For the Love of Handbags

The last thing I need in my life is a new handbag. I have, erm, QUITE a few. But lately I’ve been getting the itch for a new summer bag. I’ve been inspired by several posts floating around the web recently.

Here are some of the ones on my Wish List. Help me decide which one should be my next victim.

This Striped Canvas Diamond Tote by R Minkoff is at the top of my list.

I can’t decide which color is my favorite. I’m a sucker for red, but the black would be so versatile. Then again, I am wearing so much pink lately, I think I might have to go with pink! What do you say? (Hat tip to Nicole at Mom Trends for turning me on to this bag.)

Now here’s one that combines black AND pink. This One Stop Shopper Tote by Nine West is affordable AND adorable.

Oh but how I adore this Kate Spade clutch. I’ve had this on my Wish List for months, but I couldn’t bite the bullet. Now it’s ON SALE! I love how the pink and orange would pop a neutral outfit. And I’ve been saying for some time that I “need” a fun clutch for going out.

kate spade new york Hopper House Little Shyla Frame - Clutch

This Elliott Lucca ‘Cordoba’ Clutch is another contender in the clutch category. I do love coral, but this isn’t nearly as fun as the Kate Spade.

Elliott Lucca 'Cordoba' Clutch in cayenne exotic

For a more neutral option, this Natasha Leather Clutch at Banana Republic is divine. I’ve been wanting to add some more snakeskin to my wardrobe. This would go with anything.

Natasha Leather Clutch

If money were no object . . .

Square Flower Print Dorothy Bag

Oh, but it is.

I do love an Orla Kiely bag.

So whaddya think? Which one should it be?? I do have a fairly significant birthday coming up. If I don’t bite the bullet myself, I think I’ll have to put a bug in someone’s ear.

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15 Responses

  1. you have to go with the minkoff stripe! the kate spade is so fun, cute & interesting and the snakeskin is awesome but i think for a “summer” look, the minkoff is the one to go with!
    personally, i love the black because it looks beachy BUT i can see it looking classy too. i love the beige details. the pink is awesome too so if you have TOO many black bags you will have to go with the pink one!

  2. Don’t go neutral, go bold for summer! I love the stripe. I see so many red handbags so the pink is a great alternative! I also am in love with the Kate Spade clutch! Why not get both?

  3. The striped canvas diamond tote in black or pink is the way to go. It is very versatile and stripes are so popular now. I just love them! Since it is a significant birthday go with the black one AND the pink one. You deserve it.

  4. I vote the black striped canvas tote with the Kate Spade clutch to tuck inside. I LOVE both of those bags and I should not have even read this post for the good of my wallet. I think I need help…lol. Is there a 12 step program for purse addiction?

  5. Oh man those striped canvas bags are amazing! I think I would go with the red. SO fun!

  6. Go with the Orla Kiely! I bought the Nine West back in March and it is already falling apart. Just saying…

  7. I totes love those Minkoff striped totes. (snort) I saw it on Pinterest while shopping around for a good bag for my friend to take as she tours Europe this summer and wanted it immediately. Have a great long weekend, friend.

  8. The black and pink one! Girly and bold, all at the same time. While I love the Kate Spade clutch, to me, that sale price is still to much money, but that’s just MY budget talking 🙁

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