Easy Washed Black Shorts Outfit

Hello Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend. I had a sponsored post on my schedule for today, but I just realized that I didn’t get approval from the brand to post yet. Ooops! I thought I was so prepared, with a post all ready to go.

Fortunately I had these pictures in my queue, so I put this post together this morning. This is a typical everyday summer outfit for me, or if you work during the week, it’s an easy weekend look or maybe something to wear on vacation.

I have the Free People Clare camo tee from the #NSale last year in the black combo — if you’re a regular, I’m sure you recognize it. This year, they brought out a couple of new prints, and I snapped up this one called Wild Thing. Both are fully stocked at Nordstrom right now.

I love these tees because the material is lightweight without being flimsy or see-through, and they have such nice details — like the rolled, raw-edge sleeves and hem and the contrasting trim at the neck. The length is 25″ so you can either tuck it or leave it out, depending on the rest of your outfit and the look you like.

They recommend sizing up, but I went with my true size small in both. I wash them on cold with like colors and hang to dry, and I haven’t had any issue with shrinkage.

I paired this tee with the Joe’s Jeans Ozzie shorts in a faded black wash they call Dusk To Dawn. I picked these up when they were on sale a few weeks back because I’ve been wanting a good pair of washed black shorts.

They have a 4″ inseam, which I really like. While I do wear the 3″ inseam, I really prefer the extra inch when I can get it. I also like the raw hem with the absence of any other distressing. You can find these at Bloomies and Shopbop, but I recommend waiting for a sale unless they’re something you need right away.

I also found a similar pair at Gap, right down to the 4″ inseam.

My Marc Fisher Pava slides seemed like the obvious choice for footwear. Of course, a fashion sneaker could work as well, but I like the black sandals with the black in the shorts and top, and the silver ball studs are a fun detail. They’re very comfortable; the straps are soft, and the footbed is smooth and feels nice against the foot.

This year, they brought these back with three straps instead of four and renamed them Pacca, and they’re 30% off right now at Nordstrom and Zappos!  They come in a bunch of other colors, and I’m trying to resist the urge to order the white or tan.

As far as accessories go, I have no idea why I didn’t put on a bracelet. As you can see, we were here at the house, so I certainly had plenty of options at my disposal.

I’m also not sure why we didn’t move that hose on the ground behind me… I even remember seeing it that day, but I guess it didn’t quite register that I could easily move it out of the way.

Anyway! I did at least put on a pair of fun earrings — my friend made these, and they can be purchased through her Etsy shop. They’re very lightweight, and she has some different color options available.

My favorite sunnies and a black leather hobo complete this casual look. I can’t wait for it to warm up around here, so I can start wearing shorts and sandals every day!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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20 Responses

  1. Good Morning,
    You showed a suitcase that you used when you went on vacation this year that I loved but I can’t find it. Can you send me the link?
    Thank you

  2. Cute earrings. Will check then out. Yes really enjoyed coffee talk. I don’t remember how I found you. Maybe through Cyndi Spivey. Glad I did. I definitely have your style. Casual. Not fru fru.

  3. I really like this tee and liked it the first time you shared it with us. As much as I’d like to add it to my closet, I do not need it, so I will continue to enjoy seeing it on you and maybe on some of the other ladies in the group. You look so nice and comfortable in the outfit. I don’t care about the garden hose being on the ground because it’s natural. To add another comment regarding your Coffee Talk yesterday, I would be at a total loss without your blog and this group. For too many reasons to go into, I do not have girlfriends that I do things with. I feel closer to the ladies in this group than any of the other ladies I know. I value their friendship, and I have no doubt that they’ve got my back, just like I have theirs. I so appreciate you allowing us to share more than just our fashion posts on your Fashion for Women Over 40 blog, so that we can really stay connected with one another. We are enjoying beautiful spring weather at the moment, with chilly mornings and highs in the 70’s, and a lot less yellow pollen which allows us to sit on the front porch, finally! Have an awesome day!

    1. I agree about the tee, Ginger. Love it, but don’t need it! I wanted to tell you in light of your post today, that not only do I look forward to Jo-Lynne”s email every day, I love to read the comments and always look for yours. I love your positive attitude and how you post every day!

  4. Great outfit! Like the edginess it seems to give.., maybe it’s the color shorts with the studded sandals 🤷‍♀️

  5. Jolynne, I did not get a chance to post yesterday because I read your Sunday post this morning! Anyway, I did want to say thanks for your amazing blog. I love your style and that you keep things on trend but classy, modest and age appropriate. You are one of the very first fashion bloggers I started to follow and are my favorite. Thanks also for sharing your faith. We have so many of the same beliefs and it is so refreshing to have someone share that and not be afraid. It is needed in this world. I am looking forward to another 15 years!

  6. Great outfit– simple but eyecatching. I’m trying hard not to pop the T into my cart, mostly because of the crew neck, which I promised myself I would stop buying. I did, however, order the Kut from the Kloth Kelsey flared jeans and I love them! Today, because it’s going to rain, I’m wearing them with a striped blue and white boatneck top and my Frye white leather sneakers. This 59-year-old is feeling very contemporary! I wear a 10 or 12 depending on the cut and I ordered the 10, but am wondering if I should have gone down to an 8. I’m 5’7″ and they are a little longer than shown on the Zappos model, but I decided I could cut them if I decided I want them shorter. Now I’m eyeing the Marc Fisher slides as I love studs on shoes. I ordered the clear ones featured last week, but the plastic rubbed so I sent them back.

  7. Have you ever just cut a pair of your jeans to make your own raw-hemmed shorts? Wondering about doing that with a couple of my skinny jeans. Especially since I prefer the 4 inch and they seem harder to find.

  8. I have followed you for a long time but couldn’t remember how long. I looked back at my first Pinterest pin I kept from you and it was from August of 20014. I love your style and feel like you are a friend and I know your family. Isn’t that funny. Best of luck for the next many years and can’t wait to see what you share with us!

  9. You deserve all the many comments you got, as your blog has touched so many and is more than just a fashion blog. I know God is using you in many ways to minister to many. Keep it up. I really enjoy opening you up each morning and hearing about your family and fashion and everything in-between. You look cute in this shorts outfit. We all could wear 4″ shorts if we had legs like you do.

  10. I’ve been wearing the Frye sneakers with cute dresses and jeans. I just received the BP sandals today and have been wearing them around the house. They seem very comfortable.

  11. Haha! That hose caught my eye before anything else. I was wondering about it. Also why you were standing on the rocks. What I did not notice was the lack of a bracelet.

    Love the shorts and I wish I could wear them when it gets hot. At some point for some of us, we just have to accept that flabby skin and loads of broken veins just look like we don’t care about our appearance.

    I didn’t have a chance to reply yesterday but I did want to say that I found you and Tania at the same time after searching for clothes that are age appropriate. Tania is closer to me in age but she’s taller. You are shaped just like me but waaaay younger. I actually end up with a mix of stuff from both your posts. It was so cool to see you both in the same picture!

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