When in doubt, make a list.

I woke up this morning FUH-REAKING out because I went to update my blog to WordPress 2.8 and ended up with some sort of error that, as usual, is written in Greek so only the geekiest code experts can decipher it.  All I know is I COULDN’T GET INTO MY BLOG!!!!!  With a little help from my good friend Lisa B, who is a WordPress WIZARD if you ever need one, we managed to disable the plugin that was causing all the trouble.  (And by we I certainly mean Lisa.  She lost me at cpanel and ftp.)  At any rate, I’m up and running again, and this is the post I wrote in TextEdit while the blog was out of commission.

* * *

There’s something distinctly unsatisfying about sending your son off for his last day of school in 60-degree weather.  This has been the ODDEST spring in the history of Pennsylvania, I’m quite sure.  But lest I spend another post complaining about the weather, let me update you on all the loose ends in my life.

1) The Vacation Saga: As soon as we heard that our beach vacation had been called off, we started scrambling to find our own place at the shore.  We actually found an adorable cottage in Cape May that we could afford, but we decided that our kids would be bored stiff without other kids to play with for an entire week, so we booked an overnight stay at Hershey Park and decided to take a few day trips to the beach throughout the summer, and we were quite content with that plan.

But as it turns out, our other family members were looking on their own as well, and we’ve been invited to share a beach house with my SIL and her family for a few days, which works out just perfectly for our budget and our sociable children.  So I get my beach vacation after all!

2) The Dress Saga: I managed to coerce girlymama to meet me at the mall on Saturday (it didn’t take much persuasion) to look for a cocktail dress.  I tried on about 20 dresses at Nordstrom and came home and ordered a few more.

And while I’d rather stick sharp objects under my fingernails than shop for dresses, I’m optimistic that SOMETHING I’ve ordered might work.  And if not, hey, there’s always trouser jeans.  It is my strong conviction that with the right shoes and accessories, trouser jeans are appropriate for any occasion.

3) The Shred Saga: I have victoriously completed eight days of the 30-Day Shred.  I’m gearing up right now for day nine.  I’m not quite ready to move up to Level Two so I think I’ll stick with Level One for another week.  It’s still kicking my trash, but every day it gets a teensy bit easier.

4) The Carb Saga: I’ve been revamping my eating habits, and so far, it’s working.  I hope I can stick with this; I really do.  Because I feel SO much better.  I’m not following a specific low-carb diet like South Beach or Atkins, nor am I trying to completely eliminate carbs from my diet.  My goal is to seriously limit simple carbs and sugar and increase veggies and protein.  I have lost a few pounds, but more importantly I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.  If anyone’s REALLY interested, I can give more details in another post.

* * *

Don’t forget that What I Learned This Week is tomorrow.

And also, over on Reviewsings, Mel is giving away recycled Post-It notes, and I’m giving away a Diane Birch album.  If you haven’t discovered her music yet, you really should check it out.

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27 thoughts on “When in doubt, make a list.

  1. Sadly I can’t get motivated to do anything! I am going to the beach in a few weeks but I that’s still not enough to make me want to work out. What’s wrong with me? I thought about you this weekend. I was out Friday night and saw someone carrying your purse from your banner. How do you know you spend too much time on the computer? When you think about people and their blogs when you are out with your real life friends!

  2. give us your carb scoop … after some really dreary days last week, I am making the carb — NO ENERGY connection and would love to hear the changes you are making. I feel like such the uneducated loser when I am looking at nutrition “stuff” … obviously needed to take a class in college on it!

  3. I would love to hear more about the diet and changes! People always rave about how much better they feel, but they never give specifics. So, share some specifics, Mama!

  4. Love most of the dresses!

    I’d like to hear more about how you’re cutting carbs, too. As I’m inching dangerously close to 40, I’m learning that I can’t abuse my body the way I used to…. but I’m not doing anything about it! I just love carbs but I’ve known for a few years that I need to make some changes…. Good for you for doing it!

  5. Carbs mess me up too, so I am glad you are finding something that is working. That can make such a huge difference.

    We have had a strange spring too, I think everyone’s has been a bit off. We had 50’s last week…stinkin chili is what it was.

    Julie at Inmates got locked out of her blog too, because of a plug-in…maybe moving is not what I want to do….

    Happy Last Day of School!!!

  6. I too am not interested in a strict diet like Atkins or South Beach, but am interested in making modifications to my diet to eat healthier and feel better…please do share.

  7. so glad the beach vacation worked out for you!

    Is the dress for Thursday? Oh boy, I haven’t even thought about what I should actually wear. Oh no, Thursdays an office day and I certainly don’t have a clue of what to wear…

    As for the shred dvd, it took me forever to move to level 2. All I have to say is I am an Anita follower all the way 🙂

  8. I would love to hear more about what you’re eating. I think I might bite the bullet and get that Shred workout too.

    All those dresses are just lovely. Some of the colors they come in are gorgeous.

  9. I hear ya on the dreary 60°weather…if I have to sit through another baseball game wearing layers, fleece or a blanket I will go crazy.
    At least you now have that Beach Vacation to look forward to…with lots of Sun & Sand!!

    Do tell about the lower carb eating plan.

  10. It’s great that you’re getting to go to the beach after all.

    And yay for doing well with the Shred and your eating plan–go you!

  11. I had the same lock-out problem. Mine read FATAL ERROR. I was sure my goose was cooked. Check out “The Back Door Was Jammed” over at Inmates for all the gory details. =)

    Loved the dressed BTW.

  12. Hi Jo-Lynne,

    I had a question about the 30-Day Shred program. I know several people who are using the DVD right now (and LOVE it), and I am on the verge of buying it, but have one question – what equipment do you need to do the DVD workouts? Any specific weights, mats or equipment? Thanks!


    PS – I’d love a post on your “carb elimination” in more detail!!!

  13. I’ve been on level 1 for almost the full 30 days… eh heh. Any day now I’ll move up to level 2.

    I’d definitely love to hear more about your ‘not-a-diet’ plan.

  14. I love that sapphire sheath dress. It’s a pretty color – vibrant and rich.

    Question: will you return the dresses that you don’t like? How will that work?

    And – yes – I would love to hear about your diet that is not a diet. 🙂

  15. Stephanie, Yeah, I’ll have to return them. I can take them back to the store, though, so that’s convenient.

  16. Sigh. I’d like to hear more about your diet. And yet, I don’t. I just made a mental list in about 0.6 seconds of things I’d gladly give up rather than carbs. Good things made it to the list.

    I started The Shred on May 19th. I still haven’t done Day 5. That seems wrong.I have to do something. My metabolism is apparently allergic to me being 39.

    So fill us in and I’ll read with just one eye open so it won’t hurt so much.

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