Fall 2014 Denim Forecast #FashionFriday

fall 2014 denim trends

You know how much I love my denim. I pretty much live in jeans, and I’m super psyched about the fall 2014 denim trends and the direction they’re going.

4 Fall 2014 Denim Trends You Should Pay Attention To

1. High-Rise Skinnies

Behold the return of high-rise jeans. Never fear, these are not your 1985 mom jeans. These are svelte and slimming. Muffin top, be gone!!! Look for at least a 9-inch rise.

Florence High-Rise Skinny Jeans

Pictured: DL1961 Florence Skinny Jeans, $178 and worth every penny. Seriously. If you have one pair of jeans in your closet this fall, this is the pair I’d recommend. On a cost per wear basis, it’s a worthwhile investment. I know because DL1961 sent me a pair, and I LOVE THEM.

dl1961 florence

The key to finding the right high rise jean is pocket placement. Make sure the pockets are not sitting too high, or you will be venturing into mom jean territory. This is perfect.

pocket placement

Another option: Joe’s ‘Flawless’ High Rise Skinny Jeans are on sale right now for $124.80.

Joe's Flawless High Rise Skinny Jeans

The LOFT Curvy Skinny Jeans may qualify, but it’s hard to tell because they don’t disclose the rise in inches. They are $69 PLUS 40% off right now. THAT is a good deal!


Or the Articles of Society ‘Halley’ High Waist Skinny Jean is $54.

Articles of Society 'Halley' High Waist Skinny Jeans

Although the pocket placement may be iffy, because they are juniors and designed for bodies that haven’t yet experienced the effects of gravity, ahem.

2. Grey Denim

Grey denim is a huge trend this fall. I love grey jeans, I had a pair I wore a lot last year in a moto style. Grey jeans look awesome paired with forest green, aubergine, jewel tones and all shades of pink.

pink sweater moto jeans

For some reason, this wash tends to be very pricey, but the LOFT Curvy Skinny Jeans come in a grey wash.

LOFT Curvy Skinny Jeans in Iron Grey

3. Novelty Jeans

Novelty jeans include wax coated jeans (often in deep colors such as plum, wine and indigo), printed jeans such as leopard or plaid, moto jeans with their trendy zipper details, two-tone and tuxedo jeans.

These are definitely more trendy and not necessarily something every suburban housewife needs in her wardrobe, but if you like to dress on the edgier side, this is definitely a trend for you to take note of!

I personally love the coated jeans in deep, rich colors but I’m not sure I would get my money’s worth out of them.

These Vigoss Coated Skinnies in eggplant are $82, and Kohl’s has a pair in black for $49.99.

vigoss coated skinnies

4. Faded & Distressed Denim

These are the jeans that I wear when my mother raises an eyebrow and asks me how I can pay good money for jeans that my grandfather would have worn to clean out the chicken coop. I don’t care, I love a well worn pair of jeans, and I don’t mind if I’m not the one who did the wearing in. I detest being overdressed and I love this super casual style. There is definitely a fine line to walk at my age and living in the area that I do (we’re a fairly conservative lot.) But this is a trend I can certainly get behind!

Nordstrom has a ton of faded jeans for women at all price points. (They make it easy to sort by price or brand.) I would totally wear these (just not with those shoes) but I probably would look rather ridiculous here in rural suburbia (yes, that is my own made-up term for the area where we live.)

destructed denim

But I do love my AG The Stilt.

The Stilt

And LOFT has restocked the boyfriend jeans that everyone went ga-ga over when I wore them last spring! These are still hanging in my closet. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I suppose I should drag them back out again.

boyfriend jeans

This pair from Express is super cute too for $79.

Express high waisted destructed jeans

So there ya go, four hot denim trends that you may want to know about!

loft sale

PSA: Don’t miss the LOFT 40% off sale this weekend! Here’s a post with my favorite LOFT picks and 9 of this seasons new trends.

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11 thoughts on “Fall 2014 Denim Forecast #FashionFriday

  1. I only wear jeans maybe twice a week so I doubt I’m in the market for any this fall, but I’m loving the term rural suburbia. So accurate!

  2. I’ve never tried DL 1961 jeans and now I really want to. The price is a little steep but I think I’ll definitely have to at least try on a pair. You sold me! ~Cynthia

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