My Baby is Seven.

Yesterday my baby turned 7.


What is it about seven that suddenly seems so grown up? Why does seven sound so much older than six?

Maybe it is because SHE suddenly seems so much older.

Ever since I put her on that bus on the first day of school, she has been a different kid. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first time in her little life that she’s in school for a full day, or if it is the friends she has made this year, or the extra responsibility of 1st grade, or if it was just inevitable, but she’s not my baby anymore.

She’s suddenly her own little person — spunky, confident, witty, charming. Not that she wasn’t already all of those things, but they are somehow magnified.

And now she’s seven.

Just. Like. THAT.

Happy Birthday, my precious little one!!!!