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Gift Guide for the Guys

Greetings, and happy Thursday! As the counting of votes wages on… let’s talk about gifts for the guys.

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As you may know, I have an assistant named Amy who helps me with some of the behind-the-scenes, and one of her biggest tasks is helping me out with my holiday gift guides every year. She is my age, she’s married to a guy who works in IT, and she has a son in college. We kind of live parallel lives.

She and I worked together to come up with this gift guide for the guys, and I hope it’s helpful!

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Guys

We really outdid ourselves this year. We could only fit 16 items in the graphic, but there are 27 on this list!

Amy and I love Uncommon Goods for clever gift ideas, so there are a lot of those on this list. We also did quite a bit from Amazon because they’re so easy to order from and accessible to most. Then there are a few clothing items from some of our favorite retailers… ahem, Nordstrom.

#1. Guardman 11-in-1 Beer Opener Survival Credit Card Tool ($7.99) // This nifty tool fits in his wallet, makes a great stocking stuffer!

#2. Beer Chilling Coasters ($35-$45) // For the beer-loving guy… these coasters look great and keep his drink cold.

#3. Commuter Gloves ($55) // He will stay warm and connected with his smartphone in these rugged gloves by The North Face.

#4. Tile Pro ($48.99) // Help him find his keys, wallet, phone ON HIS OWN.

#5. 1901 Solid Crewneck Sweater ($49.50) // This is a great closet basic for a guy of any age, but it looks more youthful to me. Amy found it, but I’m thinking of getting one for David. It would be perfect for our family pictures…

#6. Basketball Leather Travel Pouch ($139) // Got a basketball fan? This dop kit is crafted from the same leather that’s used to make professional basketballs, and you can have it monogrammed too.

#7. UGG Reynold Jogger Lounge Pants ($75) //Because guys like to be cozy too.

#8. Kiehl’s Healthy Hands Trio ($29.75) //Paul is always asking me for hand lotion in the winter months. With this nifty gift set, he’ll have his own!

#9. Herschel Fitted Face Mask ($14.99) // Stocking stuffer idea! I never imagined I’d be putting face masks on my holiday gift guides, but Covid. This mask is made from three breathable layers, and it provides a full-coverage fit with an adjustable nose bridge and adjustment ear loops.

#10. Herschel Novel Duffle Bag ($90) //Always a useful gift, this is perfect for guys in college as well — David always used a duffle when he traveled back and forth on the weekends.

#11.Grand Grill Daddy Grill Cleaning Brush ($79.95) // How cool is this grill cleaning brush?

#12. Men’s Pajama Sets ($29-$49) //Macy’s has a nice selection of men’s pajama sets, and they’re 30% off through November 9th with code FRIEND! I always get Paul and the kids pajama sets to open on Christmas Eve, and I just put this one in my shopping cart.

#13. Classic Pigskin Leather Catchall Tray ($99) // This makes a nice piece to set on his dresser to collect all the odds and ends from his pockets, and it can be personalized as well.

#14. Xero Prio Sneakers ($94.99-$131.49)  // Paul is obsessed with his Xeros. He wears them all the time with jeans around the house, and out walking in the evenings.

#15. Native Union Dock Wireless Charger ($79.99) // A wireless charger with a timeless, attractive design, and it doubles as a smartphone stand. It works with iPhone and other Qi-compatible devices, and it would look really nice on his desk or dresser.

#16. Dodow – Sleep Aid Device  ($59.80) // For they guy who has trouble sleeping, this metronome light system teaches how to fall asleep naturally, without taking any medicine.

#17. Anatomy of Sports Coasters ($45) // These coasters are fun, and you can choose from like 10 different sports.


#18. Geode Puzzle ($65) // Love this clever take on a puzzle.

#19. Stadium Artifacts Beer Caddy ($295-$350) // This is more of a splurgy gift, but if you have a dedicated sports fan and beer lover and you’re stumped for a clever gift, this six-pack beer caddy is made with a handle from an authenticated, game-used MLB bat or NHL hockey stick. These are selling fast, so hop on it!

#20. Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane ($50) // Not so much a sports fan? Maybe he will enjoy this. You fold the plane (made of a crash-proof carbon fiber), attach the Bluetooth device, download the app, and let it fly!

#21. Embossed Italian Leather Cocktail Shaker ($145) // If you’ve got a guy on your list who enjoys making cocktails, this is a fun gift. Paul has become quite the cocktail maker as of late, and I think it’s hilarious that this actually is shown with his initial on it.

#22. GrowlerWerks Go ($99) // This 64 oz. growler is made from vacuum-insulated, double-walled stainless steel and keeps beer, champagne, carbonated cocktails, and other sparkling beverages carbonated and fresh for weeks.

#23. Native Union Curve AirPod Case ($19.99) // Protect their investment with this stylish AirPod case — makes a great stocking stuffer.

#24. Better Sweater Quarter Zip Pullover ($119) // Yes, I do realize these are on my men’s gift guide every year, but they’re such great fall/winter wardrobe basics. Every guy needs a couple.

#25. Walnut Grill Tool Set ($69.95) // Update or upgrade his grilling tools. Williams Sonoma has lots of outdoor grilling tools and gift sets, but this small one caught my eye — probably because we need new grilling tongs.

#26. YETI Rambler ($24.98) // Everyone loves this gift, but the stainless one looks particularly manly, dontchathink? I have it in the white, and it keeps my coffee warm all morning.

#27. Hot Sauce Kit ($54.95) // This is a fun gift for the guy who loves his hot sauce.

I hope this was helpful! Be sure to check out the rest of our 2020 Holiday Gift Guides, and if you have any amazing gift ideas for the guys, feel free to drop them in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Gift Guide for the Guys

  1. Ooooh, nice list. I have 3 man sons so I’m always looking for gifts for adult males. I usually get them something they’ve asked for/want and then something else. Even though my boys are now fathers, they’re still my boys and I like to surprise them with a little something at Christmas.

    On an entirely different subject, I cut some length off my Madewell faded black, raw hem jeans and they are now perfect! It was a little scary, lol, because I am not talented with a pair of scissors, but they look great. So don’t be afraid, ladies. If I can do it, anyone can!

  2. I can only imagine the challenge of getting three young people up at 9a on any day of the week.  Oh, I sure hope that you really like at least one of the photos well enough for the big wall hanging!  While all of my Christmas shopping is done, I am going to order the nice grill cleaner for Larry, as a little bonus because he deserves a little something something.  I hope you have a great day!

  3. So many great ideas!  Definitely love the Growler, the grilling tools and the sneakers. Best one is airplane. For my insane SIL. 

    CAVEAT regarding tile. I bought a lot of them in a huge batch. Here is what happens.

    First, unless you are in the same room you can’t hear it. Makes looking for keys sorta pointless. Odds are if you are in the room with the keys you’ll find em visually. 

    Secondly, you must leave the app open and running all the time. Battery and data killer. If you turn off your phone they tell you the last place something was….which I discovered when we traveled to an area with no cell coverage and then entered an area with…could not find gas cap key for motorhome. Duh. It was left (not by me of course) in the cap. 

    Third, they are bulky, impossible to put on a normal key case  

    And finally, unless they have seriously changed them they cannot be charged and the battery is not replaceable. I spent over $200 thinking this was an amazing solution. I ended up pitching each one as it died and now we have a key board arrangement at home — a row of hooks by the door leading to the garage that holds all the keys for our four vehicles and we have a second small set of hooks mounted in the coach. As soon as we get parked the house keys, the car keys and the coach keys get hung up.

    Can’t believe I wrote all that lol but my key hooks were cheap from amazon and work amazingly well. 

    I also bought a pair of smart gloves for everyone in the family last Christmas. They let us tap our touch screens in our two cars and in the coach (side view camera system) plus they work on phones like iPhones and android phones. If you have a dinosaur phone with buttons like a tv remote you are out of luck. Everyone loves them. When it’s 35 out even with heated steering wheels and seats, it’s a pain to take off a glove to tap the nav screen or change the temp or turn on the rear defroster.  


  4. My husband bought himself a couple tiles a few days ago. Then he lost them before he opened them… maybe he needs more for Christmas.

  5. You are such a great gifter. I’m going to use a few of these ideas for my son-in-law (so hard to shop for) and Jeff, too! Thanks to you and Amy for a great guide. 

  6. I’m kind of intrigued by the growlers. They look pretty cool but I wonder if anyone has actually tried them. I’m going to research! Ty!

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