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I didn’t take many photos during our Thanksgiving vacation, but I have a few from the week before that I never posted. I suppose that counts, right? I truly did take a blogging break over the holidays, and I have to say, it was incredibly refreshing. I hardly ever take an intentional blogging break — mainly because blogging is much more of an outlet than a chore. In fact, I probably prioritize blogging much more highly than I should. Like, right now, I have 155 things to do that require submitting an invoice, but instead, here I sit, navel gazing. Ahhh… to live the life of a blogger.

So anyway. Here’s what I’ve got. And I have no idea what day I wore what and what the weather was like. I can barely remember what the weather was like yesterday, much less last week. So this is the Cliff’s Notes version.

This was just any old day. Actually, I think I wore this to Parent Visitation Day at my kids’ school. It’s coming back to me now. The green cardi is from Nordstrom (it might sound fancy, but it wasn’t terribly expensive, if I recall) and the tan cords are ones you’ve seen many times before. With brown suede boots from the Nine West Outlet and my Studio Jewel Encircled Earrings and Necklace. The bag is an oldie but goodie from Fossil. I like combining different shades of brown.

casual mom style

This was another ordinary day. I truly don’t have a clue what I was doing that day although I did wear a cashmere sweater so I must have gone somewhere. This outfit was inspired by the gray boots. It was chilly and I wanted to wear the boots because they are so cozy and warm. And for some reason I decided I wanted to wear something neutral to pull from the cream lining. This sweater is a little bit short, but I made it work (in other words, I tugged on it all day, lol.) And the gray pea coat gives the outfit structure and keeps the gray and cream theme going. I really like it although I wouldn’t have thought to pair gray and cream if I hadn’t been inspired by the boots, I don’t think.




Finally, this photo is from the Philly Social Media Moms Holiday Party on Monday night. I will be telling you more about it soon!

what to wear to a holiday party

I absolutely adore this dress. A.D.O.R.E. I have a hard time finding dresses I feel good in, but I hit the jackpot with this one. I bought it at Bloomingdales during their PINK event so I got it at 20% off, but even so, it was a bit of a splurge. And I’m glad I did! You will soon tire of it as I am sure I will wear it to every dressy event for the next two years at least. {And no, that is not a kleenex sticking out of my boot; it is a business card (because that is so much more classy than a tissue). Hey, I didn’t have a pocket. What’s a girl to do!?}

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  1. I really like your first outfit. I know it’s just an “everyday” outfit, but it is very flattering – the cut and colors – and very put together. Perfect for going to the kids’ school without being overdressed.

    1. Thanks, friend! I haven’t forgotten about sending my jewelry (although I’m sure are crazy busy now anyway) – I need to get to the post office for Christmas stamps so I plan to take it then.

  2. Where are the grey boots in the second set of pictures, and the dark brown boots in the next to last set from? They look like they have a warm, fuzzy lining!!

    1. They gray boots are Uggs from last year, but I think they are still available at Zappos. And the brown boots are from the Nine West Factory Outlet (this year, so they may still have them.) 🙂

  3. The dress is perfect. Looks so good on you. The last outfit is totally something I would wear, except regular jeans and converse. No need for Uggs in TX!

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