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It’s been years since I’ve bought anything off eBay. I guess I kinda of forgot about it. I used to shop there all the time, and I also made some decent money selling my kids’ outgrown clothes as well as handbags that I grew tired of, but eventually I got too busy to bother with the selling (that and I have this horrid mental block about getting myself to the post office) and I stopped checking out eBay altogether.

But eBay is very much alive and well. A few of my good friends who own Splash Creative Media are working with eBay this holiday season, and through them I discovered that eBay actually has a whole holiday gift guide dedicated to products on eBay that are new and fit for holiday gift giving.

They also have a convenient wish list Facebook app that makes it easy for you and your kids to make wish lists or shopping list.

I actually really like how it gives them ideas for their age range. My daughter was scrolling through this morning and found some new things to add to her Christmas list, and with all the grandparents asking me for ideas, I can use all the help I can get!

You can also use the app on your phone or tablet. It’s a fun way to pass the time when you’re waiting for your kids to finish drum lessons or gymnastics class… not that I would know anything about that!

I put my kids to work earlier today making wish lists. Here is my one daughter’s.

Not only is it helpful for those shopping for your little ones, but every day eBay is awarding an item from a somone’s wish list plus a $100 ebay gift card. Anyone who creates a gift list, for themselves or for a child, will be entered for a chance to win.

That was all the motivation I needed to get to work. I found lots of fun things for my wish list, including these adorable Tory Burch olive lizard-print flats and this Kate Spade white pebbled leather crossover bag.

eBay is still a great place to find quality products for great prices, and especially those discontinued items that you can’t get anywhere else. American Girl, anyone?

McKenna may or  may not be on one of my daughter’s wish lists. Aaaand she is already backordered at the American Girl store. But she is alive and well on eBay!

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Splash Creative Media and eBay but all opinions and drool over the designer bags and shoes are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I have never gotten into that thing called ebay. However, I need to. There’s this dumb little Happy Meal toy that was handed down to my daughter from her aunt. It got left somewhere and R was so very sad. It is on ebay.

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