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Stephanie is looking for a pair of royal blue pumps.  She didn’t tell me why so I’m not sure if she’s thinking businessy pumps or dressy pumps, but I went poking around on Zappos.

I’m guessing these by Alexander McQueen are slightly out of her price range but aren’t they all kinds of fabulous?


And now back to the real world.  It’s actually very hard to find royal blue pumps.  These aren’t quite royal blue, but they’re definitely not navy, which seems to be the most common shade of blue when it comes to shoes.

caseyI’m always a fan of Franco Sarto for a nice leather pump.  These are, unfortunately, suede, which is probably not going to work this time of year in Arizona.  But I had to post them anyway because they have such a lovely shape.

francoDo these qualify as royal?  Cause they sure are purty.


Ooooh, these are pretty.  But a bit of an investment.


As are these.  But wow, that’s actually a great price for Stuart Weitzman.

Stuart Weitzman - Swoon (Sea Aniline Patent) - Footwear

If you’re looking for a special occasion shoe, these are darling.


Alright, I’m not sure I’ve been much help here, but that was fun.  It’s always fun to spend someone else’s money.  Bwahahaaa!

Stephanie, you’ll have to let us know if any of these work for you.

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  1. TOTALLY off-topic question: Awhile back you posted a link to a doctor’s article about acid-reflux and how we have too little, not too much, stomach acid generally. The article was just the first in a series, and I really want to read the rest of them! Could you post this doctor’s entire posts — I need to find out how he helped you with this issue. Thanks!

  2. I love that last pair! I have really high arches and it seems like lately the only kind of heels I can wear are strappy heels.

    What do you think of gladiator sandals making a comeback?

  3. Spending someone else’s money – I’m so there. That’s why I love being an architect! 😉

    I’d love to know why she wants royal blue pumps. I hope it’s not to match a royal blue outfit. or purse. Because mustard or tan or violet or pewter would be awesome with royal blue.

  4. I need to brush up on my shoe terminology. Those look like what I would call “heels”. I think of pumps as having just a little bit of a heel. Am I way out in left field?

  5. I can not even fathom why someone would need a pair of royal blue pumps….. Nope. Nothing. I think I would go with a nice nude pair. But that’s just me.

  6. So, this is kind of embarrassing. I’m not shopping for any particular event. I just saw an AMAZING picture in a magazine awhile back of a woman wearing royal blue pumps with a mustard-colored dress…and I’ve been looking for a pair ever since! 😉

    I think I like the last two best. Thank you!!!

    1. That would look amazing! Let me know if you get a pair, and then let me know if you need help finding a mustard colored dress! 😉

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