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Fridays have a way of creeping up on me and catching me unawares, and honestly, I had no plans for this week’s fashion topic. Maybe I should ask for questions. Not that I’m an expert on matters of fashion, mind you. But I do usually have an opinion. And you know what they say about those…

This is that awkward time of year when you still have some cool days but you don’t want to put on a wool sweater. I’m kind of tired of wearing hoodies and the same bright orange cardigan so I ventured into Banana Republic when I was at the mall spending my Gymbucks the other day.

Have you noticed the new sweater length that is popular now?  It’s 3/4 length, I guess — it hits right below the hips.


I dunno, I can’t help but feel like an old school marm wearing my sweaters that length, but it’s just about all that’s out right now. They are comfy, though, and I did pick one up.

Then I got an email in my inbox one day last week declaring that puffed sleeves are making a comeback. In fact, word has it that “Elisabeth Hasselbeck recently wore a puff sleeved taffeta blouse by Teri Jon on the show. Looking spring-ready in hot pink, she paired Teri Jon’s taffeta blouse with shoulder detail with her favorite pair of jeans and matching pumps.”


And would you like to know the price of this fashionable frock? A mere $295. No, I didn’t forget a decimal point. But I’m sure, if it floats your boat, you can find something similar at any price point.

While Elisabeth Hasselbeck certainly pulls off this look beautifully, I’m pretty sure it would do nothing for me. I’m not a ruffly girl, and puffed sleeves are right up there with ruffles among the looks that I admire from afar but keep at arm’s length. Haha, arm’s length, puffed sleeves. Oh, I’m sorry, it’s late and Survivor is waiting patiently for me to fire up the DVR.

What about you?  Puffed sleeves?  Yay or nay?  And am I the only one thinking of Anne Shirley right now?  That is, Anne-with-an-e.

* * *

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28 Responses

  1. Big puffed sleeves like that? You have to be Elizabeth’s size to pull those off. I won’t be touching them with a ten foot pole. Love the color though.

  2. What in the world is the fashion industry coming to? First there was the bubble tops, then the stir-up pants, and now the puff-sleeve?

    Seriously, I lived through this 25 years ago, and really, it wasn’t all that cute then.

    But, I will DIE if I see the old Laura Ashley floral jumpers make a come back…Man! I should have kept mine!

  3. Anne is the first thought that popped into my head! And believe it or not, I just spent the last hour reading “Anne of the Island” on the couch. What a coincidence!

  4. This 6 foot tall well-endowed woman says, NO ONE wants to see me puffed sleeves, regardless of the fashion trends.

    But the color (though not my personality), is gorgeous!! 🙂

  5. Puffed sleeves are an invention of the devil. I have a really large chest and have never been able to wear puffy sleeves. I got married in 1990. Do you remember the styles from those years? Every single bridal shop I walked in I sad the same thing, “I want a dress that does NOT have puffy sleeves.” Can you even begin to imagine how hard that was to find?

  6. Taffeta? Wait…did you say taffeta? No. I had a taffeta Christmas dress in 1984. I have no plans to ever wear taffeta again. And puffed sleeves would make me look…well, we just won’t go there.

  7. When I saw the photo of the puffed sleeves, I went back in time. 1989… Homecoming Dance. I looked pretty sweet and my hair was all permed, aqua-netted and banana-clipped out. I think I had dye-to-match shoes. Oh yeah.. good times. I remember I couldn’t lift my arms to slow dance to Richard Marx. So… puffy sleeves.. you were great back in ’89. But, I am not too sure about 2010!
    But, that BR cardigan… yummy. That is my uniform: cardigan/flats. Everyday.
    Love your blog. LOVE IT!!!!!

  8. Puffed sleeves are in this season, just not typically that big! I’d never wear it because 1) I’m not petite 2) I have a big chest, and those are both huge no-no’s combined together! Plus, did anyone notice that her puffy sleeves rival the size of her head? Reminds me of my bff’s prom dress in 1992, still called the “three headed dress”.

  9. 3/4 length cardigan – yes. Puffed sleeves – they are going to have to grow on me. Definitely Anne-with-an-E. Love that movie.

  10. I def. am digging the cardigan and chunky necklace thing.

    And I do think the puff-sleeve has a place, just not sure it’s my carpool line. I would wear Elizabeth’s look to an event in NYC though:)

  11. Puffed sleeves – no thank you at my age and body type
    Long cardigans – sure ~ but why not have the shorter ones in the stores, too. Guess I will see what the the second had shops have ~ since, I am apparently out of style …. and loving it! LOL

  12. Love the cardigan too. I recently read, though to be careful of this sweater length that is all the rage, as it can add bulk to the hips depending on where it falls on you…especially if it has pockets there. I think if it has a v-neck and 3/4 length sleeves, it’s more slimming. Puffy sleeves look cute on a cute, thin person. My armpits are sweating just thinking about wearing a tight-fitting taffeta shirt. Maybe the puffy sleeves would detract the attention away from the underarms. 😉

  13. 3/4 cardigans are okay, I’ve got a couple, but I prefer my cropped one.

    I’m a no on the puffy sleeves, though. My shoulders are wide enough, they don’t need any help.

  14. Oh no! No puffed sleeves for this gal…Good gracious…I didn’t even wear them in the 80’s LOL…not gonna start now. I have very broad shoulders, so can you just imagine what that would look like?

  15. Puffed sleeves…ugh! I’ve never liked them and only accepted them as appropriate fashion when Ann-with-an-e wore them LOL Of couse, I’m not a girly girl either. Pass on frills, ruffles and bows over here! 🙂

    I DO like that sweater though! The length is perfect for me.

  16. I like puffy sleeves.. but only to an extent. I think in that picture, those sleeves might be a tad bit too puffy. But I have found that a slight puff isn’t bad, depending on the neckline. I’m 5’8″ and I have fairly broad shoulders, but a concave chest (thanks in part to scoliosis!). So if I have a little bit of puffiness in the sleeves, plus a square neckline, it tends to work for me for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s because of the way my chest is, or what.

    I do like that cardigan, and I have one similar to it, only it’s gray. I can see why the length could be an issue, though.

  17. oh no no no. puffed sleeves??? the 3/4 sweater i can understand…but puffed sleeves would make one’s face fatter, no?

  18. I would be recruited for the Dallas Cowboys if I went out in puffed sleeves. I’m 5″10 so that would be a look that just begs for a matching jersey and a helmet on me! But it would be cute if you were like 5″2 and 90 lbs like Elizabeth.

  19. I agree with most other people here – ruffled sleeves make me look ridiculous! I do think they are cute on some people (mostly celebrities…I haven’t found that I think they are cute on very many people in person) but I just can’t pull it off. Kind of like skinny jeans, daisy dukes, and the like 🙂

  20. I say nay on the puffed sleeves look…unless it is very subtle.

    I know you didn’t put out an official “call for questions,” but here are a few anyway:
    * What shoes are acceptable to wear with summer skirts?
    * I’d like to find a pair of royal blue pumps. Recommendations?
    * What are the best shirt styles for – ahem – well-endowed women?

    Thanks in advance!

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