Fashion Friday

Fridays have a way of creeping up on me and catching me unawares, and honestly, I had no plans for this week’s fashion topic. Maybe I should ask for questions. Not that I’m an expert on matters of fashion, mind you. But I do usually have an opinion. And you know what they say about those…

This is that awkward time of year when you still have some cool days but you don’t want to put on a wool sweater. I’m kind of tired of wearing hoodies and the same bright orange cardigan so I ventured into Banana Republic when I was at the mall spending my Gymbucks the other day.

Have you noticed the new sweater length that is popular now?  It’s 3/4 length, I guess — it hits right below the hips.


I dunno, I can’t help but feel like an old school marm wearing my sweaters that length, but it’s just about all that’s out right now. They are comfy, though, and I did pick one up.

Then I got an email in my inbox one day last week declaring that puffed sleeves are making a comeback. In fact, word has it that “Elisabeth Hasselbeck recently wore a puff sleeved taffeta blouse by Teri Jon on the show. Looking spring-ready in hot pink, she paired Teri Jon’s taffeta blouse with shoulder detail with her favorite pair of jeans and matching pumps.”


And would you like to know the price of this fashionable frock? A mere $295. No, I didn’t forget a decimal point. But I’m sure, if it floats your boat, you can find something similar at any price point.

While Elisabeth Hasselbeck certainly pulls off this look beautifully, I’m pretty sure it would do nothing for me. I’m not a ruffly girl, and puffed sleeves are right up there with ruffles among the looks that I admire from afar but keep at arm’s length. Haha, arm’s length, puffed sleeves. Oh, I’m sorry, it’s late and Survivor is waiting patiently for me to fire up the DVR.

What about you?  Puffed sleeves?  Yay or nay?  And am I the only one thinking of Anne Shirley right now?  That is, Anne-with-an-e.

* * *

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