On Being Busy


I’ve been noticing something disturbing lately.

Somehow we have begun to glorify the busy.

It almost seems like the busier we are, the better we feel about ourselves.

Every time I see someone I haven’t seen in a week or two, the conversation always seems to go something like this:

“Hey! How are you?”

“Great, you?”


“How was your week?”

“Good . . . BUSY!”

“Yeah, me too!”

“Whew . . . ”

Commence listing all the many things we managed to fit into the last week.

We nod along and commiserate with each other and then move along to have a similar conversation with the next person.

No one means any harm in it. Often we’re just making conversation. But we’re all so busy, all we can talk about is how busy we are.

It’s almost as if we’re trying to out-busy each other.

You see this all the time with the mommy wars — whoever is busiest has the most important job, right?

The busy contest also carries over into relationships. If I can prove that I had a busier day or week or month than my husband, than I get the break and he has to take the brunt of the household chores or kid duty or whatever it is we’re arguing over.

I see it on Facebook too. You know those posts where someone lists all the many things they fit into their day. Inevitably their friends will all chime in and tell them how awesome they are.

I’ve totally fallen into that trap. Haven’t you?

We act like the one who is the busiest wins.

But what do we win?

Exhaustion? Health problems? Broken relationships? Missed opportunities?

Yes, that’s the irony. In our attempt to fit it all in, we actually miss out on life’s experiences — and usually it’s the important ones. Have you ever noticed that when you’re super busy, you barely even remember what you did?

The more we cram into our schedules, the less we enjoy the activity, and the more we miss out on because we’re so “busy” multitasking and moving onto the next thing.

We cause ourselves so much angst trying to fit it all in.


Do we REALLY have to do all the things we try to do? Surely there’s a better way.

Let’s stop the madness.

Slow down. Smell the roses. Say no to something at least once a day.

And for the love, people, let’s try to stop out-busying one another. I will if you will. Deal?