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It’s that time again! BlogHer Conference season is upon us, and the biggest question (beyond which parties you are going to attend) is what are you going to wear?????

I spent weeks before my first BlogHer conference planning and coordinating outfits. Last year, my BlogHer invite was so last minute, I didn’t have time to stress. And this time, I’m pretty much over it. I have a lot of great clothes in my closet, and I’m happy to wear what I’ve got.

But then I received an offer I couldn’t refuse. A company called Eyeona offered to outfit me for BlogHer. Well, that changes matters a bit, doesn’t it??? A reason to shop . . . I love my job!!

First, let me tell you about Eyeona. Then I’ll show you what I bought, and you can help me decide what to keep and what to return.

About Eyeona

Eyeona is actually an app that helps you save money AFTER you shop. Yes, I said after!!

You know how you go shopping, you come home proudly sporting your new purchase, and then a couple of days later you find out the clothes you bought have been marked down??? Boo. We all hate that. Many times you can get a price adjustment, but many times you don’t even find out they were marked down AFTER the price protection policy expires.

Not so with Eyeona!!!!!

Eyeona has partnered with hundreds of major brands and they track your purchases and let you know when the price of an item you bought has been reduced. They also know the price protection policy for each retailer and let you know how long you have to get your price adjustment. How awesome is that!?? I am already getting email notifications from purchases I made prior to signing up with Eyeona. Basically, any receipt that comes to my email is included. (You tell them which email account to watch.)

Here are my buys. Several have a claim in progress! Eyeona has ALREADY saved me over $100 — before I even signed up!


Now some of you are saying, that’s all fine and good, but I don’t have time to run around town getting price adjustments. I just watch until the price gets into my budget. Well, Eyeona helps with that too!

Got your eye on a great pair of shoes (get it? EYE ON A? clever, eh??) but they are a bit out of your price range? No worries. You can add them to your Watch List. Eyeona will let you know when the price drops. BOOYAH!

You can even tell them what you’re willing to pay, and they won’t email you until or unless they come down to that price.

Download their app and you can enter products as you shop.

What I Bought

As I said, I have a pretty decent conference wardrobe already established, so if I was going to shop, I wanted to buy something I didn’t already have in my closet (in other words, not another pair of jeans.)

I could really use another go-to dress or three, and I also had it in my head that I wanted a pair of dressy short shorts. If there is anywhere I would dare try out an edgy look like that, it’s at a blogging conference.

I went online to Ann Taylor and started browsing. Sure enough! They came through. I placed my order and waited anxiously for it to arrive.

I ordered these Cotton Side Zip Shorts in white. I also ordered black walking shorts. Then I picked two tops that I thought might work with either pair of shorts. And I ordered this Striped Diagonal Seamed Dress.

Ann Taylor Shopping Haul

First I tried on the dress. It was an immediate score. I never luck out with dresses, so I was thrilled with this. It is casual enough for daytime but can be dressed up at night. It’s comfortable and easy to wear. WOO!!!

Next I tried on the walking shorts with the pink ruffle top. The ruffle top did nothing for me, so I tried them on with the red cowl tank.

I still wasn’t sure, so I put them on with a CAbi top that I own and pumps instead of the strappy sandals.

Eh . . . I felt too businessy. And the word on the street (or, you know, Twitter) was that the walking shorts are a bit frumpy. So I tried it on the white shorts.

(Pardon the blurry R picture — my 6-y/o was behind the camera).

These look better than I expected. There’s potential here. Not sure about the top though. I tried them with the red one.

Getting closer? I know the shoes aren’t right. And I actually think both the top and shorts may be a size too big. I’ll need to go to the store and try the next size down. I’m sort of between sizes at the moment. Bleh.

Someone said the top would look better with a pencil skirt, and I think I agree. I think I need to keep looking, but I’m really liking the dressy short shorts. I know I won’t wear them a lot, but I think I’ll be glad I have them. I can also dress them down with flat sandals.

Speaking of Shoes . . .

Believe it or not, I don’t have the right shoes for either outfit in my closet. At first I was thinking beige pumps. After drooling over Kate Spades and Cole Haans, I came across these by You By Crocs. They don’t quite have the stye of Kate and Cole but they are so very comfy and I think I could walk all over NYC in them – and that is the most important thing at this point! Plus, the price is much more reasonable.

You by Crocs Sammilee

But after a fun convo on Twitter last night, @amyjbennett has me looking at sandals. She pointed out the Nine West Fanny Sandal, which is very cute.

Then I discovered these and these and these. OH MY! How do you CHOOSE!??

And wouldn’t these look amazing with the navy and white dress?

Nine West Boushie

I’m going to have a hard time staying under budget! Fortunately, thanks to Eyeona, I know that my Ann Taylor purchases have ALREADY had a price drop! WOO! I’ll be heading to the store this weekend to get my price adjustment and to try on some other sizes and perhaps another top.

But I think I’m off to a good start. There are 4 days of the conference. With these 2 new outfits and a couple old standbys, I think I’ll be good to go come next Thursday.

The key to planning a conference wardrobe is comfort, versatility and a little bit of fun. I like to mix a few new outfits with a few old faithfuls.

Tell me what you think about my choices so far. What should I keep? Return? What would you put with those white shorts?

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15 Responses

  1. Not going to blogher this year but I know if I was I would be STRESSING OUT about what to wear and all that jazz. I love that dress!! So pretty and yes those navy/white wedges would look super with it!! Also, I like those nude pumps. I think I have a thing for nude clothes & shoes. =)

  2. You never cease to amaze me with your amazing style! I LOVE all of the shoes you picked out! The shorts are really cute with that top, and it adds a really sophisticated feel to the entire look. I say keep everything! 🙂

  3. Hi! So this is my first time commenting on your blog. Rather ashamed to admit this as I’ve been following for quite a while now. Now…I’m no fashionista but I do have a few suggestions for the white shorts (since you asked). I love your style and my first choice would be a bit “off the beaten path” but how about a “flow-y” top? (https://www.polyvore.com/short_shorts_tank_top_outfit/set?id=35553992) If that is too much, you could always go with one of your favorite dressy t-shirts and add a super light weight jacket with the sleeves rolled up. That is my all time favorite look. All conservative and put together with an edge. Know what I mean? Either way, I know you will totally rock your wardrobe!

  4. I definitely think you can dress those white shorts up or down. I agree the walking shorts don’t really do anything for you. As for being between sizes, I think I’ve always lived between sizes, just the sizes I’m in between changes! Good luck when ya hit the store!

  5. I can’t believe those heels are from crocs! They are my favorites with the Nine West pair at a close second. So cute!

  6. I really like the dress on you. I’m not a big fan of walking shorts, on anyone. All of the shoes are cute.

    I have a teacher blogging friend going to BlogHer for the first time, and I directed her to this post.

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