Handbag & Accessory Trends for Spring 2023

We’re winding down with Spring Trends Week, and today we’re talking about some of the big handbag and accessory trends for spring 2023!

The Top 5 Handbag & Accessory Trends for Spring 2023

Accessories such as jewelry, eyewear, and belts are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update your wardrobe. And even with handbags, while generally a bit more of an investment, the cost per wear works itself out over time. But the best part about accessories and handbags is, they always fit!

Well, almost always. I suppose some bracelets can pose fit issues, but even then, you don’t usually outgrow them when you have a few too many tacos on vacation… not that I would know anything about that.

Anyway, these are some of the biggest trends I’m seeing in accessories and handbags for this spring season.

Handbag & Accessory Trends for Spring 2023

#1. Woven Bags

favorite 2023 spring accessory trend: woven totes and structured straw bags

photo credit: Bloomingdale’s

Straw totes and woven bags are so summery and fun, and they’re still going strong this season, but I’m seeing a shift away from the slouchy styles. More structured totes are where handbag trends are headed right now. If you add one bag to your spring/summer wardrobe, make it a structured straw or woven style.

Style Tip: Make sure you have a good shoe pairing or two to go with any new new handbag purchase!

#2. Chunky Jewelry

chunky jewelry is back for spring 2023

photo credit: Anthropologie

The delicate jewelry that has been trending for the past few years is slowly giving way to chunkier styles, and layered looks are still very much a thing. Statement earrings and cuff bracelets are also going to be big this year.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one; I’ve always been more into delicates, especially with necklaces, but I could be convinced to try some larger earrings, and I’ve always liked a good cuff bracelet.

#3. Geometric Sunglasses & Angular Shapes

2023 spring trend: geometric eyewear

photo credit: Nordstrom

One of the biggest accessory trends for spring 2023 is geometric shapes and more angular silhouettes in eyewear. I’m also starting to see the wider, shorter styles that were so popular in the early aughts. Rounder frames are also trending.

As I often say, never underestimate the power of a great pair of sunglasses. They aren’t just a practical way to protect your eyes from the sun; they really amp up the style factor of just about any outfit.

#4. Large Hoops & Silver Tones

silver tone jewelry is trending for spring 2023

photo credit: Anthropologie

I’m hearing that silver tone jewelry is on its way back in, and I am so excited for this one! I’ve always preferred silver tones, as they work better with my skin tone. Also large hoops, and large silver hoops especially, so I lumped them together here.

#5. Pearls Reimagined

favorite spring 2023 jewelry trend: pearls reimagined

photo credit: Shopbop

And finally, pearls have been trending big for a few seasons, and they’re back stronger than ever before. More specifically, pearls in irregular shapes and combined with other metals with interesting details.

As always, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s a great place to start. Which of these trends do you plan to lean into this spring?

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21 thoughts on “Handbag & Accessory Trends for Spring 2023

  1. I’m going to buy a woven bag for Spring and Summer and I’m excited for the chunkier jewelry! I do wear silver sometimes but I prefer gold with my coloring. Thanks for this posts on what’s trending for Spring!

  2. I hope you had a great weak in Florida, and safe travels. Thanks for all of the trend post and updates on what’s trending in and out.

  3. Glad you got everything done you wanted on your trip and even a down day to relax. I will be looking forward to seeing your new blog photos. I have a large link chain (gold) necklace like you are styling in the heading of your blog and don’t wear it as much as I thought I would, but when I do, I get compliments. I like it with a oversized white shirt like is trending. I love the woven handbags and I think I’ll pull out my pearls I’ve had. I even have a bracelet with the uneven shaped pearls like you mentioned, that I’ve had for years. One item I’ve been going to buy is silver hoop earrings. I use to wear hoops years ago, but then started wearing studs and don’t wear big earrings much these days. I have short hair, so the bigger earrings felt over done these last years. I need new prescription sunglasses, as mine have needed up dating for awhile, but now they are probably coming back in. LOL Its too expensive to get new prescription glasses and sunglasses yearly, so I keep mine for several years. Safe flight home.

  4. I love accessories! Great way to elevate an outfit without breaking the bank. Whoa…. I sound like a fashion blogger😀 Safe travels. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  5. PS I saw your last instagram photos with the dinner out outfits. Could you post links to them. I love the black sandals. I don’t have instagram so can’t get the links. Thanks.

  6. I’m definitely going to buy a structured straw bag ! I had put some of my heavier pieces of jewelry away in my drawer but excited to bring them out for some fun accessorizing this spring and summer! And yes I’m a true sunglass fan the more the merrier 🌸
    Glad you had a great trip!
    Safe travels
    Quick question- will the raffia / straw crossbody still be strong this coming spring/summer ?

  7. You’ll find it mild (mid 60’s) and maybe rainy when you return to Philly! Not what you’re used to in FL, but still very pleasant!! It was fun to see glimpses of your trip on Insta! Love the accessories trends, and I would also add scarves to my outfits. Can’t wait to bring out my “creative” pearl pieces. They are especially lovely in the summer. Have a safe flight!!

    1. Scarves are actually on their way back… it won’t be mainstream yet, but probably next year. Of course, if you love them and they’re part of your unique style, you should always wear them. 🙂 I don’t love them, they feel fussy to me, but I’ll try to incorporate some as they come back in style b/c I like the idea of another accessory to change up a look.

  8. I saw your comment on having a complimentary shoe to go with straw handbag. I actually have the handbag but need help on what shoe would look best with bag??? I dress mostly in blue jeans. What would you recommend for foot wear?

  9. Oooh, I’m dreading the big chunky heavy earrings. I can’t wear those. They pull so much on my earlobes that I am convinced they’re going to tear straight through. But I do love a silver hoop, so I’ll just have to stick to silver hoops of a more reasonable size and weight.

  10. Jo-Lynne, I love the beautiful gold link necklace (it looks like there might be a second, shorter gold link necklace attached to it) you’re wearing in the first picture but I didn’t see any information about the necklace. Please provide details as well as other like options. Thank you, I enjoy your blog.

  11. I’m glad I have all this jewelry. If I like it I don’t get rid of it. I did get rid of some long necklaces and chunky necklaces with stones. Also I bought a structured raffia bag last year. Raffia and straw are great in summer.

    I love the necklace you are wearing in the photo. I have some like that and wear them all the time. You’re comment on bracelets is funny. I have really small wrists. I wish some of my fat from thighs and stomach would go there.

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