Daily Mom Style 12.12.12

How do you like THAT date!?

Despite a super busy weekend, I have actually had some time this week to slow down and enjoy the season. I’ve done some shopping and some decorating and some baking, and Christmas music has been wafting through the house. The weather has been odd, though — rainy and unseasonably warm. It’s not exactly festive, but nothing seems predictable anymore where the weather is concerned so I’m getting pretty good at ignoring it. Except that rain makes it hard to run, and I am starting to feel the effects of not enough exercise and too much sugar consumption. I guess that’s what the holidays are all about, though, right???

This week I’ve been taking advantage of the mild weather to wear some of my more open and lighter tops, which I find generally to be more flattering. However, I have found myself in a bit of an embarrassing predicament. I went to edit my photos and realized something very sad and pitiful.

I somehow managed to wear the same jeans 4, yes FOUR days this week.

I promise I did wear other pants — mostly yoga pants on the days that I was too lazy to put on anything else. But as for my photos, they’re pretty pathetic. I considered taking some out and acting like I didn’t take that many, and then I decided that was even more pathetic than owning up to the fact that I wore the same pants all week. So. Here it is. The real me, same jeans all week and all.

day 1

I wore this out to a friend’s house for a casual get together one evening and then again the next day to run around town. I’ve always loved this red cashmere zip-up hoodie, a Christmas gift from my mom (via Nordstrom) a few years back. I think that was the same year she gave me these gray boots. They are no longer for sale, but the Jillian II is pretty close if you don’t mind black or brown. I wore a gray tank in an attempt to steer away from a more predictable black or white, plus I like how it goes with the boots. The silver hand-stamped necklace and link bracelet are simple but dress up the casual outfit just a bit.

day 2

I wore this outfit to work from home. This cowl neck sweater from the J.Crew outlet is more comfy than flattering, but I tried to add interest with the tank underneath. I think another color would have worked better though. Same jeans, but this time brown boots. See, that? Variety! Ha!

day 3

This. I hate. I wore this to church on Sunday morning and felt uncomfortable the entire time. This sweater is going to the consignment pile. I have tried and tried to like it, and the pattern and colors are beautiful but it just grows longer every minute I wear it, and I’m done trying to make it work. It could POSSIBLY be alright if I put it with black pants and black boots with a slight heel — maybe that would offset the length of the sweater and make the whole look more proportionate, but I still think it’s just too boxy. I’m over it. Bleh.

day 4

I wore this to our church’s Christmas pageant — it was actually the same night as I wore the blue sweater, so I really didn’t wear the same jeans four days in a row — just three. HA! As I said, I was miserable in the blue sweater, so I changed to this gray one (a Banana Republic purchase from several years ago) and then switched to my black boots. I felt much better about this outfit! I carried the burgundy suede handbag for color. The Stella & Dot necklace was left over from the morning outfit, and I kept it on thinking it added some interest and bling near my face.

day 5

YES! A different pair of pants! I yesterday off and went Christmas shopping with my husband. SO FUN. I wish we could do that once a month. It was warm(er) out so I took the opportunity to wear this gray striped top from the Banana Republic outlet, and I wore it with my green jeans ( and gray boots.

I was hoping the green was sorta festive, and I thought the burgundy bag was a nice contrast. And because outdoor pictures are SO much nicer than indoor ones, here’s another for good measure!

And that’s a wrap. Not my finest week of style, but this is the real deal. I guess you can’t knock it out of the park every day, right?