it means that much to them, I’m game. I always admire the decorating others do for this spooky holiday, but I haven’t ever gone to the effort to join in the fun.

This year, Hallmark sent me a box of goodies to inspire our Halloween decorating, so I have no more excuses.

When I opened the box, I was all by myself. In addition to Halloween cards and invitations and a pumpkin decorating kit, it contained several fun motion-activated decorations that greet you with spooky phrases. As I opened each one and turned them on, I sat here all by myself in this big empty house and laughed out loud. They really are clever little gadgets.

I eagerly started placing them around the house, and then I lay in wait for the kids to come home from school.

Halloween Decor Front Door

Someone needs to get some Windex on that storm door. Who lives here?

And let’s not mention the tired mums . . . I love mums, but they sure don’t last very long, do they??

Anyway . . . let’s move inside, shall we?

I love this little BOO sign. It was my husband’s idea to hang it on the mirror in our foyer. And I set Tricks the Toe-Tappin’ Treat Bag on the bookcase. This little guy just cracks me up. You press his foot, and he sings a parody of Mambo No. 5. I can’t walk by him without giving his foot a squeeze, he gives me such a chuckle. The older kids just roll their eyes.

Halloween Decor Foyer Entryway

I plan to fill him with Halloween candy this weekend. (Unfortunately these are no longer available online, but you may be able to find them in stores, and the good news is, ALL their Halloween decorations are marked WAY down.)

This Drop & Greet Spider hangs on a wall in our foyer. My kids have a ball playing with him and scaring all their friends.

Halloween Decor drop-n-greet-spider

R also requested some outdoor decor. We picked up “spider webs” at our local drugstore, and she had fun placing those on the bushes out front. She’s meticulous, that one.

Halloween Decor Outside

Halloween Decor Outdoors

My plan this week is to add a few Halloween yard signs outside, and of course we still need to buy candy for the trick-or-treaters. I always do a combination of candy and non-candy Halloween treats, so the kids can choose. Because my son has tree nut allergies, we’re always careful to have some non-candy options available.

I also want to add a teal pumpkin to our front yard so kids with food allergies know they can get non-candy Halloween treats here. If you haven’t seen the teal pumpkin project, definitely check it out. Every kid should be able to enjoy Halloween and go trick or treating safely without feeling singled out or left out of the fun. It’s not a big deal to add a few toys to your Halloween treat stash, and it can make a big difference to certain kids in your neighborhood.

*and she delicately steps down off her soapbox*

I have to admit, I’m having fun getting into this Halloween decorating gig. I don’t care for anything gory, but I’m definitely a fan of the “cute and spooky” Halloween decor, and Hallmark certainly has that covered!

By way of disclosure, this post is part of a year-long sponsored collaboration with Hallmark. All opinions and spooky spider webs are mine.

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  1. I love Hallmark products. They are always so cute and festive, no matter what season. Don’t feel bad about decorating….we grow 35 acres of pumpkins here on our farm and my house is ALWAYS the last to be decorated for Halloween.

  2. What cute decorations! I just didn’t have time this year to decorate. Hubby goes to Mexico on business in two weeks, so I may start my indoor Christmas decorating early. Thanksgiving is late this year. I wish we were going to be home for trick or treat, I would definitely do a teal pumpkin! Whoever came up with that idea is brilliant IMHO!

  3. I love these decorations! They are cute without being too scary or gory. One question – is it a super pain to clean up the “cobwebs” on the bushes?

    PS – Your blog should serve as a model for the best way to do sponsored posts.

    1. Ooooh, I will let you know about the “cobwebs” on November 1st! Ha!!

      And thank you. I do my best to only accept the sponsored post opps that I can write from an honest place.

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