2023 Spring Shoe Trends

When I start to transition my wardrobe for spring, one of the first things I do is start switching out my shoes, and I’m loving the spring shoe trends this year! Some of my favorite styles and colors are having a moment this season.

2023 spring shoe trends

In case you missed them, I posted about the 2023 Spring Fashion Trends on Monday, and yesterday I posted about the big Denim Trends for Spring 2023.

The shoe trends this season aren’t nearly as controversial as the 2023 denim trends, although I understand a lot of ladies don’t care for ballet flats. I’ve always loved a ballet flat, so this is shocking to me! I guess it makes sense; they don’t offer much support and can be a little too precious if not styled carefully. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Shoe Trends for Spring 2023

Here are some of the popular (and most wearable) shoe trends for spring 2023!

#1. Ballet Flats

ballet flats are one of the top shoe trends for spring 2023

photo credit: Tory Burch

Ballet flats are making a comeback this season, so if you like them, now is the time to lean into this classic shoe style. More fashion-forward styes feature added straps, buckles, and adornments, but the classic styles are here as well. I’ve always loved ballet flats, and I’ve already added a couple pairs to my closet.

#2. Bold & Bright Colors

photo credit: Zappos

As I said in my post on 2023 Spring Fashion Trends, this season is all about bold and bright colors, and we’re seeing it a lot in footwear. I’m seeing more of that gorgeous kelly green than anything, but pink and orange and purple are big too… and then there are some really pretty colors that are less saturated that still look fresh and new for the 2023 spring fashion season!

#3. Platform Loafers

photo credit: Evereve

This is a carryover from last fall, but platform loafers are still going strong, and they’re a good way to balance the wider leg pant styles that are trending. I’m seeing a lot of these in light neutrals like ivory and taupe, which I especially like for spring. They look great with light wash denim and olive green.

#4. Wedge Sandals

wedge sandals with sculptural details are trending for spring 2023

photo credit: Nordstrom

Wedge heels tend to go in and out of fashion every few years, and they’re on their way back in this season, especially the sculptural iterations. I just picked up the gorgeous pair of Vince wedge slides pictured above. This is definitely one of the more wearable of the 2023 spring shoe trends, and I’m happy to welcome it back!

#5. Metallics

metallic shoes are on trend this spring 2023

photo credit: Zappos

Another Y2K throwback, metallics are having a moment again this season. I was always a fan of metallics; in fact, I used to have silver ballet flats that I loved, so it makes sense that if one is coming back, the other is too. The best thing about metallics is they go with everything. It’s a really versatile neutral.

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list. I didn’t even touch on sneakers, but the retro styles are still going strong, and bold and bright colors apply to sneakers as well as sandals and other shoes. Kitten heels are making a comeback, and I’m still seeing lots of slides and mules.

What do you think about the shoe trends for spring 2023?

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35 thoughts on “2023 Spring Shoe Trends

  1. I love your trends reports. Count me as a big no on ballet flats, or flat sandals, which I love. My high arches/ plantar fasciitis won’t allow it. But I did luck upon a cool pair from Trotters (didn’t except to use those 2 words in a sentence). They have a cushioned sole with great arch support and an elastic strap across the top, to help me keep them on, another problem I have with a ballet shoe. Hopefully I can participate in the trend with those.

    1. Great post! Regarding the Trotters-is there a link? I too have plantar fasciitis.
      I think with finicky feet it’s hard to try different shoes bc i typically try and buy Dansko, Ecco, & other brands, but they are expensive and want to purchase shoes that span seasons and are interchangeable and last a few years

      1. No, unfortunately, they are already sold out. I wish they were not, because I am in the same boat with plantar fasciitis and high arches. It is really hard to find cute but supportive shoes. And you are right, the good ones are expensive!

  2. Not really a fan of ballet flats but wore them in the past. I won’t be doing colored shoes. I really prefer neutrals. I LOVE shoes and ready for sandals. I can’t believe your trip is almost over.

  3. Wedges…..YES!!!! I’m a total wedge girl so excited for this although I never quit wearing. Also excited for the ballet flat again although I need to buy some new ones, preferably with the squarer toe

  4. Thank you, this was fun! Not a fan of ballet flats but oh the Metallic’s I am excited for, I always buy at least one pair of silver sandals every season, trending or not…lol

  5. Thank you! I’m a fan of the metallic trend, for sure, as well as wedge sandals.
    I would love to see a post about the best footwear for rainy, spring weather (boots, waterproof shoes). It rains quite often in the spring where I live and I am in need of shoes that will allow me to look pulled together while keeping me dry.

    1. I keep wearing my ankle boots as long as I need them for rainy days – those and leather sneakers. But I’ll keep an eye out for more spring-like rain boots. I was thinking last week that I need a pair.

    2. Wondering what your thoughts are on the Sperry boots (high duck). Not sure exactly what to call them. They seemed to be such a rage a few years ago and my daughters wore the heck out of them. Are they still fashion friendly? Or was it just a “craz” in my area? I have a pair of rubber Muk Luks that need to go and could use some type of replacement. Your input would be appreciated

      1. Not sure if you’re asking me or Ashley, but I see them as a classic style that had a moment for a while. They’re not quite as popular now, but certainly still a good option for a classic look.

  6. Glad to see Metallics coming back ! Are you also seeing higher wedged sneakers ( not necessarily platforms) and raffia shoes/ sandals? I’ve seen a few influencers styling these lately and just wondering if it’s everywhere or just their location.
    Enjoy Miami 🌴

    1. They still look current to me, I think they’re pretty mainstream at this point. I don’t see a lot of chatter about them and they’re getting harder to find, so they may be in the decline. I plan to keep wearing mine.

  7. Hah, this is going to be a tough season for me, apparently. Nopes on ballet flats, metallic, and wedge anything! I would look into purchasing platform loafers if I wore my current loafers more than I do, and the bright colors would be fun because most of my clothing is very neutral. Thanks for a fun and helpful post!

  8. Great post. I have been looking forward to your spring post. I love ballet flats but I’m beginning with a lot of foot issues so I have to see how it goes- will try one tomorrow. I’m glad to see wedges on the list. Glad you are enjoying my state. I cannot believe the week is almost over.😊

  9. I didn’t know metallics were out! I love them because they go with anything. I have always worn ballet flats too. I especially like some Sam Edelman ones I have.

  10. I love wedge heels and kitten heels. I never stopped wearing them. I think ballet shoes with the square toe are cute but I need more support. I also really need at least a one inch heel. I’m finally getting into sneakers. I’ve always been a high heel girl.

  11. Thanks Jo-Lynne! I’m looking for a pair of platform loafers, having a hard time finding a pair I like though. Your posts are always helpful.

  12. Thank you for making me a happy girl this morning 😃. All the types of shoes that I love and are drawn to are in style. I’ve been eyeing up a pair of silver ballet flats. I’ve also been eyeing up a few metallic hand bags. I’m just going to go for it. It’s definitely me! Thank you for everything you do for us ladies. Much appreciated

  13. Great post! I also loved my silver ballet flats! I think they were Cole Haan. But now that I’m older and my feet are more finicky, I struggle with ballet flats being comfortable. I think the last few years of sneakers and jeans have broken me. Maybe I need to find sneakers in the cute fun colors you posted!

  14. Jolynn, can you share the link and/or brand of the striped blouse you’re wearing with the white jeans again? Can’t get that blouse out of my head. Thanks!

  15. Do you have any ideas about shoe trends for this coming fall/winter? Do you think the pointy toe Western look will still be in? I ask because I tend to be an off season bargain buyer and there are lots of good sales on winter shoes going on right now.

  16. Thanks for all your hard work…I enjoy your blog & love your style!

    Question: I received a FYRE gift card for Christmas and would love your suggestion on what to buy…love so many of their things…wondering what might be of your taste & a timeless investment. I own 1 pair of their short boots in a carmel/bronze color & love them…so comfy! Thank you so much!

    1. It’s hard to say, so much is dependent on personal style. They do make a gorgeous boot. I also love these sneakers; I had them and sold them in one of my closet clean-outs because I rarely wore them, but I’ve been thinking I wish I had them for Italy this summer. They’re very comfortable. https://shopstyle.it/l/bUcYl

      These clogs are really cool – https://shopstyle.it/l/bUcYm

      I don’t see the Phillip boots that I have and love, although I haven’t worn them in a few seasons, I keep them because I know I will want them someday.

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