Winter Workout Gear: What To Wear

My friend Rachée asked for advice on how to dress for the cold. She is going to be “wogging” — that’s a new one to me! It’s a cross between walking and jogging, evidently. AND she’ll be going with her tween daughter so she wants to dress warmly without breaking the bank . . . and without embarrassing her daughter!

I think I can help. I’m a tad obsessed with cute workout gear these days.

First I’ll show you a photo of what I run in. I’m not saying this is incredibly flattering, but it is warm and practical.

Let’s break it down.

You know me, I will tell you to invest in a couple of quality pieces. The ones that I find to be worth every penny are the Under Armour ColdGear under layers. I received the running tights and the white turtleneck for Christmas last year and I wear them all winter long. Whatever you layer on top is virtually inconsequential because they provide that moisture-wicking, thermal under layer to keep you warm and dry.

The running tights are awesome. They keep you warm, and they stay put and don’t get in your way when you’re running. You can also layer over them if you wish. I know they aren’t super flattering, but they do the job. You can always run in pants, (these are cute!) but make sure they aren’t too wide at the ankle or you might trip over them. Not that I would know anything about that . . .

The ColdGear Mock Women’s Training Tee is a must. I wear it under everything. (It’s also at Amazon in a wide range of fun colors!) Buy two if you can swing it, but honestly, I just have one, and that is fine. I will sometimes wear it 2x before washing, but it dries so fast (lay it out to dry) that you can easily wash it between runs.

On top of that, you can really put any sweatshirt. I love the Nike one I’m wearing in the above photo. Here is the UA version.

Another stylish option is the half-zip jackets. This New Balance Half-Zip Running Jacket is a good example.

After that, you want gloves and a headband to keep your ears and head warm. When it is REALLY cold, I wear a hat. Really, it’s charming! Okay, so it’s not. But it’s more important to be warm than stylish.

Did I just say that???

Time to have fun! I put a few outfits together on Polyvore that I think are super cute.

Cute Running Outfit

Those are just ideas. You can definitely find good deals at places like Kohl’s, Target, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. Here’s one more!

Stylish Running Attire

How about you, Dear Reader? I’d love to hear your suggestions. What are your must-have wardrobe items for winter running/walking and other outdoor activities???