2020 Holiday Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

Greetings, friends! Let’s just call this the week of gift guides. Today I have the much requested Holiday Gift Ideas for Teen Boys.

Amy and I both have college-aged sons, and she also has a younger son who is still in elementary school, so we’re pretty up on what the guys like.

Our boys are very much into sports and video games, so you’ll see that reflected here. As always, if you have some other suggestions for us, please feel free to leave them in the comments!

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Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

FYI, there are more items below than featured in the graphic above. I added some onto the end after Amy made the graphic.

#1. Basketball Beanbag Toss Game ($149) // This classic games takes it up a notch with basketball shaped beanbags.

#2. Hershel RFID Bi-Fold Wallet ($38) // Boys can always use a new ultra-slim wallet, and this one has RFID technology to protect their personal information from electronic scanners.

#3. Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch ($12.26) // This stand holds the gaming system, giving him the ability to play and charge his Switch at the same time.

#4. Nike Skate Track Hoodie ($70) // This mid-weight hoodie has cool track-inspired tape down the arms, and it goes great with the pants in #5 below.

#5. Nike Tapered Training Pants ($55) // These training pants are the modern tapered fit, and the sweat-wicking fabric will help keep him dry and comfortable during and after his workout… or in our case, as he goes about his daily activities. They’re about all my son wears!

#6. Nike Zoom Rize Basketball Shoe ($75.97) // D picked these out for his birthday, so I thought I’d throw them in here. He often plays basketball with his friends, and he needed to update his shoes.

#7. Jack Black All Over Wash ($21-50) // Making grooming easier for your teen is always a plus, and this all-in-one wash will do the job.

#8. American Eagle Grinch PJ Set ($44.96) // Your teen will love these soft fleece pajamas — perfect for lounging around during the Christmas season.

#9. Spikeball Game ($59.96) // This play-anywhere game is a ball of fun, pun intended.

#10. Jack Black Intense Lip Therapy Duo ($15) // Cooler temps wreak havoc on our lips, teens included.

#11. Classic Cornhole Set ($64.99) // We’ve had so much fun with our friends’ cornhole set this year, I think it’s time to get our own. This one comes in a bunch of different patterns, and two different sizes. FYI, the 4’X 2′ is the full-size and the one I recommend.

#12. Sherpa Lined Military Jacket (74.96) // This jacket will keep him warm without cramping his style.

#13. Flannel Boxer Short Multipack ($24.46) // Who doesn’t love fun holiday-themed underwear?

#14. Basketball Hoop Trashcan ($99) // They’re doing it anyway, might as well give them something to bounce the trash off of.

#15. Rocket Wave Smart Notebook and Pen ($22.01) // This is such a cool concept — it’s an 80-page notebook that can be sent right to the Cloud (using the Pocketbook app.) Then put it in the microwave to clear all the pages and use them again. It’s a Never-Ending Notebook!

#16. Vegan Leather Caramel Modern Lounger ($199-$229) // We got D a huge beanbag chair when he got his apartment, and he loves that thing. This vegan leather lounger takes that up a notch or three!

#17. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer ($10.99) // Help him stay alert and keep his coffee warm while he’s studying in the winter months. Also a nice one for college kids.

#18. X-Box One ($299.99) // The cool thing about this system is there’s no need to purchase and keep track of games; you can purchase them online and download them right to your system.

#19. Minnetonka Tilden Moccasin ($54.95) // Because boys like slippers too… okay, D has never worn slippers a day in his life, but I think he would like them if he gave them a try. I may get him a pair this year since he’s home so much.

#20. JBL Portable Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker $109 // D asked for this last year, and he uses it all the time. He often takes it with him when he goes to play basketball or football with the guys, and he uses it at home in his room… and yes, in the shower.

#21. Razor RipStik Caster Board $79 // This was a big hit last Christmas with our whole family. It was R’s gift, but D enjoys it too.

#22. Philips Norelco Shaver $69 // If you want them to shave, make it easy. D asked for this last year for Christmas, and he likes that he can use it wet or dry. It also has the sideburn trimmer and a nice carrying case.

#23. Apple AirPods // AirPods were a huge hit with all three of my kids last year. If you are shopping for a teen that doesn’t have a pair yet, I’m going to guess they would love to get them. Even my one child who has an Android phone uses Apple AirPods with it.

#24. Madewell Three-Pack Face Masks $24 // What would a 2020 holiday gift guide be without face masks? I think these from Madewell look very manly and stylish.

Need more ideas? Take a look at my Gift Guide for the Guys! There are a lot of “crossover” gifts in there that would work well for older teens and college boys as well.

I’d love to hear what your teen boys are asking for… or what you’re getting them for Christmas or Hanukkah this year.

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17 Responses

  1. I second the slippers! I got my son a pair last Christmas on a whim and he raved about them and continues to wear them all the time! I also got a pair for my brother and he was way more excited about them than I thought he would be!

  2. Slippers were always a hit! My eldest son was more artsy so we used to give him art kits from Michael’s. My youngest son is now into baking and I’m planning on giving him a proofing pad.

  3. I just ordered 4 of the Rocket notebooks — my 21-year-old son is getting one, and also his older sister and parents! 🙂 To share another gift idea: the Simple Human touchless soap dispenser is fantastic! Bought one for the kitchen, and getting another to hold their new hand sanitizer. It holds a charge forever!

  4. wow thank you so much for this. I have a freshmen in college. The jacket and all the nike look nice. will be ordering. 

  5. THANK YOU!  While I don’t have any teen boys or young men to buy for, perusing through this post reminded me of a little extra something I can get for Larry, house shoes.  The last pair I bought for him is the mule style, and he told me me prefers enclosed heals.  That’s something I can order from a store where he won’t get an email notification, like on Amazon Prime.  And you showed some really cool things that I had no idea existed, so my knowledge has been expanded a little.  I hope that you have another productive day!

  6. Hi Jo-Lynne.  For your colder runs, I recommend the LuluLemon Chase the Chill tights.  Susan from your FB group recommended them, so I ordered them and they are perfect for cold weather.  They also have a pant that you can wear a light layer under.  Perfect for me at high altitude, 7500’.  Our morning lows have been 10-20, and I’ve been comfortable. I’m walking though, not running as you do. I’m slow as molasses.

  7. Great ideas. The notebook is so cool and it will go to a granddaughter. The Grinch pjs are great but they do not come as the price you quote. Is there a code to use to get your better price?
    Slippers are really the best idea for hubby! Thanks!

  8. Thanks Jo-Lynne for all the great ideas! I’m sure I will be returning to this post several times over the next month!

  9. Wow!!!! Just reading this. Great list. Don’t have any teens to buy for but someday. You really did good on this post. Lots of work. 

  10. At Thanksgiving, our grandsons and parents were having fun with the Klask game. Thanks for your suggestions. I always need good gift suggestions.

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