Fun at Hershey

Last week my husband surprised me by reserving a day of park passes to Hershey Park as well as a room at the Hershey Lodge, so last night my children stayed at a hotel for the first time in their lives.  (I make them sound so deprived.  For some reason, we have always vacationed with family and rented houses or cabins, and we realized yesterday that our kids have actually never stayed in a regular hotel room.)

We arrived mid-afternoon and drove down Chocolate Drive, where all of the light posts have Hershey Kisses on top, and arrived at the Hershey Lodge with about half the state of Pennsylvania.  There there were scads of families with small children milling about; I guess we all decided to arrive at about the same time.  But we soon learned that Hershey almost rivals Disney in their amenities and hospitality (no, this is not a sponsored post; we just had a great time!!) and the kids enjoyed the “Kids’ Check In” station while my husband took care of the formalities.  He came away from the front desk with a full-sized Hershey bar for each one of us; those certainly didn’t last long.

The Hershey Lodge is HUH-UGE.  Seriously.  A person could get lost.  After dropping our bags in our (relatively spacious) room, we checked out the swimming pools (2 outdoor and 1 indoor).  Unfortunately it was too cold and gloomy for the outdoor pools (June?  Seriously?) and the indoor pool area was rather small.  We opted for an early dinner and TV in our room, although at 9PM when the kids were bouncing off the walls, we were gravely regretting that choice.

We contemplated dinner at the sports’ themed Bears Den, but then we opted for the more upscale Hershey Grill, which was ABSOLUTELY DIVINE.  I would drive out there again just for dinner.  I had the most delicious grouper served over a salad that was To Die For.  I ate every morsel.  Their multi-grain dinner rolls (yes, I had one; I told you I’m weak when it comes to breads and rolls) were served with the choice of herb butter or chocolate butter.  You can guess which one I chose.  And then my husband had a Resees Cup dessert that I had to seriously sit on my hands so I didn’t steal it.  But enough about the food.

This morning we took advantage of the Kids Eat Free for Breakfast deal that was part of our plan and had the breakfast buffet at the hotel before we headed over to the park for the day.  Another perk was that we were allowed to enter the park an hour earlier than regular park visitors, so we got to ride without waiting in lines for the first hour or so.  SCORE!

I had the kids stop and pose by the flowers at the entrance because I’m one of those annoying moms.


They’d much rather goof around.

C made friends with the Resees Cup guy.  She has good taste.  She got that from me.  Little R wouldn’t go near him.  She kept saying, “I shy to him.”  She better get over that, or Disney this fall is going to be IN-TER-EST-ING.


One of the kids snapped this picture.  They’re always begging to take pictures, but they don’t usually turn out well enough to post.


Why, thank you, isn’t my new hair color nice?  Buh-bye, gray!

This is C riding the Merry-Go-Round and me trying not to puke while I snapped her picture from my seat beside her sister.  That was the first and last ride I went on today.  Every party has a pooper… (or a mom with chronic vertigo)


Of course we took time out for ice cream.




By noon it was drizzling, and by 1PM it was pouring, so we left the park and went over to Chocolate World and took the Chocolate Tour Ride.  It’s just not Hershey Park without the Chocolate Tour Ride.  After that, we were all pooped, not to mention cold and soggy, so we decided to cut our losses and head home.  Had the weather been nicer, we may have gone back to the park for the water rides, but we pretty much covered the rest of the territory, which was no small feat with a 3-year-old and no stroller.  And it was actually nice to get home at a decent hour.

We’re already planning to go back next year, but I plan to order better weather.