Fashion Friday :: Kid Style {Girls}

Syd commented with this on my Back to School post last month:

I would love to see you do some kids fashion posts.  I am clueless about dressing myself or my children.  I hate a lot of the girl clothes that look like a rainbow threw up.  Help!

To which Sheri responded:

Haha! I love it – girl clothes do sometimes look like a rainbow threw up on them! I agree it is sometimes harder to find appropriate clothes for a girl. How do you do it? Blog away Jo-Lynne!

Which is really kinda funny because I don’t consider myself into the kid fashion scene at all. I see other bloggers posting adorable photos of their kids — girls especially. But I feel that my kids are pretty plain jane. I always joke that I spend far too much money and energy on my own wardrobe to worry too much about the kids.

But at the end of the day, I suppose I am pretty persnickety about what I put on my kids. They get to have some input (within reason) but I have no problem vetoing the ugly.

Just like with my own wardrobe, I only frequent a few stores. If I had it my way, I’d do all my kids clothing shopping at the Gymboree and Gap, but they can be pricey if you aren’t diligent about watching for sales, and neither one of my girls is that crazy about Gymboree anymore.

I do most of my kid girl shopping at the Gap or Target. I usually do a run through Osh Kosh and Kohl’s once a season for my youngest daughter, but my older daughter doesn’t fare too well at either of those stores. She sometimes finds a few cute things at Justice, but you have to be pretty choosy there, and I find their quality doesn’t always hold up to their price point.

Most days my girls wear jeans and a tee or sweater. They don’t really like to layer, so they keep their outfits pretty simple. My younger daughter went a few years where she didn’t want to wear jeans and I had to buy her all leggings. Osh Kosh is great for that. They have lots of little matchy tunics-and-leggings for girls in that toddler to early elementary age group. She lives in outfits like these.

Osh Kosh Tunics-and-Leggings
Osh Kosh Tunics-and-Leggings by jolynneshane featuring leggings


Of course, that DOES pretty much look like a rainbow threw up! HA! What I like about these outfits is they are soft and comfy and mostly made of cotton so they don’t irritate their delicate skin.

For example, this little outfit is from Osh Kosh. I just picked it up at the Tanger Outlets last week.

These outfits are pretty typical for them. My older daughter’s dress is from Target. She loves dresses in the summertime. My younger daughter’s outfit is from Osh Kosh, and my son is wearing khakis from Gap and a striped sweatshirt from Old Navy (I think).

I don’t have a huge aversion to graphics on clothing as I know some parents do, but I can’t stand the cheapy, polystery materials that are so common with girls clothes once they reach a certain age. My daughters love Gap’s graphic tees. They usually have several in their rotation every season.

Gap Graphic Tee Outfit
Gap Graphic Tee Outfit by jolynneshane featuring skinny jeans


This is currently my older daughter’s favorite outfit from Justice.

Girls Sparkly Sweater Outfit from Justice
Girls Sparkly Sweater Outfit from Justice by jolynneshane on Polyvore


Target often has cute sweaters, and sometimes I do well there for dresses.

Girls Outfits from Target
Girls Outfits from Target by jolynneshane on Polyvore


Their cutest clothes come from a boutique in my mom’s hometown. She shops their end of season sales and gets lots of cute things for my girls there. The dress on my youngest daughter in the back-to-school photo at the top of this post is from that boutique. I love the clothes that come from there, but I’m WAY too uptight about them messing them up. I would never do all my clothes shopping there, even if I could afford to. But it’s a great place to find dressier clothes — especially when they get older and the pickin’s get slimmer at the regular stores.

If you have a good consignment shop nearby, that’s a good place to look for affordable, used boutique brands.

How about you? Where do you find cute kids’ clothes that don’t break the bank??

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