Fashion Meme From A to Z

My favorite two things.  Memes and fashion! It doesn’t get much better than that! Feel free to play along!

A: What Accessories do you wear everyday?

My watch, my wedding rings on my left hand, my anniversary band on my right hand, and diamond earrings. Remember, ladies, “The only thing that separates from the animals is our ability to accessorize!”

B:  What is your Beauty routine?

My mother brought me up right. I never go to bed without taking off my makeup. And until my 3rd child came along, I never left the house without my face on.  I admit, though, I’ve become quite lax about putting my face on since child #3 came into the picture.

C:  What was the last item of Clothing that you purchased for yourself?

Cropped khakis from the Gap. Can you tell I’m dying for spring!?

D:  Do you use a Dresser, closet, or both?


E:  What type of Earrings are in your ears right now?

Diamond studs. I wanted diamond earrings for about 10 years before I finally got them, so now I wear them ALL the time.

F:  What type of Figure do you have?

Not sure how to answer this one! Average height, average weight.

G:  Do you wear Glasses?

Nope. Contacts.

H:  What type of Handbag do you carry?

I go for small, cute handbags, and I change them out to go with my outfit.

I:  What is your Ideal style?

Gap for casual, Ann Taylor for dress-up.

J:  What Jewelry are you wearing right now?

My watch, rings, and earrings.

K:  Do you wear Knee-hi stockings?

Nope.  Never.

L:  Do you *have* to wear matching Lingerie?

Um.  No.  They don’t MAKE matching lingerie in my size, ahem.

M:  Do you wear Makeup, and if so, what products do you use?

I use both Lancome and Mary Kay products.

N:  Do you wear Nightgowns?

Nope.  I’m a pajama kind of gal.

O:  What Outerwear do you put on when going out on a typical winter day?

A coat and gloves.

P:  What is your favorite Perfume?

Eau de deodorant-of-the-month.

Q:  Is your motto “Quality over Quantity” when it comes to clothing and accessories?< I wasn't aware the two were mutually exclusive. *wink* R:  Do you wear Rainboots? Nope, never. S:  Do you wear Socks or Slippers when your feet get cold at home? Yes, usually both together.  I hate to have cold piggies. T: Do you have a set of Travel luggage? I have luggage, but it's mismatched. U:  What is your daily Uniform? If I'm going somewhere that I care what I look like, jeans or cords (winter) or capris (summer) and a fitted t-shirt, usually v-neck. If I'm sticking around the house, old sweatpants and an old baggy t-shirt. It ain't purty. V:  If you are married, did you wear a Veil with your wedding dress? If not, how did you do your hair? Yes to the veil, although it didn't cover my face. I wore my hair in a french twist. W:  Do you wear a Watch? Yep!  Always. I can't stand to be without it. X:  What item of clothing always makes you feel eXtremely beautiful?  A flattering dress, I guess, not that I have one at the moment, lol. I have gotten into the habit of wearing dress pants instead of skirts or dresses. Y:  What is your favorite type of Yarn? Yarn?  Do they mean in the clothing I wear? Then definitely cashmere. It's warm without being bulky or scratchy, and it just feels divine. Z:  Do you prefer Zippers or button? On what?? LOL! I guess zippers. Tag!  You're it!

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3 thoughts on “Fashion Meme From A to Z

  1. I’ll play along sometime between now and Monday. This weekend is gonna be crazy. So I’m all curious about this statement in your meme…..”They don’t MAKE matching lingerie in my size.” You look really slender so I know it can’t be because of being big.

  2. A) What on earth does “meme” mean? I know it has to be one of those questionnaires, but other than that I do not know.

    B) Love love love your little purse. I have a purse closet. I told this to an old boyfriend once, and he said, “I am so glad I didn’t marry you.”

    C) I am with Tonya, up there, re the sizes of the lingerie. I feel a little creepy wondering about your lingerie, tho…

    D) I do the “this person is too cool for me and doesn’t want to be friends” thing. Sad. My friend Renee thought the same thing about me. And look at us now! Well, you can’t. We’re good friends. Nuff said.

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