Fashion Friday Q&A


I woke up this morning and realized I didn’t have a Fashion Friday post ready to go. D’oh!! I usually write these posts a few days ahead so I can post early and get the linky up for those who come looking for it. I had something in the works, but it’s not quite ready yet so I’m sort of caught with my pants down . . . ha!

Since I have to run out to an early training appointment, I don’t have a ton of time, and I’m feeling thoroughly uninspired. I haven’t gotten out of my yoga pants all week. I KNOW. It’s pathetic. I’ll blame it on post-vacation blues. I’m not really blue, though. It’s just been one of those weeks where I’m going nowhere and can’t seem to get up the gumption to get gussied up.

In light of all that . . . I thought I’d try something new. A Fashion Friday Q&A!

What do you want to know? It can be something for a future blog post, like how to wear a certain color or trend . . . or it can be something personal about my own fashion habits or philosophies. I’ll either answer in the comments, or I’ll tuck it away for a future Fashion Friday post. Or both!

Go ahead. Lay it on me.

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