Fashion Friday: Window Shopping

Let’s do some window shopping today, shall we? It’s the first of the month and budgets are fresh, but then again, it is holiday season so I have a hard time shopping for myself at this time of year. But it’s always fun to dream!

Yesterday on our fashion blog, All Things Chic, Melissa posted about winter white coats. I am a sucker for winter white — it’s just so . . . I dunno . . . fresh and wintry! LOL. It reminds me of frost on the window panes and new-fallen show. I actually have a white puffy coat with a silver fur-lined hood that I adore. But her post is making me dream of a winter white dress coat.

Like this simple peacoat at Macy’s. (Incidentally, Macy’s is currently offering 20% off and free shipping with promo code PERFECT.)

winter white calvin klein peacoat

Although it probably does make sense to go with a longer style, because of the long sweater trend these days. And I like the texture (and the price!!) on this one by Alfani.

alfani textured winter white coat

Ooooh, but check out this plaid belted peacoat at White House Black Market.

plaid peacoat

I still would love to have a cape, and this Buckle Front Cape might just be the ticket. It’s on sale too. WOO!

I am quickly becoming a fan of Free People (the orange cowl neck sweater that I wear so much is by Free People). They definitely aren’t cheap, but they are made well and are really eye-catching. I always get compliments when I wear that sweater, and right now I’m drooling over this Beached Shell Cardigan. I just can’t decide which color I like best. I love how they pair the black with burnt orange jeans. Hmmmm…

Speaking of the burnt orange jeans, colored jeans are still on my wish list. I usually have to break into a new trend gently, so I doubt I’d go for red or orange for my first pair. I was thinking about a nice rich plum or bordeaux. Like these Joe’s Visionaire Skinny Jeans in Raisin Deep Purple. Too bad they are sold out of my size. At that price, I might be tempted!!

And these Gap Skinny Boot Corduroys are actually calling my name. I have gray corduroy skinny jeans but I like the look of this slim boot fit.

Gap 1969 Skinny Boot Corduroy Pants

Wouldn’t they look great with this Organic Cotton Rib Zip Hoodie at Athleta?

Athleta Organic Cotton Rib Zip Hoodie

I’m looking to replace my pink and gray sweater hoodie that I used to wear all the time until it shrunk up on me and the sleeves got too short (major pet peeve!) The sleeves on this one are nice and long and they even have the thumb holes for extremely cold days. I love plum and gray together but I can’t decide which combination I like better. The purple with gray from above? Or gray with purple?

Athleta Organic Cotton Rib Zip Hoodie

I have a purple tank that would be perfect under this gray one, but I could wear the purple one with my gray cords. I guess is what they would call a 1st world problem, eh?

I’m also hankering for some really nice cashmere lined leather gloves. I’ve never had a pair, have you? These are gorgeous. I love the bow detail. And the price is surprisingly modest!

cashmere lined leather gloves

I’m thinking the tobacco color would go with just about everything. But wouldn’t the red be smashing with my gray peacoat? Hmmm…

Are you surprised there are no boots on my wish list? I suppose I have enough boots! If there is one thing I’d like to have but probably won’t invest in for fear I wouldn’t get enough wear out of them, it’s a pair of sleek black dress boots. Something like the Stuart Weitzman Jefe in black suede would do.

stuart weitzman Jefe boot

Hey, if you’re gonna window shop, you might as well do it in style, right? (And no, I would NEVER pay that for a pair of boots… not if I value my marriage, anyway!!) But seriously, aren’t you drooling?? Wouldn’t they be AMAZING with my purple dress??

So why don’t you join me?? What are you window shopping for today?? 

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15 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Window Shopping

  1. Those boots are beautiful! I have a pair of black dress boots (and brown too) that I have had for 4 years or so and I love them. That style of boot will never go out of style, so it is worth buying a good pair (I didn’t click the link, so don’t know price, but you can find good ones for around $100) in my opinion. I wear mine with dress pants, jeans, and skirts and dresses. I like the purple sweater better–could be passed off as a little dressier than the gray I think. And I am still not into the colored jeans/pants trend, but I do like the gray corduroy pants.

  2. I love that cardi in Cayenne, but I think you should get the gray one; the Cayenne is too close to the Copper sweater you already have. IMHO. 🙂

  3. I know of a certain shopping bag now on it’s way to PA, which would go great with burnt orange 🙂

    I look forward to the day when a white coat will be feasible again – too many sticky fingers still around!

  4. I love the idea of a white coat but I just see many, many coffee stains on it…it might just look like a giraffe print after a while. 🙂 I like the purple Hoodie!

  5. I have that buckle cape from Piperlime – I got it in the brown plaid earlier this fall, and not on sale! (hhmmph!) 😀 Love it

    1. well. there you go. Now I won’t order it. I hate ordering from P-lime because I’ve had such lousy CS in the past, but I was close to ordering.

  6. So I have to ask; what is with the sales people always following you around the store, and asking “what are you looking for” or “do you need any help” ? I ask you, do women need help picking out their own cloths, and since when do most of us “know” what we want. We browse, and it just presents itself. Never do I just want a black blouse or pair of purple shorts. I have to look around, cause there just might be something I never knew I couldn’t live without. This should be to the stores benefit. Why do they all think that I need their help to pick out something specific?? This just turns me off and makes me want to leave!

    1. If I’m in the mood, I ask for sure. Sales people know how a lot of the clothing looks on — and it’s often very different than on the hanger. My favorite is when I’m shopping WHBM because they just go ahead and put extras in your dressing room. You don’t have to try on, but it’s fun to try what they’re suggesting for you.

      But if I’m not in the mood, It’s easy for me to just say “no thanks, just looking” and keep shopping.

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