caroline's room

C has this adorable pink gingham tie-up shade on the window in her bedroom. Her window is right above her bed. You get where I am going with this.

After I spent 30 minutes folding it just so and getting the bows to look exactly the way I wanted them, I explained to C that she is not to touch the pretty curtain. (Daddy couldn’t stop rolling his eyes at the insanity of this conversation with a curious 3-year-old.) But I was optimistic. The curtain is just too cute to return. She’s an obedient child for the most part, and besides, the novelty will wear off quickly, right?

Sure enough, after several untying incidents and conversations with mom, as I predicted, the novelty wore off. The shade remains, for the most part, neatly folded and tied up with neat bows.

So this morning, I went into C’s room to find one side of the curtain untied and hanging askew.

“C!” I exclaimed. “You know you aren’t supposed to touch your curtain.”

Her earnest reply: “I didn’t, Mommy. My feets did dat.”

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