Fashion Over 40 | Daily Mom Style 10.16.13


Happy Wednesday! Once again I’m sharing some of my favorite outfits from the week and hoping to inspire you to try a new trend or maybe just get out of your yoga pants if you’ve fallen into a fashion rut. That’s easy to do, especially when you spend most of your days at home with nothing but the whir of the washing machine for company.

I will admit, I am sitting here typing this post in my yoga pants and favorite hoodie, so I won’t judge you if you’re not dressing to the nines every day of the week, but sometimes it’s fun to try a new look or just take a little extra time in front of the bathroom mirror. I always maintain that I’m more efficient when I feel put together. Here’s what I’ve got.


I threw on this color block sweater and my skinny jeans to wear to a doctor appointment when we were in the throws of the monsoon last week. I like how this outfit looks put together even though it’s nothing very creative. It doesn’t take any more effort to pull on jeans and a sweater than it does to pull on yoga pants and a hoodie. That is, of course, unless you slept in said yoga pants . . . not that I’d know anything about THAT! Ahem.

color blocking

I wore chunky silver hoop earrings and a silver link bracelet, and since it was rainy I pulled out these old black boots because I didn’t care if they got wet. (I really, really need rain boots!! I say this every time it rains, but so far I haven’t taken the plunge.)


I wore this outfit on Saturday to run errands and supervise my daughter’s gymnastics lesson. I always feel like I need to wear something slightly edgy with these moto-inspired jeans, but I don’t really have a lot of edgy in my wardrobe, so I paired them with this teal top from LOFT and called it a day. The Silpada mixed stone necklace was my attempt at accessorizing. I like the added touch of the snakeskin belt, a recent purchase from Francesca’s, and I wore my Taos ballet flats for comfort.

moto jeans with teal top


On Sunday I decided it was time to put a cute outfit together. I was inspired by this outfit on Pinterest.

striped sweater leopard scarf

Even though I have red jeans, I thought it might be fun to try the look with my green jeans. This was my first attempt. Clearly it wasn’t working for me.

leopard scarf NOT

I think it’s because my striped sweater is navy and the one in the picture is black. I guess. So I perused Pinterest some more and found this.

chambray with red and leopard

I have a chambray shirt, but I didn’t really want to wear it to church so I thought perhaps a denim jacket would create the same effect. I already had on my green jeans so I kept them on, and I just pulled on a plain white tee underneath. I think red would have been better, but this works okay.

I tried looping the scarf three times instead of two, but I think it looks like I’m wearing a stylish neck brace. I’m choking . . .

leopard with white
SO I took it off, looped it only twice, and finally I ended up with this!

leopard with green and denim

I’m still not LOVING it. The white shirt is rather stark, and I never know if I should put a scarf under or over the collar of my jean jacket. I tried it both ways and this seemed to make the most sense.

Y’all. Fashion is HARD!

I love my jewelry though. Earrings and bracelet are from Francesca’s.


Holy closeup, Batman!!!

Okay, you can’t see the earrings very well. But look at the bracelet. Fun!? I think Francesca’s is going to be a serious addiction. Their prices are super reasonable too.

fashion jewelry


The only other noteworthy outfit this week is one I wore to my girls’ school to work the book fair. I always like working the book fair. You get to stand behind a cash register and ring up orders. I always did love working a cash register. Little known fact about me: I worked at Victoria’s Secret summers and Christmases during college. Plus I love seeing all the kids parading by in their various classes on their way to gym or lunch.

Any-who. I wore my camo pants with Toms desert booties. I mean, they are MY desert booties, by this really cool company called Toms . . . I’m sure you get the drift. (In case you’re wondering, I am not affiliated with Toms; I just like these booties and think the company has an awesome mission.)

camo pants with toms desert booties

I wore a gray tee because I like the casual effect against the camo. It was a bit chilly when I left the house, so I threw on my trusty jean jacket. I loved the cropped silhouette of this jean jacket. This was a spontaneous CAbi purchase, which I felt silly making because I had at the time 2 other jean jackets in my closet. I have since tossed both of those because this is the only one I ever want to wear. Unfortunately it is no longer available, but I did find this cropped jean jacket from LOFT that is similar.

camo pants with denim jacket

See those wire shelves in the background, propped up against the wall in the dining room? They’re the ones my husband took out of the pantry. They’ll probably be there till Christmas, cuz that’s how we roll.

The bracelet was from Madewell a few years ago, I picked up the brown leather belt at Gap back in the summer, and the earrings and necklace are Studio Jewel.

camo closeup

I love the zipper details on the jeans. Unfortunately they’re sold out of all but a few sizes. If you’re a two or a 20, grab ’em now before they’re gone!

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