Fall Color Crush: Rose Violet

Happy Monday, friends, and greetings from Nashville! It’s time for another Fall Color Crush, and today we’re crushing on Rose Violet.

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Bold and bright colors are huge this fall, and this mixture of magenta and pink is one of my personal favorites. Here’s what the Pantone trend report has to say about it:

Vivid and vibrant Rose Violet is full of zing.

It’s very trendy right now to wear bright and bold colors with other shades of the same hue, and that works really well with rose violet.

But if that feels a bit much to you, you can certainly pair rose violet with more subtle neutrals like denim or black or grey.

We took some liberty with the colors in this roundup. Some lean more toward plum than a rose violet, but they’re all in the same family. Happy shopping!

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9 Responses

  1. So glad you and Cyndi finally got to connect in person!! Love, love this color crush you’re featuring! Since I continue to pare down my wardrobe, I only added one new top this season ( so far, LOL). I purchased the peasant style top of the tee you wore from Loft. I already have burgundy loafers from a few years back so I feel I’m right in style 😉. Enjoy your getaway!!

  2. The problem with this color crush is that I have to ask myself which item I DON’T want, and I don’t think there is one! This is probably my favorite. I have already purchased probably 3 tops in that color, plus the same amount in hot pink/fuschia. Let the ladies know they knocked it out of the park! Enjoy your retreat!

  3. I’m going to need to try a top on to see how rose violet looks on me but I can say I love that shade.

    Renting a house with six other bloggers must be fun. There will certainly be no shortage of conversation and laughs.

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