Try On Haul: Fall Sweaters & Dresses + Risen Jeans

Good morning! I’ve got a new Try On Haul for you today, with a bunch of fall sweaters and dresses, and I’m also trying out Risen jeans and a couple new pairs of UGGs.

Also, the Shopbop Style Event (save up to 25%) has been extended one more day, and the Bloomingdale’s Buy More, Save More (save up to 30%) is still going on, so I linked to those where I could.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

Fall Fashion Try-On Haul: Sweaters & Dresses

I ordered a few sweaters from Talbots, and they’re all 30% off through 10/22, during their Friends & Family Event!

Cable Knit Funnel Neck Sweater

at Talbots – 30% off (S) // Mother jeans – on sale (29) // Vince boots (8)

I love the quality of this sweater; it’s so warm and comfortable. The color is really pretty, but I’m not a fan of the tweed effect; I feel like it cheapens the look.

The fabric is 55% cotton, 40% nylon, 5% acrylic; which is great for those who can’t wear wool, but it’s just a little too long and boxy on me to look current. It might look good on a taller woman, though.

I also tried this sweater with the off-black Good American jeans (6-12) and the same Vince boots, but this look is even worse because the shorter jeans look even more off-balance with the longer sweater.

The hem creates a horizontal line right across the widest part of my body, which makes me look bigger than I am, and it also cuts me in half rather than creating a more pleasing 1/3 to 2/3 vertical proportion.

VERDICT: Unfortunately, this one must go back, but I wouldn’t count it out if you don’t mind the length. If it appeals to you, it’s worth a try, especially while it’s 30% off.

Ribbed Mockneck Sweater

at Talbots – 30% off (S) // MOTHER Weekender – on sale (29) // Vince boots (8)

This sweater also has pretty rib knit details, and the lines they create are quite flattering, but it’s even longer than the one above… by the website measurements, anyway. They look about the same to me.

I didn’t try a front tuck because the fabric is too thick and stiff to drape well, and I feel like it’s meant to be left untucked, with the wide ribbed split hem.

It also has a small amount of wool content, which I want to mention because I know some of you are sensitive. The fabric is 55% Cotton, 25% Lenzing ™ Ecovero ™ Viscose, 15% Nylon, 5% Merino Wool.

I’m conflicted on this one because I really like the Dark Walnut color (there are other options, if it’s not your thing) and I love the design. I just wish it was as easy to shorten sweaters as it is to shorten jeans!

VERDICT: I also returned this one, but it’s very pretty if you don’t mind the 25 1/2″ length. It also comes in several other color choices.

Talbots Cable Knit Zip Collar Sweater

at Talbots – 30% off (S) // Good American jeans (6-12) // similar loafers (8)

I like the cable knit pattern and zip collar on this one, plus the teal is really pretty, although I find it hard to work with. It doesn’t look great with blue jeans, and I don’t love it with these black jeans as much as I thought I would. It might be pretty with brown or winter white cords, though… I should have tried that!

The fabric is 68% Acrylic, 17% Nylon, 12% Polyester, 3% Spandex, so there’s no wool content; but the length is still longer than I prefer these days.

I tried a front tuck, and this isn’t much better. It’s just too thick of a sweater for this look. It doesn’t drape, and it looks stiff and awkward.

VERDICT: I returned this one too. I like certain details about it, but I know I won’t reach for it because of the length.

Talbots Cable Knit Zip Front Sweater

at Talbots – 30% off (S) // white tank (M) // MOTHER Dazzler – on sale (29) // ballet flats (8)

Okay, finally, a sweater at a more modern length. Yay, Talbots! I love the set-in sleeves, and the cable knit, and the zip-up cardigan style is really cute.

The fabric is 54% Acrylic, 30% Polyester, 16% Nylon, which I like a lot for a non-wool option.

This is how it looks unzipped, but I prefer it zipped with a “triangle” of tank top showing, as I’m wearing it above.

You may also notice that I changed jeans. I prefer the slimmer leg on this pair (MOTHER Dazzler) to the Good American pair above, at least with flats.

VERDICT: I kept this one. Love it!

Rails Harris Stripe Sweater

on sale at Bloomies (S) // at Nordstrom (S) // at Saks (S) // BR flares (29) // boots (8)

I found this sweater at Nordstrom when I was walking through the store a couple weeks ago, and it’s currently part of the Bloomingdale’s Buy More, Save More Event. I bought it without trying it on, so I was really happy when I actually loved it. I don’t even mind the length in this case because it has such a nice drape. Plus, I love the colors and the polo collar and the overall quality of the piece.

I first paired it with these relaxed flares, and while this look doesn’t quite meet the traditional standards of fit and proportion, it sort of works.

I think it’s because there is low contrast between the dark blue of the sweater and the dark wash of the jeans, and there’s something about the fluidity of these two pieces together that I rather like.

Because I wasn’t quite sure about that outfit, I also tried this sweater with the MOTHER Tomcat straight ankle jeans and ballet flats, as well as the PAIGE Sasha relaxed straight leg jeans and lug sole boots, but I don’t care for either of these looks.

In fact, I don’t think I’m crazy about either pair of jeans at all, but definitely not with this sweater.

So then I decided to see how this sweater looks my light wash MOTHER Dazzler slim straight ankle jeans and light beige Western boots. I wore the booties rather than a sneaker or flat because I felt like the extra height might help balance out the longer sweater, and I think it works. I like this look a lot.

I feel like the slim, straight leg jeans help to offset the longer, more relaxed top. Also, the lighter color denim with light boots have a low contrast effect, which creates a longer, leaner leg line. Conversely, the higher contrast of the light wash jeans with the darker sweater is pleasing to the eye.

Rails Harris – on sale (S) // MOTHER Dazzler – on sale (29) // Dolce Vita Volli in Dune – on sale (8)

For kicks and giggles, I tried a front tuck, the way they show it on the Saks website, but I don’t care for this at all.

The sweater drapes better than the Talbots sweaters I showed above, but I still feel like this looks awkward. I would rather let it hang straight, even though it may not create the ideal proportions.

VERDICT: Keeping this one, even though I had to work with it a bit. It’s unlike anything else I have in my closet, and I think it’s cute with the light wash jeans, and I might occasionally wear it with the darker BR relaxed flares, as well.

Caslon Stripe V Neck Sweater

at Nordstrom – 15% off (S) // MOTHER Weekender – on sale (29) // Vince boots (similar on sale) (8)

If you want a more budget-friendly option, this Caslon sweater has such a pretty color palette, but it’s also quite long, and the fabric is awkward to front tuck.

FYI, I wouldn’t wear black boots with that outfit; I was just trying on a bunch of sweaters real quick that day.

The next day, I came back to this sweater and tried it with brown lug sole boots and the PAIGE Sasha 32″ wide leg jeans. I thought it might look better with longer jeans, to offset the length of the sweater, but nope! Even worse.

So then, I went back to basics, so to speak, and pulled on my favorite light wash MOTHER Dazzler slim straight ankle jeans with brown suede ballet flats.

This is better, but the awkward length of the sweater and the way the ribbed hem hugs my hips is just not a good combination. It’s also a little longer in the back than the front, which adds to the unfortunate hip-hugging effect.

The front tuck doesn’t look much better, but I guess this could work. It really is a pretty knit, I like the v-neck and set-in sleeves, and it’s very soft and comfortable.

VERDICT: Sadly, I sent this back. I really love the colors and the pattern, but I have too many sweaters I like better.

Gap Blanket Boyfriend Cardigan

at Gap – 40% off (S) // MOTHER Dazzler – on sale (29) // ballet flats (8)

I also ordered a couple of items from Gap when they were having a sale, and this boyfriend cardigan caught my eye. While cardigans aren’t exactly trending right now, they’re a classic style that never really goes away, and I think there’s always a place for one or two in a casual winter wardrobe.

This one looked so cozy for cold winter days at home, and I wanted to try it, but it’s way bigger and baggier than I expected. I’m not really a fan. I also don’t love the fabric; it’s soft enough, but it feels really light and airy, not nearly as warm and cozy as I was envisioning.

If I wear a sweater like this, it’s because I’m cold and want to feel cozy, so I would do better with wool or cashmere rather than this polyester blend. That said, I do like the ribbed trim, raglan sleeves, and contrasting buttons. I like this oatmeal color a lot too.

For some reason, I also ordered the brown. Notice how it has darker buttons, that also create a nice contrast against the darker sweater.

I paired this one with a black tank and wore them with the off-black Good American jeans (6-12) and black Vince booties, but this doesn’t do a thing for me. The outfit above is better. If I was going to consider keeping this sweater, it would be that one.

Here’s how it looks unbuttoned, if you’re interested in that option. It works both ways… I may actually like it better unbuttoned, since it’s so long.

Side Note: Make sure you click on the REGULAR size, if you click over to the Gap website. It keeps defaulting to the TALL, which reminds me, this sweater does come in tall and petite options. Maybe I should try it again in petite.)

Before we leave that outfit, allow me to point out that those Good American straight leg jeans look a lot better with black booties than they do with black loafers. I like them a lot better when there is no break between the hem of the jeans and the top of the shoe.

Vince boots (similar on sale) // similar loafers

VERDICT: I ended up returning both of these sweaters, although I might keep an eye out for a similar style that isn’t so overwhelming, and preferably in a higher quality fabric that is also warmer.

Risen High Rise Wide Leg Jeans

at Social Threads (28) // line and dot top (S) // similar boots (8)

Okay, so moving away from sweaters for a bit, I ordered these Risen wide leg jeans from Social Threads because I thought they had a nice look to them, and they’re a great price.

I especially like the cut of these, how they’re snug through the hips and upper thighs, with more of a relaxed fit through the rest of the leg. The distressed hems are fun, but I’m not crazy about the excessive fading on the thighs and rear.

It’s a shame there’s so much fading across the bum because otherwise, the fit and pocket placement is really nice, but that’s the deal breaker for me. Plus, the rise is reeeeeeally high.

VERDICT: I decided to return these, but I would try Risen jeans again. Definitely size down, if ordering. These are the size 28, and they fit me perfectly.

Okay, moving on to dresses… sweater dresses, of course! I’m running out of time, so I’m going to try to whip through these rather quickly.

Long Sleeve Cable Knit Sweater Dress

at Nordstrom (S) // ballet flats (8)

I love a sweater dress for fall/winter, so I’m thrilled to see so many options this year. This one, however, is a bit overwhelming on me. Even though the neckline is pretty, and I like the cable knit, it’s overall pretty bulky and shapeless.

The ballet flats don’t really offer enough balance for the bulky dress, so I thought I’d try these Sorel boots. But, no. This is not the answer.

All I see in this picture are my hips and the gigantic cap toe on these boots. I look like Bozo the Clown.

I also tried a more elevated bootie in a darker chocolate brown suede (sorry, they’re from last year and no longer available), but I’m not loving this either. I think it’s the dress. It just doesn’t flatter me.

VERDICT: Returned it.

CashSoft Turtleneck Sweater Dress

at Gap (S) // boots (8)

I like this one better. I think the smoother fabric is more slimming, and the darker color probably helps too. Plus, it has traditional set-in sleeves instead of drop shoulders, which I always prefer.

I also like it a lot with these boots, but the length seems a bit awkward. In my perfect world, it would be a couple inches longer.

VERDICT: So far, I’m keeping this one, but I haven’t taken the tags off yet.

Caslon Rib Midi Sweater Dress

at Nordstrom (S) // boots (8)

This one you already saw in yesterday’s post with Nordstrom, but here I paired it with taller boots, and I actually really like it with these. The color contrast is nice, and these boots are gorgeous. The longer length on the dress is flattering too, I think, and the ribbed knit isn’t too clingy.

VERDICT: Definitely keeping!

Caslon Long Sleeve Rib Sweater Dress

at Nordstrom (S) // boots (8)

This dress is… interesting. The flowy silhouette and exaggerated drop sleeve makes it very casual, so I probably should have styled it with sneakers, but either way, I don’t feel like it does much for me. It’s very soft and comfortable, though.

VERDICT: Returned this one.

Eliza J Fit & Flare Sweater Dress

at Nordstrom (M) // boots (8)

This dress was also in yesterday’s post with Nordstrom, but I have the pictures, so I’ll throw them in here. As I said, the matching tie at the waist adds a nice point of interest, and the 3/4-length sleeves allow you to showcase your arm candy.

It’s very comfortable for a dressier dress, and the fit and flare style is nice for a change. Plus, this Spruce Green is gorgeous. It also comes in black, and it runs true to size, or size up if in between. I have the medium.

VERDICT: Keeping for now… I think this will be nice to have in my closet this year for when I want something a little more dressed up.

Rib Long Sleeve Midi Sweater Dress

at Nordstrom (S) // boots (8)

Okay, last sweater dress! This one is really soft and comfortable, and I think the full skirt is kind of fun.

I always check out my rear view, especially when I’m trying a silhouette I don’t normally wear, and and this dress seems to accentuate my waist without over-emphasizing my hips the way straighter styles tend to do.

VERDICT: It’s a keeper!

Blondo Skara Waterproof Boot

at Nordstrom (8)

I wanted to show a close-up of these boots, since all of the dresses I’ve worn with them cover the top of the shaft. As you can see, they have a rather narrow shaft, which is nice for those of us with spindly calves, but they have a stretchy panel, so I think they’ll work for women with more athletic calves, as well.

VERDICT: Definitely keeping. Not only do these look good and provide weather protection, but they’re comfortable too.

Halogen Short Sleeve Mock Neck Shirt

at Nordstrom (S) // pants (8) // boots (8)

Okay, a few more pieces from yesterday’s post… this sweater is nice for a ribbed knit because it isn’t super clingy. It’s also very soft, and you know how I like a soft garment! The length is nice too; it works well untucked or tucked.

VERDICT: Keeping!

Halogen High Waist Plaid Trousers

at Nordstrom (8) // sweater (S) // boots (8)

These pants are a nice alternative to black, and I like the pattern a lot. It’s muted and understated enough to not be too overwhelming, but it’s more interesting than a solid.

For size reference, I’m in the 8, and I could not take them any smaller in the waist, so I’d say they’re true to size, or size up if in between.

VERDICT: I like these, but I know I won’t reach for them, and you might notice, they came with the security tag attached (ooops!) so I sent them back.

Okay, I’m throwing in a couple of random pairs of UGGs here at the end because I know how fast they sell out this time of year. They rarely, if ever, go on sale, but they’re eligible for Power Points at Bloomies right now.

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Sheepskin Ankle Boots

 at Nordstrom (8) // at Bloomies (8) // at Zappos (8) // at Evereve (8) // MOTHER Dazzler – on sale (29) // old Naadam sweater

These are the UGGs du jour, to so speak… haha! The taller ones that were popular for so long and looked so cozy over skinny jeans have given way to this mini style, and I kind of like it. It’s a lot more practical than a taller boot, and they pair easily with all styles of jeans.

I like them best with these straight ankle jeans, but I would even wear them with flares, if I wanted to be uber casual… or even yoga pants.

I also wanted to give this next style a try…

UGG Ultra Mini Braid Cozy Booties

 at Nordstrom (8) // at Bloomies (8) // at Zappos (8) // MOTHER Dazzler – on sale (29) // old Naadam sweater

The shearling cuff with braided detail on the side is cute and cozy, and makes my foot look less like a muppet’s, but they give off more of a slipper vibe. That said, I will probably wear these mostly around the house on cold days, so I don’t think I mind the slipper vibe so much.

And here’s the yoga pants test with this pair. They don’t work quite as well as the plainer pair, but I don’t mind this if I’m just around the house or visiting a neighbor.

VERDICT: I am keeping one of these, I’m just not sure which. Either would make a great holiday gift, if you need something like this!

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45 Responses

  1. Laughed out loud at the picture of the sweater dress with the Sorel boots… haha! You are so helpful showing all of these different pieces. It really makes the few that work stand out so much. I might get that Talbots zip sweater and the Halogen mock neck. Also, I actually think the tie waist on the Eliza J dress looks cute on you.

  2. Why why why are all the sweaters so long ?!?! I was looking online at LOFT a few days ago and there was not one sweater I would buy because they are all just too long. I don’t want to show my stomach, but I am over the tunic lengths. The navy sweater from Talbots is really cute.

    1. I think it’s because those stores cater more to older women, who tend to want a little extra length. Talbots used to make their sweaters 25 and 26 inches long, and I noticed they are shortening them to 24 1/2″ in some cases, which I was happy to see, but even that looks to long to me now. Even LOFT and Caslon seem to be behind the times when it comes to sweater length.

      1. Agree! Visually, tunics worked when skinnies were trending, but they look sloppy combined with wide leg or flare pants.

        1. This has been a complaint of mine for a long time. It’s true of Talbot’s tees, tops, blouses, sweaters. Even the Petites are too long. I no longer shop there for that reason. .
          Lately, I’ve become very fond of Evereve. They have more updated styles, and their tops are a more flattering length.

  3. I love these posts and that you show the good and the bad! I agree about the green sweater dress from the gap, to me it just looks a little off at least with that shaft boot! I struggle with wearing booties with dresses because of how much leg shows and seems to give this big gap in. I have the Margo Jean which is like the risen and I find the ruse high as well! I’m wondering if that’s the norm with that make of Jean?

  4. Great post! I normally work from home but have to travel to the office for a week in DEC so I am going to try those Halogen pants. Thanks!

    Curious what jeans you would pair with the Ugg minis? I can only see them with like 27” straight jeans (similar to what you are wearing), but not sure what else would work? Close to getting those, too….

    1. I think they look best with 27″ straight jeans, see how they style them on Evereve. That is my favorite jean to wear around the house and for casual wear, so I think they will get a lot of use. I actually need more boots to wear with my straight ankle jeans; I feel like most of my boots look better with flares and full length wide legs, but when I don’t want to feel so dressed up, I need a super casual bootie, so these fit that bill.

      All that said, I would totally wear them with flares or wide leg jeans, if I have a reason to want a cozy boot. Think it will work with slouchy, full length jeans b/c they’re so casual. I threw them on with yoga pants yesterday, and they look kind of casual cute with those, as well. I just added those pix to this post.

      1. Super helpful, Jo-Lynne! 27″ straight jeans are definitely my favorite and I am always on the hunt for more. I ordered the Ugg minis, and while I was at it, I ordered your Athleta yoga pants – did you see the price on those!? And, fully stocked in all sizes! Thanks!

    2. I have the UGG ultra minis and I wear them with Mother Hustler Ankle Fray jeans. On me, the length hits just above the top of the bootie so they are perfect. They look great with the two light wash pairs that I have. I bought the ultra minis for my two teen girls for Christmas last year and grabbed a pair for myself this fall.

  5. I love the sweaters from Talbots even though you think they are too long! I am 2 inches taller than you, so may try that Walnut one on today when I run over to the KoP Mall. Have you considered trying the Talbots sweaters on in Petite?? I consider Petite a lot and I’m 5′ 7″!! Maybe the sleeves would be too short then? Doesn’t hurt to try! Thanks for showing us the Risen jeans. Very unfortunate fading. I have one straight pair from 2 years ago. They are too big, but I have saved them for layering over leggings when I am going to be outside for long periods of time (like soccer games or walking Longwood Gardens in January!). As an aside, I am going to the Taylor Swift movie tonight with my daughter, granddaughter and her friends! Should be a blast! Can’t wait to relive that concert!!!

    1. I do think those Talbots sweaters will be lovely on taller women, and maybe some women just aren’t as picky as I am. They aren’t horribly too long, just a smidge, depending on the denim/shoe combo I pair them with. I actually like them better looking at these pictures than I did when I put them on in my room. All that to say, definitely try them!

      Petite won’t work for me because I have long arms. I also don’t think they would fit quite right in the shoulders, but I could be wrong about that. The Gap sweaters have longer sleeves, so a petite might be worth a try, but the sleeves on the Talbots sweaters are barely long enough as-is.

      Have so much fun at the movie!

  6. Even though you aren’t petite I wonder if the petites might fit you better in all the sweaters. As a petite I guess I’m out of luck :(. Those would all swallow me.

      1. I almost always buy petite sweaters at Talbots. But I do size up to petite medium in order for the shoulder to fit better; if I were buying regular, I’d take a small. I’m not sure if the sleeve length would change, though. I even buy their tees in petite medium, and I’m not petite!

  7. Jolynn you must have been reading my mind, I almost ordered that Calson striped sweater and the cream cable sweater dress, looked so nice on the model but now I know neither would have worked. I like the Rails striped pullover best with those darker wash flares, such a nice casual vibe. My speed is more like that Naadam pullover sweater, love the length and color for a nice everyday jeans outfit.
    Great post!

  8. I love those Marc Fisher ballet flats. I really like the color. I wear a 7 or 7.5 and I only see a 7.5. Did you find them true to size or did you size up? I am just wondering if I can wear a 7.5? Thanks!

  9. Thank you for another great post, especially the sweater dresses and UGG boots (I thought I was the only one who still wore Uggs) I just have to say despite what you thought the Eliza Fit & Flare sweater dress looked great on you. I would take those tags off and keep!

  10. Good to see options of how to style wide leg jeans as I am struggling with them. The photo of the oversized striped sweater with the wide leg jeans is a good reminder of what not to wear as that outfit overwhelmed your figure!

  11. Jo-Lynne, thank you for showing us the things that don’t work, for being real!
    You look gorgeous in the fit and flare sweater dress!

  12. I think Talbots sweaters are too matronly for your style(mine too). I don’t know why they are making them so long with the higher waist jeans and flares that are in now. However, I do think you should have kept the mock neck darker color one. It looks good with the light denim combo you style it with. As for the GAP cardigan. GAP runs big. I always size down in GAP. I think the one you have on is just too big. I think it would be fine in a smaller size for what you want it for. I think you should chose the UGHS with no fur. I think in the long run they will be easier to style. I like them better with yoga pants than the fur hanging up on the hem line of the pant. I love your try on hauls and all the information you give on how you come to a decision. Have a great weekend.

  13. Those sweater dresses look like you are, literally, wearing a sleeping blanket lol! I’m usually a fan of sweater dresses for Dec.-March workwear (I think they are warm enough as-to avoid having to lug around a really bulky winter coat); however, a problem I often have (being 5′ 7 1/2″) is that sometimes certain ones will look ridiculously SHORT when actually trying them on. I like to have their length hit right above the knee. I’ve always thought it’s a really polished trend worn with Fall color tights (brown/black/grey) and shaft boots.

  14. I bought the UGG minis this year in chestnut for myself and a pair for our daughter for Christmas. I remember my first pair many years ago which were the higher ones.,,then to the mid calf pair now to the minis ! I love Uggs and wear them with bare feet!! They got me through our sons hockey days!! So warm and comfortable

  15. I didn’t like any of the Talbot sweaters. I think they would look better with slim leg jeans. I did like the crop zippered one. I liked the plaid pants too. I pretty much agree with what you sent back. Thanks for showing the side view of the boots. It’s hard for me to find tall boots that look good with dresses and skirts. I don’t like the tall boots with skinny jeans or leggings look anymore.

  16. What an interesting post! There are some great finds as well as some that don’t belong in your closet, as you pointed out.

  17. Fully agree with your thought process on the pants to pair with the Rails sweater. The last pair, especially combined with the boots, looked more slimming and put together.

    Do you find the Line and Dot top to be a more washed out color? On the Evereve website it looks almost faded, but both times you’ve featured it, it looks like more vibrant shade.

  18. I love both the unbuttoned cardigan and the sweater dress from Gap. I’m really not into how everything is made of acrylic/nylon/polyester though. (I always thought of Talbots as having better quality fabrics than that?) This is how so much microplastic gets into the ocean. It’s hard to find clothes with natural fabrics anymore.

    1. I think the textile companies now just make everything artificially full of “stretch” as a cost-cutting excuse to not have to produce a greater variety of (in-between) sizes. It’s not a problem when it’s casual athleisure…but: the quality of “real clothes” today certainly is NOT consistent (and — price doesn’t automatically guarantee it anymore, IMO) like even how it was in the late-’90s (when I like to think I became a “fashion conscious” adult lol!).

      1. This! Why are companies charging so much for what is essentially plastic clothes? If I am spending money on an expensive piece of clothing, I want real fabric.

    2. I totally agree about the clothing content! I have noticed that too! I buy 100 percent cotton sweaters only. There are so many sweaters that I love the looks of but don’t buy because of the fabric content.

      1. Yes, I really try to stick to natural fabrics, especially for my nicer clothes. Natural fabrics often look and feel a lot better, too.

  19. I love these posts because I learn so much! Thanks Jolynne! I read your blog on a regular basis and because of it have learned to try on different combinations of clothes until I get the right look. I have also learned not to settle and to choose clothing carefully. Showing the clothing combinations that don’t work out and then your explanation helps as much as showing the right combinations.

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