Good News/Bad News

The good news is, our baseball season is officially over. The bad news is, they lost their game last night — the one that started on Sunday and lasted a total of five hours when all was said and done. It was a close game; it could have been anyone’s win right up until the last ball was pitched. The best thing I can say about the situation is that we lost to the kind of team you don’t mind losing to. They were good sports, and they played a good game. And our boys also played a good game. Their  time was up, that’s all.

david baseball

Still, it’s pretty demoralizing to go the entire season undefeated and then lose two in a row at the beginning of the playoffs.  I guess being the team to beat isn’t necessarily an advantage.  But then, I think I’m probably taking it harder than my son.  He’s already moved on.

I have to admit, I’m glad that our week won’t be tied up at the ball field, and I’m also glad to be done with the stress of each game.  They’re too young for that kind of pressure.  Either they’re too young for it, or I’m too old, but one way or the other, I’m glad it’s over – for this year at least.

Last night as I drove home in the dusk with fireflies blinking over the newly planted cornfields and cool night air blowing through our open windows, it occurred to me that perhaps kids were better off before adults started interfering in their games. It just seems awfully stressful.

We keep it pretty low-key around here.  We try not to let the kids’ activities rule our lives, and yet when we make a commitment to a team, we do our best to honor that commitment.  I know that as my son gets older, there will be hard decisions to make — Sunday games, All Stars, traveling teams, there are all sorts of ways to keep the kids on the road and the family disconnected.  I don’t want to deprive my kids of great opportunities for growth, but neither do I want our family to be slave to their sports schedules.

How do you walk this fine line?  Do you let your kids do anything they want to do and feel it’s your duty as a parent to get them there on time?  Do you limit the number of activities they can do?  Do you discourage them from activities that take a larger time commitment?  I’d love to know.